Ultimate Retail Success Collection

“The Ultimate Retail Success Collection gives profound and in- depth knowledge to any retailer seeking to run a successful business. The product touches all important areas of retail business and it helped to broadened my perspective in thinking up new ways of pushing my brand. For us as a team, it has helped us to be more intentional about all areas of our business. It made us realize that we were NOT doing everything possible to make our customers keep coming back. By far my most treasured is the RETAIL MATH MADE SIMPLE. This study helped me dig deep into understanding the numbers that matter in my business and helped me overcome my bewilderment with Financial Statements. (Lol)” Tonye Osakwe – Chief Operating Officer – Tociano Ltd.

Succeeding in Retail

Let’s face it, running a successful retail operation is a tall order,  particularly when faced with challenges that include missed targets, stock outs, wage cost overages, employee turnover, lack of employee engagement, enthusiasm and motivation, performance management issues and trying to keep up with ever-changing technology…and dozens more.

We understand that! We’ve all been in that position a time or two.

But it can be done, regardless of the challenges. In fact, your sales and profit results can be multiplied several times over.  

Put very simply, you can make more money!


“The insights, techniques and tools provided by DMSRetail have exceeded expectations. The Program has provided me with new ideas and methods to getting the job done effectively. The delivery of the content and the use of examples and scenarios was exceptional. I would definitely recommend this session to others within my company. You can consider me a “delighted customer”R.S. Head of Retail, Digicel

“The training was very productive and informative. It helped me to understand the process behind Category Management. With the help of the case studies and other exercises it broadened my mind into new ways of promoting my brand.” A. Sharma, Liwa


You should know that the creators of the Ultimate Retail Success Collection are all retail management practitioners and what they give you is fast, actionable and heavy hitting advice that you can implement immediately – which means this Ultimate Retail Success Collection will be a frequently used resource – not just books and Video’s taking up space on a shelf – and you can implement as you go – you don’t need to study the whole thing at once.

Crying over lost revenue

Now you can stop your retail performance problems even if you’ve tried everything before. Easily put an END to your performance pains and start enjoying your business and your life.

While there are endless books, courses, and seminars you can take on management, most are NOT designed specifically for you – the person running a retail business.

And, even if they are, they’re usually “lite” on REAL strategies to achieve your goals and, therefore, a waste of your time and money.

Or, they’re not based on real life experience.

Often they’re developed, and taught, by someone who isn’t and, has never, ever actually “lived retail” day in and day out like you have!

Working the front lines does wonders for your perspective on the business.

But there’s very good news…

Our highly acclaimed and world renowned Retail Management experts, along with a team of other dynamic retail management professionals, compiled all of their collective works into the Ultimate Retail Success Collection – a highly coveted resource many top retail management professionals are using to perfect their retail management skills.

And now YOU, too, can discover the quickest and easiest way to run a retail operation profitably… without squeezing the life out of your people or your expense budget.

Inside the Ultimate Retail Success Collection you’ll find ideas, tips, advice and plans that will, literally, add hundreds of thousands of dollars, and more, to your revenue.

It includes pretty much everything any retailer would need to run a profitable operation. As we said, above, you can make more money.

Before you look into the details of this product, consider the following value proposition:

Let’s assume you have a store doing a million dollars annually.

After implementing a mere fraction of the techniques given in the Ultimate Retail Success Collection, let’s say you increase business by 10%*.  

Assuming you have a 40% Gross Margin, you will clear around $35,000 (conservatively, remember you have already paid for almost all expenses, this is coming from the additional increase of 10%).

Then the ROI for the Ultimate Retail Success Collection becomes:

ROI* on the Ultimate Retail Success Collection = $35,000/$1,495= 23.41 or 2,341%

You can’t really ask for a better ROI than that, right?

Now, even though the ROI is so amazing, you may have questions.

For instance, you may be asking yourself: “But, is it going to work for me?”  

Well, we are completely confident and we have every reason based on other customers’ experience to believe the answer is “Yes, it is going to work for you” and not only will it work for you, you’ll be thrilled with your results.

But, why not take action and try it and see for yourself?

If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll gladly return your investment back to you.

Another thing you may be thinking is that you’ve bought many books, programs and courses that are just sitting on shelves gathering dust.

Maybe that’s because you just can’t find the time to read page after page of theories on how your business should work. Maybe you find the material boring.

Time starved?

Even if you don’t have a minute to spare, you can hand the various parts of the Ultimate Retail Success Collection to your subordinates and let them run with it.

Our bet is that the Ultimate Retail Success Collection will not only inspire you and your teams – it will motivate everyone in the organization to take action and to do some new and different things to grow your business.

The Ultimate Retail Success Collection is a combination of 15 high performance retail products packaged together to save you money and give you the tools you need to exceed your sales and profit targets.

And, of course, we’ve included valuable bonuses too!

