Retail Math Made Simple

“Retail Math Made Simple 5th Ed.”

ISBN # 0-9739-1411-4 – 205 pages

Retail Math Made Simple 5th Ed.


For a Full Understanding of What is Going on in Your Retail Business You Need the Knowledge You’ll get from the DMSRetail Success Guide “Retail Math Made Simple”.

Step into the mysterious realm of “retail math” – a phrase that may send shivers down your spine, recalling haunting memories from your school days.

But hold on tight, because this enigmatic world holds the key to unlocking the secrets of a successful retail business.

Behold, the guide that unveils the enigma: Retail Math Made Simple. Brace yourself, for within its pages lies the power to conquer KPIs and wield vital information.

Remember, measurement is the gateway to management, and without it, we are lost.

In the depths of every business, a ceaseless symphony of number crunching unfolds.

Analysts meticulously examine the figures from every conceivable angle, ensuring the eternal dance of profitability continues.


You Don’t Need to Be an Accountant or a Mathematician to Make the Calculations.Retail Math Made Simple 5th Ed.

It’s not difficult. All you need to know is which numbers to use and how to interpret the results. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the only functions required.

Retail math is a major component of the background work done before most decisions involving the allocation of resources are made.

For a Full Understanding of What is Going on in Your Retail Business You Need the Knowledge You’ll get from Retail Math Made Simple.

That is where DMSRetail can help you. We have developed a book for retail management. This book will give you all of the information you need to start using retail math with confidence. You will understand how to make the calculations and what to do with the answers you get.

Here is a summary of Contents:

  • Glossary and Definition of the Terms
  • Retail Metrics
  • Key Performance IndicatorsEducate Store Personnel
  • Commonly Used Formulas
  • Open to Buy – Definition, Formulas
  • Sell-Thru Scenarios (Impact of price and gross margin on sales)
  • Balanced Score Cards for Retail Managers
  • Typical Profit / Loss Statement (often called P/L or Operating Statement)
  • Retail Math Quiz
  • Vendor Scorecard
  • PowerPoint presentation explaining all of the above in more detail
  • Website Metrics & Measurements
  • Utilization of Big Data & Analytics in Retail

Crying over lost revenueRetail math is considered an integral part of a good retail manager’s skill set. It can be found on some companies’ pre-employment screening tests.

Get your copy now so you can talk about retail performance with knowledge, intelligence and authority.


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ISBN # 0-9739-1411-4 – 205 pages

Retail Math Made Simple 5th Ed.

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Retail Math Deluxe

Digital: “Retail Math Made Simple 5th Ed. + Retail Math Webinar Video” (Digital Copy – Instant Download)

Retail Math Made Simple Deluxe

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We Also Have: Online Training with 2 Choices

A) Retail Math Webinar Online

This, instructor led (Live, Online), 2-hour online training is packed with information on how to use Retail Math formulas to determine your Key Performance Indicators, your profitability, definition and explanation of terms and examples from actual Retail Operations to give you a full and operational understanding of Retail Math.

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B) Retail Math Workshop Online

This, instructor led (Live, Online), 6-hour online training goes deeper into Retail Math concepts and also includes analytical coverage of application of AI in retail operations. More detailed examples and actual practice sessions are also included.

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