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Succeed in Retail Management – With The Proven Products & Tools on our Success Guides List!

Why invest in self improvement in Retail Management?  Well, because Retail employees can rise up through the ranks fairly quickly compared to a lot of other industries. It makes a great career in that respect. Why not get the products and tools on our Success Guides list and make it happen even greater…faster?

Entry into retail is easy and promotions come quickly provided the individual has invested some time and effort learning about retail management success principles.

Any investment you make in your retail career, will be returned to you many times over in money, promotions and quality of life.


Super Retail Success Bundle

Prices shown are for digital copies (instant download); for other choices, please go to individual product page by clicking on the “more information” links.

“NEW” Master the Art & Science of Retail Management ($19.95)

In today’s fast-paced retail environment, mastering the art and science of retail management is the key to unlocking your true potential.

Master the Art & Science of Retail ManagementWhether you’re a seasoned retail professional or just starting out, “Master the Art & Science of Retail Management” is your comprehensive guide to navigating the dynamic world of retail and achieving remarkable success. Why “Master the Art & Science of Retail Management” is the Ultimate Game-Changer: Comprehensive Coverage: From the fundamentals to advanced strategies, this book covers every aspect of retail management, leaving no stone unturned.
Practical Insights: Real-world examples, case studies, and actionable tips make the learning process engaging and effective. MoreInformation


Retail Math – Made Simple 5th Edition ($14.95)

Retail Math Made Simple 5th Ed.For a lot of people the phrase ‘retail math’ conjures up horrifying memories from their school days. Even so, they realize that retail math is a very important part of operating a retail business. In every business there is never ending number crunching going on. The analysts have to look at the numbers from every angle to ensure on-going profitability. A retail store, or group of stores, is no different. There are many numbers that need to be analyzed regularly to help in managing the day to day business; to aid in decision making on just about everything. You don’t need to be an accountant or a mathematician to make the calculations. Retail math is not difficult. All you need to know is which numbers to use and how to interpret the results. MoreInformation


 Managing for Higher Retail Success ($19.95)

Managing for Higher Retail SuccessA definitive guide to outstanding success for progressive retail managers. This guide will demonstrate you the proven ways of significantly increasing your sales volume, increasing profitability and achieving higher customer retention rates. This guide will show you how to create a level of performance that will cushion you against the trap of circumstances that are beyond your control. The content of this guide will empower you to move forward and succeed at a new and elevated level despite obstacles. As you implement the ideas and concepts given to you, you will quickly see tangible results and will begin to approach every new day with renewed excitement and enthusiasm. MoreInformation


 “I Succeed” Retail Performance Evaluation System ($19.95)

I Succeed Retail Employee Evaluation SystemThe Retail Performance Evaluation System – ” I SUCCEED ” – is recommended for Store, Region and Head Office management. It will lead you through a process that is designed to give you a true picture of your retail employees’ performance.  It covers all of the skills, traits and behaviors that retail employees require in order to represent successful retailers today. This ultimate performance review and improvement system will make sure you always get the most out of your employees. Studies clearly show that having effective evaluation system drastically improve productivity and profitability. MoreInformation


 Winning at Store Management ($19.95)

Winning at Store ManagementWinning at Store Management success guide illustrates how to hire the best and training them for ultimate success. In addition to hiring the best and training them well, managing your time and the many changing priorities you have every day is incredibly important. But it’s also very challenging, isn’t it?  Well not anymore…not with the skills you’ll develop with this manual. You’ll easily manage every hour, every day, every week and so on. You’ve heard that old saying ‘ Plan your work and work your plan’? It’s so true.  Planning and managing your time will make a huge difference to your success in Retail Management. With this manual, you’ll even become highly effective at long range planning. MoreInformation


 Retail Customer Service Fundamentals 2nd Edition ($9.95)

Retail Customer Experience FundamentalsFor individuals who are new to the retail/restaurant industry, DMSRetail provides essential training manual to get them up to speed and ready in a very short time. This is beneficial to the individual, as well as the management to ensure that the new employee performs the basic customer service requirements flawlessly. Retailers want people who are both willing and able to provide their customers with excellent customer service. They know that the key to their success lies in their ability to provide consistently excellent customer service. MoreInformation