So, what are the 15 high performance products included in the Ultimate Retail Success Collection?

Here’s the list:

Right Arrow Tool #1 The Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course

Right Arrow Tool #2 The Retail Brand & Category Management YourTime Study Course

Right Arrow Tool #3 The Retail District Management YourTime Study Course

Right Arrow Tool #4 The Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course

Right Arrow Tool #5 The Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course

Right Arrow Tool #6 The Super Retail Success Bundle

Right Arrow Tool #7 – Max ROI Store Visits YourTime Study Course

Right Arrow Tool #8 – Retail Product Management Program

Right Arrow Tool #9 – Retailer’s Guide to Online Marketing

Right Arrow Tool#10 – Retail Leadership Solution

Right Arrow Tool#11 – 33% Increase Formula

Right Arrow Tool#12 – eCommerce with WooCommerce Course

Right Arrow Tool#13 eCommerce with Shopify Course

Right Arrow Tool#14 RFID Applications in Retail Course

Right Arrow Tool#15 Open-to-Buy Formula Webinar Recording + Slides

Red Arrow Right  Tool#16 – How to Profit from AI in Retail Business YourTime Study Course

Massive Collection

Each of the 15 Retail Performance Products is meant to stand alone to be used for training staff at different levels in your organization.

The beauty of these courses is that they can be handed over to anyone who needs them.

The employee works through the material and, the only time investment you would have to make is to clarify and answer questions about applying specifics to your particular business.

And, Tool #6, the Super Retail Success Bundle, is a large package including individual Success Guides, Tools and Video’s that can be distributed to any employee who might benefit from learning about a specific area – like Retail Math and KPI’s or better ways to manage store staff or how to manage their time more effectively and the list goes on…

Now, let’s take a closer look at each one of the 10 Tools included in the Ultimate Retail Success Collection:


Right Arrow Tool #1: The Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course (Retail Price: $597)

Retail Operations Management

Before we get into some of the details about this Study Course, you should know that we have always had very positive feedback from The Retail Operations Management Workshop, which this Study Course is based on.

The fee to attend that workshop in person is $1,995 per person, plus related travel expenses.

Testimonials from Retail Professionals can be found at the end of this message.

They confirm that our workshops and, indeed, all of our Success Guides, Tools and Video’s are everything we say they are.

For information, knowledge and insights galore...

The Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course that is part of the Ultimate Retail Success Collection was developed by taking material directly from the actual workshop and making it work in a different format so that we could get you all of the information, knowledge and insights from Senior Consultants of DMSRetail – all of whom have been there and done it with great success, without spending the time and money to attend the three day workshop.

In fact, all of the Study Courses you’ll read about here have been adapted from our most popular workshops.

This particular Study Course is the very best alternative to attending The Retail Operations Management Workshop in person.

You’ll find that this Study Course presents an outstanding opportunity for you to learn from the comfort of your home or office at your convenience, and build on your retail management knowledge while saving a lot of money!

The Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course includes an 8 Video set with all of the same slide presentations and audio that you would see and hear during the actual workshop.

The working materials include an Action Strategies Guide and Workbook, complete with the Maximum Performance Goal Planners, Multiple Intelligences Questionnaires and full explanations and, as a special bonus, we’re including The Store Management Process, and its application in real life, on Video – it’s a Store Management blueprint developed by DMSRetail Inc. exclusively for our customers and subscribers. [MORE INFO]


Right Arrow Tool #2: The Retail Brand & Category Management YourTime Study Course (Retail Price: $697)

Category Management Diagram

“In the 21st century, branding ultimately will be the only unique differentiator between companies. Brand equity is now a key asset.” Fortune Magazine

“Category Management is a process that involves managing product categories as business units and customizing them (on a store by store basis) to satisfy customer needs.” Nielsen

To capitalize on trends and manage your product categories to achieve outstanding results, you need real methods, plans and tactics specifically designed for that purpose.

Fortunately, they’re all included in our Retail Brand & Category Management Workshop and Study Course.

Past attendees, of the workshop, have told us that they find it extensive, and an absolute must for all retailers.

They find the slides, videos and case studies excellent and the instructors smooth, passionate, knowledgeable and professional with very strong experience. They say the content is very rich and they love the case studies which help them pull together what they’ve learned.

We agree with all of them!

The Retail Brand & Category Management YourTime Study Course includes a 5 Video set and all of the corresponding slide presentations.

We’ve also included ‘New Technologies for Retail Marketing’ on Video, including these topics:

  • Mobile Marketing
  • RFID
  • Social Networking
  • Local Search
  • Digital Signage
  • QR Code



Right Arrow Tool #3: Retail District Management YourTime Study Course (Retail Price: $497)

District Manager's Success Framework

A Retail District Manager can have a +/- 20% impact on your business.

