What Do Customers Say?

Customer Testimonials

.“The Retail Operations Management Workshop provided by DMSRetail has exceeded expectations. The Program has provided me with new ideas and methods to getting the job done effectively. The delivery of the content and the use of examples and and scenarios was exceptional. I would definitely recommend this session to others within my company. You can consider me a “delighted customer” R. S. Head of Retail, Digicel

“Once again, thank you for the training, I appreciate the learning I got from this workshop and look forward in pursuing other training sessions you might offer.” A. A. B – Retail Strategy Consultant – Value Retail PLC

“I recommend “The Retail Sales/Operations Management Workshop” very highly to others; as long as they are not the competition” A. H. – Sales Manager – Harvey Nichols

“The DMSRetail Sales/Operations Management Workshop is a complete tool which would assist a retailer achieve the critical success factor essential to position your company above the competitive clutter and serve your customers better.” R. V. – Brand Manager – Sun & Sand Sports LLC

“Again I would like to thank DMSRetail team for the precious time we had, it was really one of the best fruitful workshops I have ever attended.” J. A. – Retail Operations Manager – Bestseller

“I rated this workshop as “Excellent (5 out of 5)” because it helped me implement performance management in my retail operation with excellent results.” B. R. – Managing Partner – Avenue Trading LLC

“Thanks for a wonderful Workshop, it has been time well invested. The work experience Instructors shared with us throughout the Workshop was enriching and endorsed the quality of the teachings as well as its credibility.” C. D. – Operations Manager – Farmacias Los Hidalgos

“The Retail Operations Management Workshop has provided me with many very helpful ideas on how to run a successful retail operation. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be successful in retail.” M. T. – Owner, CEO – Eagle Leather

“Very illuminating…Thought Provoking…Very Challenging.” A. L. B. – CEO – Above & Beyond

“I really enjoyed the workshop. Found it very interesting and learned a lot. I would come again. Met some great people. Dianne and Matt are wonderful.” C. Y. – Retail Operations Manager

“Thank you! Thank you! You have given me so much useful information to take back. I feel energized and excited to put a plan in place to get my numbers where I want them to be. I’ll suggest that my other co-workers get the training/do the workshop” C. H. – Retail Operations Manager – Unicomer Group

“Extremely informative workshop and I can’t wait to implement ideas when I return. Excellent facilitation and I would highly recommend this course/workshop to “anyone” in any “position” in the retail world.” A.McA. – Retail Operations Manager – NWTel

“One of the best training I ever attended” A.A. – Vice President, Operations – Nahdi Medical Company

“I think it was very enlightening and practical, the speed was good too. I was listening and constantly thinking how to use the tools in my company. Definitely worth it, thanks a lot.” A.R. – CEO – Just Kidding LLC.

“Thanks a lot for this amazing workshop. The amount of useful information is really unbelievable. Also the amount of real life examples and videos are incredible. N.S.H. – Head of Retail – Heineken

“Great workshop packed with relevant information to learn from and implement throughout all areas of our business. Would highly recommend this to any retail operations / retail management professional.” B.C. – Head of Operations – AdventureHQ

“In these 3 days my mind about retail management has increased ten fold. I took the most out of the KPI’s, metrics, store and staff development programmes…which I will be implementing. Great Workshop !” G-L.S. – Regional Manager – AdventureHQ

“A very informative and relevant workshop. Excellent material. All subject matters easy to understand and can be easily applied to current operation. Informative and inspiring tutor. Overall Excellent Course ! ” M.S. – Head of Retail – Ferrari World

“Very enlightening workshop on Retail Sales & Operations and much more. Very happy to put other team members through the same experience and invest into their learning” S.K. – CEO – DDE

“Because of this workshop, we will move to #1” C.B. – Senior Manager – RBS

“Illuminating, challenging and entertaining” Amanda R., Retail Business Owner

“Very good information, gave many tools to be a very successful DM.” Leland W., District Manager

“It was informative on key pieces of the DM role.” Alissa B., Corporate Trainer

“Great! Felt, after an hour on the first day, that it was well worth my time away from the store.” Kim H., Sr. Store Manager

“I think this class has made me a better DM. I can put a lot of the systems I saw into play in my stores.” Calvin D., District Manager

