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Now you, too, can eliminate useless store visits… immediately.


You’ve got to stop wasting time on store visits that are not seriousdon’t advance the businessdon’t develop managers, etc.

Except for (possibly) a momentary, tiny motivational bump, Mickey Mouse store visits are well…sad to say…almost useless.

Why, then, are there so many people visiting stores, restaurants and service outlets with no plan…with no process?

The Store Visit is a critical business function and must be taken seriously. 

With all due respect to Mickey and his friends, he is a cartoon character…a fantasy. He is all about fun and games and making kids laugh and he does a great job of that. But…

Mickey Mouse is not real.

We’re not suggesting that visiting management personnel aren’t serious, or that they are living in a fantasy world.

Only that without a predetermined plan and focus that is properly executed at store level, things will go off track quickly. 

It’s human nature – people get distracted by the ‘thing’ or supposed ‘crisis’ of the moment. 

The truth is…

Although rarely referred to as such, the Mickey Mouse store visit is much more common than anyone would like to admit.


Max ROI Store Visits

 What makes that so is lack of process. 

Anyone who visits retail outlets…or has experience in that area, will know that visits often just ‘go with the flow’. Completely. 

And they know how easily it happens; not something that’s planned.

But ‘going with the flow’ makes it next to impossible to ensure that issues are addressed, people are developed, and targets are achieved.

Even the most competent RM or DM should be able to rely on some type of road map when it comes to staying on top of the incredible amount of detail involved in the operation of a well run and profitable store.

We can certainly agree that some store visits should include lots of motivation and ‘going with the flow’ just to get the feel of what’s going on…to get to know how the staff are doing…to lift people up. 

That is one of the jobs of a RM or DM, after all.

Even still, though, certain things must be planned for and accomplished. Certain parts of the visit can be free flowing – but not all. 

Let’s look at some of the things that need to be done as part of a comprehensive, well executed one day store visit by a retail business owner or their designate – the DM or RM:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Schedule Productivity Check
  • Inventory (Spot) Count
  • Succession Planning Exercise
  • Store Maintenance and Renovation Requirements Analysis
  • P & L ReviewSales vs. Task Orientation
  • Merchandise Review
  • Safety Inspection and Facilities Review
  • Loss Prevention Audit
  • Staff Performance Review
  • Management Development Session
  • Mall Management Updates
  • Marketing and Signage Package Review
  • Online Business Review (if applicable)
  • Obstacle Removal
  • Action Planning

Managing by the ‘seat of the pants’ is never desirable. Even seasoned RMs and DMs will forget the odd thing now and again.

Even they will not show up ready for game day on every…single…visit.

But, that’s what’s needed.

Remember we’re talking about a critical business function…not an afterthought about those stores out there interacting with our customers, selling our products and services and generally making or breaking our brand every single day.

Topics, details, specifics, preparations, time allotments and action plans may vary depending on the particular type of visit but…

The MAX ROI Store Visit process should be followed for 

every… single… visit. 

In this course, we present a focused approach to the MAX ROI Store Visit process that is productive and rewarding for everyone. 

When there is a relentless focus on sales and profitability, customer service, people development, succession planning, vendor reviews, aged inventory, sign packages, product and presentation, safety and loss prevention, and so many other things…important things… then everyone feels a sense of accomplishment and they’re ready to confidently and happily move forward with action plan items.

You may be doing ok, but if you’re not following this method for Store Visits, then you are not profiting as much as you could be. Guaranteed.

This is no joke…no gimmick.

MAX ROI Store Visits are the only way to go. The method is easy to replicate, store after store…time after time.

A full day’s work can produce results far and beyond the day!!

Remember, The Store Visit is a critical business function and should be regarded as such. 

Properly executed store visits following this method are going to give you positive results. They are going to advance the business.

That’s worth some extra time and effort, isn’t it?

This affordable program Max ROI Store Visits YourTime Study Course is jam-packed with everything needed to get the MAX ROI on every store visit and ensure that all store visits produce a positive result …because time is money!

Every single store visit should be expected to yield quantifiable results; to move the business forward to some degree, otherwise it is strictly a social visit. 

Here are just a few of the topics we address in this course:

  • Various types of store visits and expectations for each type
  • How to get all the important stuff covered in one day
  • Scheduling store visits
  • Who is making the schedule, anyway?Case for the House Account
  • Preparation for a visit – we provide the only checklist you’ll need
  • How to conduct a highly productive visit
  • Writing an SVR (Store Visit Report) to facilitate development of the Action Plan
  • How to get a higher ROI on your time during each type of store visit
  • What works and what doesn’t; what to do and what not to do during a visit
  • What the visit really means to the Store Manager and staff
  • The resulting – all important action plan – the roadmap for going forward

MAX ROI STORE VISITS will be the only kind you’ll ever have when you start using this

 Technique, Method, Approach, Process, Mode, Plan of Action

Whatever you want to call it…it works. 

Once you start doing this, you’ll never get mediocre results again. 

Drive Productivity to new heights in your retail organization. Join us for this special presentation…

In this course, we demonstrate how properly executed Store Visits will produce positive and quantifiable results every time.


That’s not to mention the importance of the huge motivational opportunity presented by a store visit that is properly done.

You may wonder how all these things can be covered in a one-day store visit!!

In fact, many retailers cannot do it.

They do not know how to do it and, therefore, they fail to get the results – the quantifiable positive results – that they want and need.

Well, there is a method. All you need to do is figure out how to do it.DMSRetail Workshop Certificate

That’s where this course comes in. We explain it all.

The short answer is:

• Planning
• Preparation
• Organisation
• Know-How

When you have mastered the skill of a properly executed store visit and when you have seen the results, you will never look back.

You will want to apply the techniques to almost any oversight challenge you ever come up against.


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