That’s a lot of influence! To reach the top level of this sphere of influence you need real Action Strategies for Retail District Management Success and they’re all included in our Retail District Management Workshop YourTime Study Course.

One of the biggest challenges for District Managers is managing stores, and people, who they don’t see every day.

Often, the District Manager has been promoted from a Store Management position where they made the numbers happen by spending long hours on the sales floor – actively driving the business.

They were there in person… hands on.

They managed all of the communications, ensured that all tasks were completed, followed up on outstanding issues, directed staff on the sales floor and so much more.

And they did it all from the front row. Doing it from afar is much, much different. And, much more difficult. Special skills are definitely required.

Once a Store Manager becomes a District Manager they have to rely on their ability to drive the business through others and, now that their peers have become their subordinates, that can be more difficult than they anticipated.

Our District Management YourTime Study Course addresses these challenges and many more.

We help the District Manager see their role in the company for what it is.

They learn that they are now the face of the company to their store teams, and the face of the stores to the Head Office.

There are ways to handle this very effectively but it can be daunting to a new District Manager who hasn’t yet developed the required skill level.

The Retail District Management YourTime Study Course includes a 6 Video set, complete with presentation slides, an Action Strategies Guide & Workbook and Maximum Performance Goal Planners. [MORE INFO]


Right Arrow Tool #4: Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course (Retail Price: $347)

Internal Communications & Relationships

There’s no denying that a Retail Store Manager has a huge impact on the profitability of the store.

In fact, the ability of the Store Manager is the single, biggest success factor when it comes to profitable retail store operations.

To reach the top, and to be considered a ‘Highly Successful Retail Manager’, a Store Manager needs real Action Strategies for Retail Store Management Success and they’re all included in our Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course.

The Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course includes a 4 Video set covering Retail Math, Metrics & KPI’s for store level, Leadership for Peak Performance, Customer Value Management and the Store Management Process – a blueprint developed by DMSRetail to walk the Store Manager through hiring, training, managing performance and much more.

There is also an Action Strategies Study Guide, including practical exercises, and a Maximum Performance Goal Planner to record goals and progress!

You’ll also receive these two bonuses, electronically, for your Store Managers to use over and over in the months and years ahead…

The Retail Employee Evaluation System ‘I Succeed’ and the DMSRetailer – an Organizer/Planner designed specifically for the busy Store Manager.

The Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course goes into detail about these topics:

Right Arrow Managing by the numbers how to stay fully informed about the financial aspect of the business unit (their store)  and what they can do to have a positive impact on the numbers…

Right Arrow 6 Pillars of Retail – how the pillars came to be, and the brand new and very important pillar.

Right Arrow Definitions and explanations of terminology used in Retail Math – all of the terms and what they mean.

Right Arrow Key Performance Indicators what to measure to stay on top of the performance in the store, how to make the calculations and how to interpret the results so they can take action, and specifically, what actions they can take based on those results.  

How to be well informed about the overall financial health of the store and speak intelligently about the business.

Right Arrow Commonly Used Formulas – formulas that are used in retail math and in business in general.

Right Arrow Open-to-Buy & Sell-Thru Scenarios – just a basic understanding of OTB/Sell-Thru that every Store Manager should know.

Right Arrow Store Operating Statement (P&L Statement)  Store Managers need to know what this statement is all about; how to read it and make sense of it so they can begin to take actions to improve it.

And, there’s more…

Right Arrow The Store Manager’s Keys to Success…get these right…sky is the limit!

Right Arrow Hiring Right – Interviewing Sales Associates

Right Arrow Effective Retail Sales Management

Right Arrow Productive Staff Meetings

Right Arrow Non-Monetary Rewards

Right Arrow Performance Management and Coaching for Results

Right Arrow Building and leading a High Performance Team

Right Arrow Top 5 Factors that Determine the Success of Retail Operations

Right Arrow Customer Focus at the Front Lines…beyond the current discussion about customer service!

Right Arrow Attributes of the truly ‘Customer Friendly’ Front Line Employee

Right Arrow Lifetime Value of your Customer

Right Arrow The Service – Profit Chain at Store Level

Right Arrow Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service for Maximum Loyalty and Profit

The Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course gives your Store Managers everything they need without the scheduling difficulties and without the travel related expenses of attending a workshop in person!

It will help them make more money for the company. [MORE INFO]


Right Arrow Tool #5: Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service YourTime  Study Course  (Retail Price: $197)

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service

Retailers often have difficulty getting all store associates trained due to varied work schedules, hours of operation, geography, time constraints and over stretched training budgets and wage cost budget constraints as well.

Perhaps high turnover rates cause some retailers to be reluctant to invest in their people.

Whatever the case may be, with this YourTime Study Course, those difficulties and considerations are a thing of the past.

Truly, training can take place anytime, anywhere with little or no supervision.

