Store Manager’s Organizer/Planner 2nd Edition

Store Manager’s Organizer/Planner 2nd Edition

Retail Store Managers are General Managers of a business unit. But they aren’t only managers. Often they are sales people, maintenance workers, ambassadors of customer service, shippers, receivers, security people, bankers, bookkeepers, productivity analysts, human resources representatives, you name it…..and they need the only real Store Manager’s Organizer/Planner 2nd Edition.

How does someone in a Store Management position get organized?

Watch this short video to find out how to stay on top of your retail game!



Store Manager's Organizer - Planner

The Ultimate and the Only Organizer – Planner Exclusively for Store Management – the Store Manager’s Organizer/Planner 2nd Edition

It is very challenging to say the least.

A regular, run of the mill calendar, journal or other time management product or organizer will not provide you with the help you need to stay focused on the business.

With any of the usual ‘organizer’ products a Store Manager has to customize to the point where any resemblance to the original product is unlikely.

And more often than not, the organizer turns into a simple note book with notes scribbled all over the place and pieces of paper hanging out of the sides.

As a Store Manager you have unique requirements and you need a unique organizer. It needs to be portable, sturdy, complex in design while simple to use, and all for a reasonable price.

DMSRetail™ offers this unique organizer for Store Managers. The DMSRetailer™ is the only organizer you will ever need.

Most organizers assume that Store Managers do not schedule any, or very few, meetings, tasks or events for evenings and weekends.

What’s with that? The Retail Manager absolutely needs an organizer that accommodates their work schedule…an organizer that works when they do.

DMSRetail recognizes Store Managers as professional career people who need an organizer – planner that works to assist them in their professional lives. They need the Store Manager’s Organizer/Planner 2nd Edition.

The DMSRetailer™ includes sections that correspond to actual activities that take place in a retail store and other sections that allow you to customize in an organized fashion.

All of these sections are invaluable as reminders and become an integral part of the Store Manager’s planning process.

Retail Managers organize their work day and work week on the fly.

That is not easy at the best of times.

Sometimes it’s done in the backroom, sometimes in the food court or the lunch room and very often it is done at the cash desk just before store opening or during closing procedures.

Sound familiar?

The DMSRetailer™ simplifies your planning, record keeping and even staff scheduling.

There is a section in the DMSRetailer™ for information that you will find invaluable when it comes to scheduling.

This is a tool for reducing the time you spend on that all important part of your business – the schedule.

What’s more, the information in this section will help you reduce wage cost.

Wage cost is something every retail organization struggles with.

Every retail organization is constantly searching for ways to reduce this enormous expense.

Each piece of information captured in this section of the DMSRetailer™ will enhance your ability to accurately predict the success of your schedule – meaning that the resulting schedule will be ‘productivity based’ – the only way to go.

Scheduling for maximum productivity is the responsibility of every Store Manager.

This organizer/planner is paper based and perpetual which means you never have to spend any more money; just print another set of pages and your organizer keeps humming along with you.


Store Manager's Organizer - Planner

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Even more exciting, The DMSRetailer™ is the only organizer which seamlessly integrates record keeping into your daily work life.

That means staying on top of your numbers – those numbers that you have to know, and be able to speak intelligently about at any given moment – becomes easier than ever.

Even those Managers who know their numbers inside out and sideways will benefit from this tool.

Whatever time you are currently spending on this will be saved to use on something else.

One of the most incredible facts about the DMSRetailer™ is that it will help you to predict business results based on information you have recorded.

It’s a system that is straight forward and requires a very limited amount of time and effort on your part yet the benefits are huge and they appear naturally.

The DMSRetailer™ contains alerts to remind you to do, or check on, certain things; to record meaningful information; to provide guidance or support at the right times; to delegate tasks and to follow up on previously delegated tasks and much more.

The DMSRetailer™ is the only tool you will find indispensable when it comes to being organized, in control and, ultimately, successful in retail.


Click Here to See “Using Your New Store Manager’s Organizer/Planner “


The DMSRetailer™ makes it so easy, you’ll never want to be without it.

And why would you? Even if you are out for lunch you will want to have your DMSRetailer™ with you.

This is a perfect time for recruiting and your DMSRetailer™ plays an important role.

Don’t rely on memory or scraps of paper with names scribbled on them.

Record your findings in the designated section specifically designed for this purpose and be prepared when your executive team member asks you about your recruiting efforts and hiring plans.

You can be on top of the game. Staff turnover has reached staggering rates, particularly in retail, and you can take important steps to curb it in your store.

Here’s an email from a customer:

“Early in the year, I purchased the electronic version of your Store Manager Organizer Planner.  In November, my computer crashed and I lost everything on it…….unfortunately, I wasn’t backed up :-((  Being in the midst of the 4th quarter, I did not do anything about it and am, just now, trying to rebuild all my files. Is there anyway I can get a copy of my Planner.  It has been invaluable to me and I really would like to continue using it. I don’t remember the exact date of purchase, but it was early in the year. I would really appreciate anything you can do.  Thank you in advance.”

Let the DMSRetailer™ be your partner in your success. 

Take a look at some of the sections of the DMSRetailer™:

Arrow-Right Sales, Productivity & other Key Performance Indicators

Arrow-Right Targets

Arrow-Right Historical data

Arrow-Right Recruiting

Arrow-Right Shipments

Arrow-Right Scheduling

Arrow-Right Promotions & Signage

Arrow-Right Payroll

Arrow-Right Supplies

Arrow-Right Maintenance

Arrow-Right Motivational messages

Arrow-Right Head Office communication

Arrow-Right Task list

Arrow-Right Your personal life – notes

Arrow-Right Meetings & Appointments

For more details on the content, visit “Using Your Organizer” page here.

You must be curious as to how one organizational tool can encompass all of these important areas of your business.

The people who created this organizer have been retail professionals, just like you, for many years.

They have used hundreds of different organizers and finally came to the conclusion that the only way to be truly organized and in control of a retail business was to develop a custom organizer for retail people.

No more ‘trying to fit the square peg into the round hole’. No more fretting over the important things that ‘fell through the cracks’. Retail is different.

The DMSRetailer™ was born out of necessity.

DMSRetail prides itself on assisting retail professionals like yourself.

As you must have gathered by now The DMSRetailer™ is not a typical organizer.

It is different because it needs to be, and because you need something unique; and you want something that is actually going to work for you.

You will be able to use your organizer week after week, month after month and  year after year by simply printing new pages as you go.

Get organized and take control of your store…Get your DMSRetailer™ TODAY!

Don’t let another day pass where you are left wondering … what happened?

Grab the reins of your store and watch your performance soar.

Your “Better Than Risk-Free” 2 Month Money-Back GuaranteeSatisfaction Guaranteed

If, after you purchase this product, you feel, for any reason, that it fails to live up to our promises (or even if it does and you just change your mind), simply send us an email and we’ll immediately and cheerfully give you a 100% refund of the purchase price. No questions asked!If you do decide to return this product for a full refund, please keep it as our special gift to you. It’s our way of simply thanking you for at least giving us a try!This way, even if you decide that it’s not right for you, the worst that can happen is you’ll get a minimum $19.95 value absolutely FREE. That’s what we mean by “BETTER THAN RISK FREE!”


Store Manager's Organizer - Planner

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