Best Practices for Managing a Multi Unit Retail Operation

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“Best Practices for Managing a Multi-Unit Retail Operation”
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Module I – Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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“Companies that employed training on a regular basis posted shareholder returns 86 percent above firms that didn’t increase training and 45 percent higher than the market average”. (American Society of Training and Development)
The 6 Pillars of Retail are: People, Place, Product, Price, Promotion and Pixel (Technology).
While there is a lot to be said about all of the P’s, the majority of productivity and success can be attributed to two Ps in particular, and they are People and Product.
This DMSRetail online training, “Best Practices for Managing a Multi-Unit Retail Operation”, focuses mainly on People – both customers and employees.
Knowing and doing all of the right things when it comes to customers and the people serving them, gives you a tremendous competitive advantage over other managers who are caught up in details and projects that, however important, simply cannot have the same impact on your business.
Undoubtedly you have many tasks and projects that need your attention.
And, granted, probably none of them are a waste of your time – you have to do it all and, very likely, you are the only one that can do them.
You may not have anyone to delegate tasks and projects to.
However, whatever else you have to do, the one thing that you cannot afford to procrastinate on is your in-store operation – get that working well and you’re almost guaranteed success.
As a DM/AM/or RM,  it’s crucial that you understand what your store management and staff need to know, and do, to make your business successful.
They are on the front lines and how well they do will determine whether you are successful or not.
That gives your employees an incredible amount of power – it’s up to you to make sure that power affects you and your business positively.
You can do what most retailers do – hire people and provide some training so that they can get the basic job done.
You can hire only those with a high probability of success, train them so they are operationally competent and sales savvy, instill a sense of ownership and accountability, make sure your expectations are clearly understood and agreed upon, provide motivation to excel, provide rewards for achievement of goals and targets and help them to become the very best they can be.
DMSRetail prefers the latter approach. And it is not difficult to do.
Why, then,  is it so difficult to find retail stores that are doing all the right things?
The answer is simple: They don’t know how. Many don’t even know what the right things are. It’s not good enough to have a great product and/or a great price.
If you truly want to  excel in your retail business, you must make sure your customer’s in-store experience is always great too which is the best way to ensure they buy something and keep coming back.
Facilitation of a great in-store experience for your customers requires that you and every single one of your Managers and associates have a strong understanding of the best practices.
Everyone who has any contact with your customers, or contact with the associates who have contact with your customers, must be on side.
They must have completely bought-in to your vision of the best in-store experience.
DMSRetail’s webinar training “Best Practices for Managing a Multi-Unit Retail Operation” will help you gain a solid understanding of required behaviors and, perhaps more importantly, how to ensure those behaviors are in play in your organization.
Just to give you some idea of the concepts and behaviors we are talking about, here is a partial list of what is needed at each level of your organization:
The Sales Associates
Standards of Behavior – Attitude, comportment, expressions, image.
Customer Service – Overall experience of customers from the time they come through your door until the time they leave and when they are not even at your store.
Selling Skills – Scientific retail selling method that can be applied, measured and customized to your specific environment.
Product Training – How to make it a habit and take knowledge of product/service to a new level.
Goals, Targets and Accountability – You set them, you explain them, you measure them and then you discuss the results and hold people accountable.
Motivation and Rewards – Motivation is the engine and the rewards are the fuel of achievement.
Performance Evaluation – Often an underestimated tool for managing performance, effective performance evaluation system can do wonders depending on when and how it is conducted.
The Store Manager
All of the above, plus:
Leadership – How to become a great retail store leader.
Recruiting and Hiring – When and how this is done.
Compliance and Discipline – The follow up to ensure associates are on track and what to do and how to do it if they are not.
District/Area/Regional Manager
Leadership – How to lead, motivate and get results when you are not there.
Sales Management – Managing the sales effort, budgeting, reporting, compensation plans.
Retail Marketing – Importance of and methods for understanding and knowing your customer for effective marketing communications.
Customer Relationships – What you can do to establish and maintain excellent relationships with your customers.
Time Management – Organizing your day-week-month most effectively to get the most out of your limited time and efforts.
Recruiting and Hiring – Assessing probability of success correctly with each and every candidate – succession planning.
Compliance and Discipline – Making sure that the rules are followed and targets are met Evaluations, follow-up, action.
Key Performance Indicators – Which ones are most important for your organization; how to tie them all together to create a winning formula.
Benchmarks – People thrive on comparisons. How to benefit from industry norms and create your own benchmarks to fuel growth.
You’ll benefit from all of this when you attend DMSRetail’s webinar training “Best Practices for Managing a Retail Operation”.
During the sessions, you’ll have an opportunity to assess and compare your current practices to the ‘best practices’ being discussed.
This will allow you to develop a road map and timeline for implementation.
You will not only learn how to make your stores successful but you will also take away a wealth of information including how to make all of the best practices above quickly become standard practices in your organization.
You will be empowered to guide your district/region/company with confidence, authority and intelligence.
Your registration entitles you to one hour of consultation, with DMSRetail’s consultants, during the 30 day period following the training to get your additional questions answered.
In addition, you will receive copies of DMSRetail’s Success Guides, including: Winning at Store Management, Managing for Higher Retail Success, Customer Service Fundamentals and Retail Math – Made Simple.
That’s a value of $79.80, which makes this offering an even a better value.
So, don’t delay, register now and enjoy the benefits of high performance in multi unit retail management.

Why You Should Attend:

Number one Practical, applicable and actionable content delivered by top experts to drive your sales, productivity and profitability. Proven to increase those metrics by double digits. Check out the testimonials.

Number two Value: Apart from acquiring complete understanding, participants will enjoy a 30-Day unlimited Q&A through email after the workshop (A $1,000 value by itself)

Number three ROI: Return on investment can be as high as 100 times the registration fee based on your company revenues and how many techniques, ideas and methods from the workshop you implemented.

Number four Positions you as an expert .

Number five Creates a “larger picture” mentality.

Number 6 Improves your standing as a Retail Management Leader

Number 7 Six hours that will produce a lifetime of results.

“Best Practices for Managing a Multi-Unit Retail Operation”
6 Hour Webinar Training delivered in 2 X 3 Hour Modules
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11:00 AM – 2:00 PM EST (New York)
4:00 PM- 7:00 PM (London)
Module I Module II
Wednesday, May 22, 2023 Friday, May 24, 2023
Agenda  Agenda
Purpose, Vision, Mission, Strategy
Effective Goal Setting
Winning Leadership Traits
Performance Management
Break – 15 min.
Retail Marketing
Retail Math
Key Performance Indicators
Balanced Scorecards for Retail
Retail Sales Management
Selling Skills for Retail
Staff Performance Evaluation
Motivating Retail Staff
Break – 15 min.
Customer Service Management
Customer Service Strategies
Customer Service Quality
Customer Service Action Plan
Customer Retention Mgmt.


Recording & Slides will be sent to all registrants
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Best Practices for Managing a Multi Unit Retail Operation

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