You don’t have to send your Associates anywhere, or pay for things normally associated with training such as transportation, accommodation, meal expenses and extra wages to cover them while they’re away.

All the trainee needs is a computer to watch and hear the presentation, on Video, and the Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals Guide & Workbook. The training and studying can progress at a convenient pace.

Let’s look at exactly what you get with DMSRetail’s Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course:

Right Arrow A 3 Video Set to watch, and listen to, wherever and whenever it’s convenient.

Right Arrow A Study Guide and Workbook to make notes and answer questions put forward during the presentation.

Right Arrow The Sales and Customer Service Associate’s Framework for Success.

And there’s an added bonus included in this Study Course…it’s the Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons on Video.

It’s one of our bestselling Success Guides to help Associates understand how and why people ‘buy with emotion and justify with logic’.

You’ll see sales increases just with this alone!

Here are the 17 topics covered in this YourTime Study Course…

Right Arrow Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty – Understanding the Service-Profit Chain

Right Arrow Commonly Used Key Performance Indicators – Not just the numbers, but what they mean & why retailers care about them!

Right Arrow The Sales Process – Includes all of the Selling Steps

Right Arrow The importance of, and difference between, Features & Benefits – with examples

Right Arrow Why it Pays to Have Top Notch Product Knowledge

Right Arrow How to Handle Multiple Customers Effortlessly – Too many customers? Never!

Right Arrow How to Treat Customers & Sell Add-ons at the Check Out – Increase every sale and leave a great last impression.

Right Arrow Dealing Effectively with Customer Complaints

Right Arrow Telephone Etiquette

Right Arrow Understanding the Lifetime Value of a Customer

Right Arrow Store Maintenance and Cleanliness Standards

Right Arrow Customer Service used as a Loss Prevention Technique

Right Arrow Proper Code of Conduct for Retail Employees-Some Associates may not know!

Right Arrow Punctuality, Reliability and Flexibility

Right Arrow Expectations of the Employer-What every employer has the right to expect.

Right Arrow Appearance – Dress Code and Grooming Standards-Work clothes don’t belong in the bottom of a backpack, do they?

Right Arrow Deadly Sins of Customer Service – What you absolutely cannot do.

Absolutely everything your Associates need to know to get them fully engaged as enthusiastic partners – to ensure their success in the organization – is included in this YourTime Study Course.

We provide the solid foundation on which to build more and more skills to benefit both the employee and the employer and, ultimately, your customer.

You know your people need to know all of this stuff and now you have the perfect way to get them what they need without extensive investment – in time or money – on your part…

Just hand over this YourTime Study Course and let DMSRetail take care of the rest.

Don’t worry about losing control of what your people will be learning.

The course makes it very clear to the trainee, that their employer will have certain ways of behaving and handling certain things and we instruct them to ask questions to clarify all of those. [MORE INFO]


Right Arrow Tool #6: Super Retail Success Bundle (Retail Price: $247)

Retail Analytics

Here’s an overview of some of the topics covered in the 8 Success Guides & Tools in the Super Retail Success Bundle Cover:

Right Arrow Best Practices in Retail Leadership there are hundreds of these throughout the 1,000+ pages of the Super Retail Success Bundle. You will become the next retail operations management guru after absorbing all of these best practices.

Right Arrow Retail Selling Skills and Retail Sales Management a lot of content in the Super Retail Success Bundle point to these two critical areas of your retail operation.

Right Arrow Advanced Retail Management Concepts after going through the bundle a couple of times, and after you get the basics down pat, you’ll want to come back and ponder some of the thought provoking ideas in Managing for Higher Retail Success.

Right Arrow Recruiting and Interviewing Skills When it comes to hiring the right people and knowing what to ask to get meaningful information – it’s all here in “Hiring Aces”. This is something you can rely on to help you hire great people.

Right Arrow Appropriate Improvement Processes this is where so many retail business owners and managers have difficulty.

They simply cannot find the best way to manage through the employee performance improvement process, resulting in continued employment of wrong (wrong for the job) individuals. This is not good for the business and not good for the individual.

Right Arrow Retail Staff and Management Training with the Super Retail Success Bundle you’ll come to understand what training is necessary, for whom, and when.

Right Arrow Exceptional Customer Service Strategies what you should and should not do! Simple enough yet very few people really ‘get it’. Find out the 7 deadly sins of customer service…and a few more that may surprise you.

Right Arrow Setting Expectations and Goals for Staff this alone, will get you a 20% increase in sales right off the bat.

How do your people know when to stretch, when to pull out all the stops?

They need to know what is expected of them – you have to establish crystal clear targets and goals for everyone.

They also need to know how they are progressing against the targets all the time.

Right Arrow Developing a Winning Performance Culture in Your Stores/Organization winners don’t have bad attitudes – you must instill and install a performance culture in your organization.