“I think this workshop was perfect for our company. The way we are growing, I truly felt that we needed to structure the DM position. This workshop has given us the tools to do so.” Nick G. District Manager

“I enjoyed/learned from your experiences and it is important to learn from workshops like yours because we do not have the time to learn all these things on our own. Stand on the shoulders of giants!” Bill G. District Manager

“I think this workshop provides tremendous insights from the DM position to Home Office and into Stores. I appreciated the wide range of topics covered. I feel more empowered to take decisive action with my team.” Kerry T. District Manager

“Lots of great info – good takeaways that can be implemented. Leaving feeling empowered to coach and effectively manage my team to be successful in meeting & beating the target.” Grace W. District Manager

“This workshop provided me with techniques to be an effective leader and demanding results! How to hire star performers and giving them the right recognition. Setting high, clear expectations and accepting nothing less. Focus and Follow-Up.” Marie M. District Manager

“I attended the Retail Operations Management Workshop for Mr. Matt Parmaks for three days when I was working in Orascom Telecom Holding. All what I can say is that not only Mr. Matt helped my company to shift its revenue up to double, but also shifted my mind and changed way of thinking. His approach was simple and clear in defining the challenges and how to overcome them. He demonstrated his limitless global practical experience in the retail management and was very much keen to transfer all his knowledge to us. I owe Matt a lot and would travel the world after him to attend all his workshops if I could.”  Dr. H.S. HR Director, Orascom Telecom

“Very interesting and useful training. Materials are excellent. The Instructors were very smooth in explaining the course; really very professional with strong experience. I would like to have more training with DMSRetail.”

“Simply everything was great…the venue, atmosphere, workshop agenda, etc. The Instructors were great, passionate, helpful.”

“Excellent training, to the point, material is great (slides, videos, etc.) It’s a very interactive workshop. The trainers are excellent.”

“Very useful, knowledgeable training. Great group interaction, excellent venue selection.”

“The content is really rich, presenters are experienced and able to deliver and explain the points.”

“I think everything was great. The instructors were very professional and well prepared.”

“Everything was perfect. The training topic was great and added value to me. I hope to enjoy similar training in the near future.”

“Course was very organized; materials were very good and professional. Instructors were excellent.”

“Going back with a lot of ideas to implement wherever possible.”

“An extensive workshop on Brand & Category Management covering all aspects of branding in a retail environment, a must for all retailers.”

“Top notch, excellent material and information. Presentations and videos were excellent.”

“I feel that the knowledge I gained in this workshop is going to change the way I deal with the business and will help me get promoted to the top.”

“DMSRetail enlightened my mind by injecting amazing modern tools which is going to make me shine in my career.”

“A very useful and fantastic workshop.”

“A Golden way to manage and improve my work as Category Specialist.”

“The workshop was worth every dollar invested and I am better skilled with this knowledge. My job became easier. I recommend this workshop to all category managers, product managers and merchandising managers.”

“Very insightful with solid and workable ways to grow and improve your business.”

“The Category Management Workshop was enlightening and empowering. I am very impressed with the workshop. It provided processes and strategies which will allow me to implement initiatives which will benefit my organization. I have the scientific, proven solutions to many of the issues that have been so challenging to me.”

“Very interesting course applied to real life scenarios.”

“Great new ideas to implement.”

“Interesting, refreshing and holistic.”

“After having studied a year of Retail Management at Masters level the course was a fantastic recap of everything in two days.”

“A good amount of operational notes and ideas to drive business.”

“Thank you for the very informative seminar that was held at the Sheraton in NJ this week! The information will be very useful in our company and we plan to share that info with our sales teams as well. The instructor definitely knew the material well, shared his best practices and provided a great deal of insight on “retail math”—exactly what we were looking for.”

“The Retail DM Workshop is one of the most enjoyable ones I have attended. The information was refreshing and very informative.”

“The workshop was very good, organized and focused. Time management was good.”

“Thank you. It was a very good workshop.”

“It was great to attend this workshop. It adds to me a lot and I’m waiting for more and more, see you soon.”

“I believe that I can make a difference by using the ideas that I got from this workshop.”

“I learned how to lead my people and how to implement correct action plans.”

“The tools and the modules are very good, very informative and effective.”

“It was very good in translating strategies into action. I found a lot of things to implement in my area.”