“The DMSRetailer” Organizer-Planner Designed for Store Managers-2nd Edition ($19.95)

Store Manager's Organizer - PlannerRetail Store Managers are General Managers of a business unit. But they are not only managers. Often they are sales people, maintenance workers, ambassadors of customer service, shippers, receivers, security people, bankers, bookkeepers, productivity analysts, human resources representatives, you name it… For all these diverse tasks, Store Managers need a unique organizer-planner that works along with them. DMSRetail offers this unique organizer-planner for Store Managers. MoreInformation


22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers ($19.95)

22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail ManagersEvery so often a book comes along that really resonates with you; a book that you read with such intense interest that you don’t want to put it down. These books add value to your life because you actually take away something that can help you; something you suddenly realize that you have been waiting for, even though you didn’t necessarily know that you were waiting for it. But what a difference it makes. All at once you see through what’s been bothering you – even if it was just a little nagging doubt or thought about what you’re doing in your career. Well, 22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers is that book.

It’s the book that you will carry around with you for easy reference. It’s the one that will be ‘dog eared’ due to constant use; the one that you will tell others about. You’ll take excerpts out of the book and post them on your bulletin board, or maybe even your bathroom mirror, to help you remember a particular piece that really hits home with you. More Information   


 Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons ($19.95)

Retailer's Guide to Emotional Hot ButtonsWhen a prospective customer is considering a product or service, the most important question on his/her mind is “What’s in it for me?” Of course, they are not verbalizing that and may not even be aware that they are asking that question. But they are.

Some sales people will answer that all important question with a big, long list of everything s/he knows about the product and nothing about how the product will make the customer feel.

This guide will tell you how to answer “What’s in it for me?” And because that answer is going to appeal to your customers’ emotions, your sales are going to increase. It’s simple really. More Information


Dominate Holiday Sales ($19.95)

Dominate Holiday Salesthe 75 page book full of tips, advice and support for the holidays, for you and your field teams. This book is particularly helpful for field personnel such as…Regional/District Managers and Store Managers and Who do we want to help and support and remove obstacles for over the holidays? That’s right…you got it! Regional/District and Store Managers! So they, in turn, can help and support and remove obstacles for the Sales and Service Associates who face the customer everyday. Of course, the whole company will reap the rewards but the people who need the help on the ground…in the field…will find it makes their life so much easier. Set everyone up to win!! More Information


Best Foot Forward Bundle (only $47)

Store Manager's Organizer - PlannerI Succeed Retail Employee Evaluation SystemRetail Customer Experience FundamentalsRetailer's Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail ManagersWinning at Store Management

Are you tired, dragged out, feeling sorry for yourself because your store’s a mess, your staff are getting sick right left and centre, your inventory levels are not quite right, you have a lot to do and not enough hours to get it all done, you really don’t have a clear sight of the road to where you want to be, and so on, and so on? Yes, we know!

That is precisely why DMSRetail wants to tell you about a new idea.

We’ve come up with the best possible way for you to get your staff, store and sales off to a brand new start and take advantage of the good things ahead. MoreInformation


 Super Retail Success Bundle (Digital Version) (only $97)

Super Retail Success BundleSuper Bundle contains 9 Success Guides and Tools as well as Retail Manager’s Exclusive DVD Set as bonus. Amazing value being offered here in terms of the quality of content and wide range of topics included. (More Information)



33% Increase Formula (only $97)

33% Increase FormulaBusiness and life changing advice.

Techniques that are discussed here are proven. Our own people during their Retail Management careers employed these techniques with amazing results that propelled them to higher positions because their achievements were extraordinary. When you follow the program you will be given a formula – or – a blueprint  so that you can duplicate the similar successes in your own business. (More Information)



Ultimate Retail Success Collection  (only $1,497)(Digital Version)(Print version is also available)

Ultimate Retail Success BundleThe Best & Complete offering from DMSRetail. Includes complete product, course, checklists, workbooks and training. It is in a nut shell “MBA in Retail Management in a Box”. Everything you need to run a successful retail operation at any level. (More Information)




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