Managing for Higher Retail Success

What you get in Managing for Higher Retail Success is information you can actually use to elevate your management skills to a new level:  A definitive guide to outstanding store, district and regional management success for progressive retail managersManaging for Higher Retail Success

There are proven ways of significantly increasing your sales volume, increasing profitability and achieving higher customer retention rates.

All of this will finally be within your control after reading and applying the proven principles in ‘Managing for Higher Retail Success’.

You will no longer be caught in the trap…the trap of focusing on lack of traffic or weather or other things that are beyond your control.

This guide will empower you to move forward and succeed despite many obstacles. You will quickly begin to approach every new day with excitement and renewed enthusiasm. 

When you’re following the guidance from Managing for Higher Retail Success, you will be in control of most of the factors that have real impact on your results.


‘Managing for Higher Retail Success’ will show you how to get and stay, in the driver’s seat.

If you are managing, that is where you have to be.  You simply can’t let circumstances throw you off course.

You simply can’t settle for mediocre results. You are in a competitive industry and you are a winner who wants to achieve great results and lead a great team.

Your Head Office team tries to provide what you need for you to do business.

But they can only do so much.

They cannot help you where ‘the rubber meets the road’: This guide will give you the confidence and knowledge to Take charge of your store, district and / or region.

Learn to manage for results. When all is said and done, it is you and your team who will make it happen.

Here are some of the ‘gems’ you’ll find inside ‘Managing for Higher Retail Success:

Arrow-Right Effective Sales Management techniques to exceed your sales quota consistently

 Arrow-Right How to get more productivity out of your staff without over working them

 Arrow-Right How to get more productivity out of yourself without getting burnt-out

 Arrow-Right How to use non-monetary rewards to boost morale and build a winning culture at the same time

 Arrow-Right How to increase customer satisfaction by effectively managing customer touch points and moments of truth

 Arrow-Right Simple activities-gestures to increase your customer retention rate and keep them coming back for a long, long time

 Arrow-Right What works and what fails in retail selling, customer service and team productivity

 Arrow-Right How to create additional value for your customers out of what you’ve got

 Arrow-Right How to get promoted to the next level fast

“Managing for Higher Retail Success” has helped retail managers discover their untapped potential. 

These managers learned a lot and went on to inspire their teams to achieve success in their stores, districts and regions.  Here is what one of our readers had to say:

“Managing for Higher Retail Success’ has what it takes to focus, and propel, retail managers to levels of success they never thought possible” – L. Moorehaus, CS Manager

Learn how to exceed all your targets with practical advice and loads of tips from experienced, successful retail professionals.

Whatever you are selling, this guide will give you ideas on how to be unique in your approach; how to make sure your customers really understand the value in your offering. 

Exceeding your sales targets is easy when you know what steps to follow and how to interact with your customer for maximum return for both parties

“Very informative/extremely motivating. I will find the content very useful during store visits.  Information is clear and concise-easy to pass along !” – Glenn Thorson, Regional Manager

Exceeding sales targets can mean a lot more income for managers and sales associates

Whether through commissions or bonuses, spiffs or other incentives everybody stands to earn more and that’s great for morale. 

When you use the tips and suggestions from ‘Managing for Higher Retail Success’ you and your team will sell more and earn more.

Every customer who enters your store represents amazing opportunities… an opportunity to make a sale and an opportunity to build a relationship that will keep them coming back time and time again. 

‘Managing for Higher Retail Success’ will tell you exactly what to do to start building solid relationships with every customer.

You’ll learn how to say and do all of the things that customers need in order to feel appreciated, respected and loyal.

Your loyal customers are the life blood of your business. You’ll Learn how to get customers and learn how to keep them.

Just as surely as some approaches help your business, there are those that don’t.

Be sure you know the difference…the differences can be very subtle. 

‘Managing for Higher Retail Success’ explains what works and what doesn’t and how to differentiate between the two.

“I loved the practical approach. Everything made so much sense. All of the stuff is easy to do and easy to put into practice.” – Claudia Tarrigon, District Manager 

You will learn how to create value for your customers in your retail environment.

We know that customers respond well to a positive shopping experience but do you and your team know all of the components of a positive shopping experience?

What makes a customer feel positive about being in your store and doing business with you? 

And what makes them feel negative?

You may currently, unknowingly, be doing something to sabotage your own efforts at creating that positive experience. 

This guide will give you all of the information you need to ensure that you are providing all of the ‘musts’ of a positive shopping experience for your valued customers.

Outsmart, Outsell, Outperform your competition

it may be really difficult to be kind but putting them down is no way to go.

You need to reposition them without them even knowing it is happening. 

The way to do that is to increase your stores’ value in your customers’ eyes. 

‘Managing for Higher Retail Success’ gives you the details of how to do that without any ‘negative selling’.

If your product pricing is regularly ‘sliced and diced’ by your competition, effectively eroding your hard-earned market share, you need to know how to conduct low budget, in store promotions to combat that. 

You’ll get lots of ideas on how to do that with ‘Managing for Higher Retail Success’

And, finally, you are going to discover how to get promoted to the next level…fast. 

Truly great retail managers stand out from the crowd and they get the promotions because of their ideas, their successes and their outstanding approach to business.

You can be a truly great retail manager. 

Start performing at a higher level today. 

Order ‘Managing for Higher Retail Success’ right now and become as successful as you want to be. 



                        SECTION I:         PERSONAL PERFORMANCE TRAITS

                                                        –  Planning for Success

                                                        –  Leadership, Coaching and Management

                                                        –  Effective Decision Making

                                                        –  Managing Human Assets

                                                        –  Management Communication Skills

                                                        –  Success Modeling and Succession Plans

                        SECTION II:         RETAIL SALES MANAGEMENT

                                                         –  Managing Sales – Systems, Methods, Process

                                                         –  Relationship Selling

                                                         –  Sales Meetings as an Effective Sales Tool

                                                         –  Sales Forecasting

                                                         –  Competitive Strategies


                                                         –  Customer Experience Strategies

                                                         –  Determinants of Service Quality

                                                         –  Customer Experience Action Plans


                                                          – Road Map to Top Performance in Sales and Profitability

                                                          – How to Increase Sales by 20% in Six Months

                                                          – How to Sustain the Success

                                                          – Resources and Recommended Reading

This amazing real-life manual is packed with tips, formulas, ideas and advice that will elevate any retail manager’s performance to new levels.

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