The information in the Super Retail Success Bundle will show you how.

Right Arrow Employee Motivation Insights and Techniques here’s how to get your people to motivate themselves. Intrinsic motivation is the most powerful.

Right Arrow Retail Employee Performance and Skills Evaluation Tools don’t beat around the bush.

Learn how to monitor and evaluate performance to work in favor of the business…the end result being improved and better motivated staff.

Use the ‘I Succeed’ Retail Performance Evaluation System to eliminate surprises.

Right Arrow Retail Math, Formulas and Explanations Learn the lingo that successful retail managers speak, improve everyone’s knowledge level in this critical side of the business.

Right Arrow Retail Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) an in depth discussion of every one of the top KPI’s to assist you in determining what you should be looking at every day and in what order.

Right Arrow What to Measure, How to Measure and How to Interpret the Results & Take Action.

Right Arrow Organizing – Planning Techniques and Tools Specific to a Retail Environment Running a retail business is unlike any other.

Get the tools and the know how to schedule and achieve everything that needs to get done.

Right Arrow Meeting Topics for Effective and Motivational Staff Meetings.

Right Arrow Excellent Communications Methods In-Store, H.O. or District/Region – letting things fall through the cracks, and dropping the ball in retail can spell disaster – learn how to keep on top of everything; keep everyone connected and accountable.

Right Arrow The Store Management Process Fully Explained.

Right Arrow Managing with Integrity and Respect Building your leadership persona that is effective and readily embraced by your people is half the battle for your success. [MORE INFO]


Right Arrow Tool #7 – Max ROI Store Visits YourTime Study Course (Retail Price: $247)


Max ROI Store Visits


You’ve got to stop wasting time on store visits that are not seriousdon’t advance the businessdon’t develop managers, etc.

Except for (possibly) a momentary, tiny motivational bump, Mickey Mouse store visits are well…sad to say…almost useless.

Why, then, are there so many people visiting stores, restaurants and service outlets with no plan…with no process?

The Store Visit is a critical business function and must be taken seriously. 

Let’s look at some of the things that need to be done as part of a comprehensive, well executed one day store visit by a retail business owner or their designate – the DM or RM:

Right Arrow Training Needs Analysis

Right Arrow Schedule Productivity Check

Right Arrow Inventory (Spot) Count

Right Arrow Succession Planning Exercise

Right Arrow Store Maintenance and Renovation Requirements Analysis

Right Arrow P & L ReviewSales vs. Task Orientation

Right Arrow Merchandise Review

Right Arrow Safety Inspection and Facilities Review

Right Arrow Loss Prevention Audit

Right Arrow Staff Performance Review

Right Arrow Management Development Session

Right Arrow Mall Management Updates

Right Arrow Marketing and Signage Package Review

Right Arrow Online Business Review (if applicable)

Right Arrow Obstacle Removal

Right Arrow Action Planning…



Right Arrow Tool #8 – Retail Product Management Program (Retail Price: $379)



This comprehensive program covers all aspects of the Buying, Inventory Control and Category Management functions as well as Online and Digital Marketing, and much more.

We explain steps and processes that go from Sourcing and Pricing, right through to Space Planning and getting it to the stores and onto the Sales Floor.

This is the perfect program for distance learning, self-directed or group training – in person or remotely.

Time is money, and we make every minute worth your while.


  • 20 Modules
  • Each module contains video presentations, by lesson
  • 102 ‘Just Right’ Sized Lessons
  • Total 177 Quiz Questions for Knowledge Assessment
  • Hand Outs, Exercises and Recommended Activities



Right Arrow Tool #9 – Retailer’s Guide to Online Marketing (Retail Price: $97)


Retailer's Guide to Online Marketing

This course is all about turning your social media strategy into real, measurable results for your business.

You see, most books out there focus on the metrics that don’t really mean much.

They’ll tell you how to build big networks. They’ll tell you how to get lots of “likes.”

But none of this turns into real traffic, brand awareness or sales unless you have a very specific strategy in place.

And THAT’S what this course shows you how to do.

You’ll find out how to build your networks… and then turn those fans, followers and likes into cash in the bank.

Best of all, you can create and implement your own custom social media strategy in as little as a few hours per week.

So let us give you a quick sneak peek at what you’ll find inside this entertaining and very informative program…

First up, you’ll nail down your exact social media goals and objectives…

Did you know there are over a dozen major ways to use social media to grow your business?

It’s true.

Most people only know about a handful of ‘em… but once you know them all, then you’ll be able to create a strategy that fully unleashes the true power of social media!

You’ll discover:

Right Arrow How to maximize your content to get more created in less time.

Right Arrow How to maximize exposure so you get more likes, more shares, more comments and more viral activity for every post you make.

Right Arrow The secrets of posting the right content at the right time!

