Responsibilities of Retail Management

High Spirits for Slow Times

Retail management involves the planning, organizing, and directing of the activities that occur within a retail business. Some relevant topics to retail management include: Customer Service: Ensuring that customers have a positive experience shopping at the store, including greeting customers, answering questions, and handling…

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Leadership - Listening

Unreachable? Some Retail Executives still don’t get it! Retail executives, like any others, need to be accessible. Imagine a situation where employees and field management cannot have any access to the President. Far, far from the open door policy, there are some retailers who…

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Word to the RetailWise VII

Set Individual Sales Targets

Another article in the series… Word to the RetailWise VII:  Set individual targets for store associates. There is no denying that working in a team can inspire each team member to do his very best. However, that doesn’t mean it will. And, very often, working in a team…

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Pay for Performance

Pay for performance

Pay for Performance We think it’s high time DMSRetail weighed in on the subject of Pay for Performance compensation plans. First, let’s dispel the myth that Pay for Performance compensation plans work against a great shopping experience. This is simply not true. In fact,…

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Manager Unfairly Perceived as Negative

No brainer

Manager Unfairly Perceived as Negative A dedicated, professional Store Manager who is passionate about his/her business usually wants to contribute to the organization. They do that, primarily, by operating their store or business unit in a proper and profitable manner. They generally comply with all company…

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Insane Retailing

Inventory Control

It has been said by many authors that an appropriate definition of insanity be ‘repeating the same actions time and time again, expecting different results’. This definition seems simplistic and even ludicrous to educated psychologists, but for the rest of the population it suits…

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