Right Arrow And you’ll also find out how to maximize results so that you get more prospects, more subscribers and more cash-in-hand customers eagerly clicking through to your website.

And here’s something else…

You’ll discover how to grow your social media channels using your existing visitors and web properties.

You’ll learn about simple ways that take as few as two minutes to implement… you can do it today, right now, and start seeing your social media networks grow right away!

You’ll also find out how to automate and optimize as much of your social media strategy as possible.

You’ll gets links to over 30 tools to help you with content creation, tracking your results, and automated posting.

These tools will save you time, make it easier than ever to manage your social media pages, and help you get really good results from your efforts!

Plus, you’ll get clear, step-by-step instructions for putting all these pieces together to create a social media strategy that’s custom designed to generate GREAT results for your business model.



Right Arrow Tool#10 – Retail Leadership Solution (Retail Price: $97)

Retail Leadership Solution



Right Arrow Video 1: Management vs. Leadership

Right Arrow Video 2: What a Good Leader is…Avoid the “10” Mistakes

Right Arrow Video 3: 11 Leadership Principles

Right Arrow Video 4: Top 5 Factors of Influence

Right Arrow Video 5: Leadership – Culture

Right Arrow Video 6: Leadership – Strategy

Right Arrow Video 7: Keys to Success: Situational Leadership

Right Arrow Video 8: Motivation Secrets


Right Arrow Tool#11 – 33% Increase Formula (Retail Price: $97)

33% Increase Formula

Although we are bombarded with new technologies almost everyday to improve the performance of our retail businesses, one thing remains unchanged.

That is – Fundamentals.

Apart from getting the fundamentals right, there are ways to tweak the fundamentals to get you fast and whopping improvements and they are all discussed in this training.

Techniques that are discussed here are proven.

Our own people, during their Retail Management careers, employed these techniques with amazing results that propelled them to higher positions because their achievements were extraordinary.

When you attend this training you will be given a formula – or – a blueprint  so that you can duplicate similar successes in your own business.

The Agenda shows the Contents of the session. Don’t let the familiar headings fool you.

The techniques we will be giving are anything but familiar – they are pure gold in disguise.

***All registrants receive the presentation and recording, whether they attend or not.***


● Champ Profile
● Company Profile
● DMSRetailProfileTech ™
● 2 Critical Interviews

● Sales Skills (Including People Skills and Listening Skills)
● Product Knowledge
● Positive Customer Experience Enablers
● Policy, Procedure, Communications
● Company Culture, Core Values, Guiding Principles

● Why Optimum Targets are Critical?
● How to Set Optimum Targets Even in a Self-Serve Environment
● Key KPI’s that are not to be Missed
● Constant & Continuous Feedback

● Whose Job is to Drive the Business?
● Daily Check-Up
● One Minute Evaluation – One Minute Training
● I Succeed Evaluation System
● Reality Check

● Pay More, Expect More, Get More
● Pay for Performance (Straight or Incentive Versions)
● Sales Associate Compensation Example
● Store Manager Compensation Example
● Cascading Compensation Plans for all Layers of Management

● Scheduling
● Tasks
● Time-Off

● DMSRetail Ladder System ™

● Situational
● Performance Culture
● Standards (Retail 101)
● Access & Availability
● Support



Right Arrow Tool#12 – eCommerce with WooCommerce (Retail Price: $97)

ecommerce with woocommerce

Whether you’re selling digital products or physical products, creating an e-commerce store is your first step.

While there are a variety of different platforms that you can use to set up your e-commerce site, WooCommerce is the number one option if you are utilizing WordPress.

If you’ve wanted to sell your products online for a long time, but you just haven’t been able to do so because of the technical learning curve, then this is your solution.

By the end of this video course, you’ll have the necessary knowledge to set up your e-commerce site from scratch on the WordPress platform.

Introducing… ECommerce With WooCommerce 8 Part Video Course

Condition: For this to work, you will need to have a website with WordPress installed on it.

From this point, we cover how to do everything that you need to do to set things up the right way.

Here’s the summary of the contents of each video:

Video #1: Intro

Before we jump right in and show you how to set up your e-commerce site by using Woocommerce, we want to give you a quick overview of what’s inside this video course.

This way, you can get a Birdseye view of exactly what is inside this course. You will also learn how to install the main core plug-in.

Video #2: Themes

Before you get started, you want to make sure that your e-commerce site looks good.

The reality is most of us are not graphic designers, and if we were to create an e-commerce shop design, it would most likely look ugly.

So how do you get around this roadblock? The secret is to find what seems that have already been created for e-commerce sites that either fit your target market or it is close enough that you can customize it a little bit further.

You’ll learn which sites we recommend you going to find the e-commerce design that you’re looking for.

Video #3: General Settings Overview

Now that you have a good idea of where to get your e-commerce website design, it’s time to look under the hood and go over the General settings of the WooCommerce plug-in.

Well, there are a lot of settings, we will go over every single one of them step-by-step.

Video #4: Product Settings Overview

Now that we have gone over the General settings, it’s time to look at the product settings, which will allow you to add specific products to your e-commerce site.

This also includes other options, such as creating coupons.

Video #5: Product Organization

The harsh reality is when you begin to add many products; your system will become disorganized and confusing as to what is what.

To help you combat this, we will teach you essential product organization or another word on how to organize all of your products so that you know precisely what is what and where it is located.

Video #6: Product Attributes

What if you’re selling skateboards as an example? And you have all different colors such as red, green, blue, brown and more. You get the point.

This is what we call attributes. They are simply variations or customizations of the same product.

Video #7: Expansion

Once you have your site set up and the basics complete, it’s time to expand.

What we mean by this is how do you grow your options, perhaps, maybe you want to create your monthly subscription, or a membership site, or something that is beyond the core plug-in.

Video #8: WooCommerce Automation

Now it’s time to make your life a lot easier by automating the core plug-in.

Let’s say, for example, that every time someone purchases in your e-commerce store, you want to do something specific such as adding them to an email list, or a Google spreadsheet, or emailing them something specific.

Regardless of what it is in this video, we are going to teach you how to automate it using a few third party services.

Right Arrow Tool#13 – eCommerce with Shopify (Retail Price: $97)

ecommerce with Shopify

Some of the topics you’ll learn within Ecommerce With Shopify are…

  • Pros and Cons Of The Shopify Platform
  • Things To Consider Before Starting a Shopify Store
  • How To Choose a Shopify Theme
  • Ideas For Selling Physical Products On a Subscription Basis
  • Profiting From Any eCommerce Store
  • Using Affiliates to Sell More
  • Getting Stock Photos For Your Shopify Store
  • Making The Most Use Of Shopify
  • An Overview Of The Shopify App Store
  • Recurring Passive Income Is The Ideal Business Model
  • Increasing Ecommerce Your Sales
  • Using Content Marketing For Your Shopify Store
  • Growing Your Ecommerce Business
  • Building a Brand That People Will Want to Buy From
  • And a Whole Lot More…

Right Arrow Tool#14 – RFID Applications in Retail (Retail Price: $97)

RFID Benefits and Advantages:

Checkmark The ability to eliminate time consuming bar-coding or other tracking processes. Instead, all data can be collected along the production line. This also helps to lower production costs.

Checkmark Prevention of the distribution of counterfeit products.

Checkmark Elimination or reduction of theft and loss.

Checkmark Reduction of supply chain cost.

Checkmark Elimination of data entry and other tedious manual business process transactions.

Checkmark Much more efficient order fulfillment process.

Checkmark Less time spent in check out lines, as consumers will only have to push their shopping carts in front of the readers.

Checkmark RFID offers specific features not available with other Automatic Identification technologies.

Although not all systems offer all features, below are some common advantages of RFID.

Right Arrow Blue Permanent identification or read/write capabilities

Right Arrow Blue Non-contact, non-line-of-sight reading

Right Arrow Blue Virtual immunity from obscuring paint, dirt, grease, etc.

Right Arrow Blue Automatic operation

Right Arrow Blue Wide range of tag options and frequencies

Right Arrow Blue Read range from several inches to several feet (depending on the system)

Right Arrow Blue Extremely high data integrity


Right Arrow Tool#15 – Open-to-Buy Formula (Retail Price: $97)

Are You Taking Advantage of Pre-CashDesk Impulse Isles?

The component that makes the open to buy calculations difficult is the fact that the end of month and markdown values are based on forecast.

A good forecast requires excellent knowledge of the customer, market, store, competition and of course the product.

Part of creating an OTB budget involves planning inventory turnover.

Turnover is a calculation that measures how fast you sell through inventory and need to replace it.

The quicker a retailer “turns” their inventory, the more they’ll need to buy. Also, quicker turns mean much higher profitability as well.

Benefits of Open – To – Buy:

Right Arrow Estimate in advance capital required for inventory

Right Arrow Ensure right inventory levels for planned sales

Right Arrow Control merchandise commitments

Right Arrow Establish objectives so that actuals can be compared with

Right Arrow Provide opportunity for more profit

This webinar will show you the best ways to achieve proper inventory planning.

Every year, retailers go out of business primarily because their inventory is not properly managed.

One of the biggest contributing factors to retail mismanagement is the lack of an OTB system.

Take this webinar and you will be well on your way to retail health. 

Red Arrow Right Tool #16 – How to Profit from AI in Retail Business YourTime Study Course

Max Retail Profits with AI

The Future of Retail is Here: Discovering the Cutting-Edge AI Applications Driving Industry Innovation

The retail industry is undergoing a massive transformation, with new technologies and trends shaping the way businesses operate and interact with customers.

AI is at the forefront of this transformation, providing powerful tools and applications that can help businesses improve everything from supply chain management to customer experience.

In this course, we’ll explore the different AI applications that are driving innovation in the retail industry.

We’ll cover topics such as product recommendations and personalization, demand forecasting, inventory management, and fraud detection.

We’ll also discuss how AI can be used to optimize pricing strategies, improve supply chain efficiency, and enhance the customer experience both in-store and online.

We’ll look at case studies of successful AI implementations in the retail industry and explore how businesses can begin to integrate AI into their own operations.

By the end of the course, you’ll have a deeper understanding of the power and potential of AI in the retail industry, and the skills and tools to begin designing and implementing your own AI solutions.

You’ll also have a sense of the latest trends and best practices in AI-driven retail, and how to stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly evolving field.

Succeeding in Retail


The true indicator – or the proof – of how good your products are can be found in what your customers have to say about them.

We’re proud to tell you what our customers have to say about our Workshops, Success Guides, Tools and Video’s. They all know it’s the

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R.S. Head of Retail, Digicel

I really enjoy reading every word of your books and the knowledge I gain has helped me develop in my role as DM. Thanks again.

Evan Haft, District Manager

You guys have great products and they are very useful.”

Chris Russell, Retail Operations Manager

I really enjoyed the workshop. Found it very interesting and learned a lot. I would come again. Met some great people. Dianne and Matt are wonderful.”

C. Y. – Retail Operations Manager

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I am new to Brand & Category Management and I found the course interesting and informative.

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Illuminating, challenging and entertaining

Amanda R., Retail Business Owner

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L. B. – CEO – Above & Beyond

Very good information, gave many tools to be a very successful DM.

Leland W., District Manager

“Thank you! Thank you! You have given me so much useful information to take back. I feel energized and excited to put a plan in place to get my numbers where I want them to be. I’ll suggest that my other co-workers get the training/do the workshop”

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It was informative on key pieces of the DM role.

Alissa B., Corporate Trainer

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One of the best training I ever attended.

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Kim H., Sr. Store Manager

Great workshop packed with relevant information to learn from and implement throughout all areas of our business. Would highly recommend this to any retail operations / retail management professional.

Brendan C. – Head of Operations – AdventureHQ

“In these 3 days my mind about retail management has increased ten fold. I took the most out of the KPI’s, metrics, store and staff development programmes…which I will be implementing. Great Workshop!”

Glen L.S. – Regional Manager – AdventureHQ

Good course content. Matt was outstanding.


“I think this class has made me a better DM. I can put a lot of the systems I saw into play in my stores.”

Calvin D., District Manager

A very informative and relevant workshop. Excellent material. All subject matters easy to understand and can be easily applied to current operation. Informative and inspiring tutor. Overall Excellent Course!

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The Right Company

Getting back to the Ultimate Retail Success Collection – here’s the list of what you’ll get.

1. Total of 49 YourTime Course Videos (Files or USB Sticks)

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But that’s not everything…there’s still more.

Bonus #1. A one hour conversation and consultation with DMSRetail experts, scheduled in advance, to answer any of your questions regarding implementation of the materials you get with the Collection, or any retail issue you might want to discuss

Bonus #2. DMSRetail QR Code Generator Software

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Bonus #3. A collection of DMSRetail’s Success Tips and essays on various retail topics.

For years, we’ve been writing articles, reporting on Retail Operations Best Practices, publishing Success Tips, etc. Now, we’re putting them together for you – the Ultimate Retail Success Collection customer.

Bonus #4. Lifetime product upgrades.

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Let’s recap so you can see the actual value you’re getting, in $$$, with these 15 Retail Success Tools and Bonuses:

Title of the Product Price
Tool #1 – The Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course $397
Tool #2 – The Retail Brand & Category Management YourTime Study $497
Tool #3 – The Retail District Management YourTime Study Course $297
Tool #4 – The Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course $197
Tool #5 – The Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course $97
Tool #6 – The Super Retail Success Bundle $97
Tool #7 – Max ROI Store Visits YourTime Study Course $147
Tool #8 – Retail Product Management Program $279
Tool #9 – Retailer’s Guide to Online Marketing $47
Tool#10 – Retail Leadership Solution $47
Tool#11 – 33% Increase Formula $97
Tool#12 – eCommerce with WooCommerce Course $97
Tool#13 – eCommerce with Shopify Course $47
Tool#14 – RFID Applications in Retail Course $97
Tool#15 – Open-to-Buy Formula Webinar Recording+Slides $97
Tool#16 – How to Profit from AI in Retail Business YourTime Study Course $197
TOTAL: $2,734

Bonus # 1: One Hour Consultation with a DMSRetail Expert: ($300 value)

Bonus # 2: Membership to Retail Business Academy for 1 year ($1,164 value)

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