Best Foot Forward Bundle

Best Foot Forward
Success Guides & Tools Bundle

The present and the future holds lots of potential for competent retailers.

Are you ready for it? Or are you in a jam?

Are you tired, dragged out, feeling sorry for yourself because your store’s a mess, your staff are getting sick right left and centre, your inventory levels are not quite right, you have a lot to do and not enough hours to get it all done, you really don’t have a clear sight of the road to where you want to be, and so on, and so on? Yes, we know!

That is precisely why DMSRetail wants to tell you about a new idea.

We’ve come up with the best possible way for you to get your staff, store and sales off to a brand new start and take advantage of the good things ahead.

It’s called the ‘Best Foot Forward’ bundle.

Here’s what’s included in the Best Foot Forward bundle:

Arrow-Right New and revised Store Manager’s Organizer/Planner 2nd Edition (Click on the title or picture to get more information)

This new Organizer is made for you…absolutely custom tailored for your retail life.

In retail you are always on the go, whether you are selling on the floor, interviewing and hiring, completing reports for your Head Office, ordering supplies, arranging to have maintenance done, reporting on merchandise issues and sometimes even ordering the merchandise, you’re coaching and mentoring, you are just always busy with something – usually something important to the success of your business.

This product is designed to make you more successful by keeping you organized, focused and more effective.

Store Manager's Organizer - Planner

Arrow-Right The “I Succeed’ Employee Evaluation System(Click on the title or picture to get more information)

This is the tool you need to find the jumping off point for every employee and to give them the feedback they need. Any time is a great time to start everyone off on the right foot. This is the time when it is so important to let all of your staff know how they performed in the past and what they need to do to move up to the next level of performance in the weeks and months ahead.

With this easy to use system you can make your expectations clear, just in case things got off track. We all tend to get caught up in everything that is going on and now is the perfect time to take a deep breath and put things back on track. You need to do that with each staff member so that they know what, exactly, is expected of them and where you want the business to be, by when, and how their contribution is so important to that goal. The ‘I Succeed” Employee Evaluation System is a great tool to help you get that done.

It’s easy to use; requires very little of your time; and won’t interfere with any other evaluation system you have in place.

I Succeed Retail Employee Evaluation System


Still more in the Best Foot Forward Bundle…


Arrow-Right Retail Customer Experience Fundamentals – 2nd Edition (Click on the title or picture to get more information)
for training your people on customer satisfaction.

At any given time, some retail associates have had more than their share of customer issues.

Hopefully most of them were easily resolved and there were no frayed nerves or upset customers but, usually, the higher the customer traffic the higher the percentage of things that can go wrong.

At this point your staff may not be totally excited about customer service. Or, at least, they may not be as excited about it as they should be. To put it another way – they may feel battle fatigue, even though they weren’t really battling with customers!

Now is the time to give everyone a reminder about what the retail business is all about and how excellent customer service is such an integral part of their skill set and such an integral part of the success of the store and the company.

Retail Customer Service Fundamentals – 2nd Edition is the easy, interesting and straight forward read that will remind your staff of what’s really important in serving their customers. Your staff will thank you for making it available to them. Everyone likes a refresher.

Retail Customer Experience Fundamentals

Arrow-Right Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons (Click on the title or picture to get more information)
for training your people on selling to your customers emotions.

If ever there was a time for a refresher on selling skills, it’s now. Customers are holding onto their money more tightly than they have in years. More and more customers are buying on line and that trend is going to continue.

So, when customers are in the store and willing to spend money, your associates need to be ready to appeal to their emotional side. It’s been said again and again that people buy based on their emotions and justify the purchase with logic.

Associates need to understand what the emotional hot buttons are and how to use them to best advantage. We are not talking about trickery or pushy salesmanship, only that we need to know how to appeal to the emotions of the customer in order to sell merchandise.

The Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons is a best seller for DMSRetail and we can’t say enough about what people have learned from this Success Guide.

Why not give your people a helping hand in this area? They can do it if you teach them how. This Success Guide will do it for you.

Retailer's Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons

Arrow-Right 22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers (Click on the title or picture to get more information)

Has insightful and immediately applicable information on personal management style (p.5) – communication skills (p.39) – developing a flair for visual merchandising (p.87) – time management (p.34) – interviewing, hiring and training (p.16) – coaching (p.29) – honesty and integrity(p.47) – accessibility (p.51) – mentoring and developing your people (p.61) – leading by example (p.21) – praise and reward systems (p.66) – productive interactions (p.91) – hard work (p.94) – striving for both quality and quantity (p.97) – taking action (p.100) – promoting growth in the business (p.76) – managing up (p.69) – networking (p.80) – demanding operational excellence (p.73) – motivating people (p.25) and much more…

It really is a Success Guide written with your success, growth and personal/professional development in mind. This Success Guide contains 104 pages of excellent material for you.

22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers


Arrow-Right Winning at Store Management (Click on the title or picture to get more information)

This guide will show you how to maximize your success in many of the most important areas of your store management. You’ll learn techniques on hiring the best people, training and motivating them to achieve great results and managing hours in the store to achieve maximum effectiveness. These are very important skills you can bring to a store management role.

Your people represent you and your company to customers and prospective customers. Just how well are they doing at that? You want to have confidence that your employees are always doing an incredible job…not just when you are in the store.

Winning at Store Management

At DMSRetail we really do understand what you have been going through during these difficult economic times.

We have all been there before.

We believe that you would welcome a fresh start. Who wouldn’t?

If someone were to offer you a way to get rid of the clutter of the past and go forward in a clear, new direction that was proven to make you more successful and save you money in the bargain, wouldn’t you want that?

We’re pretty sure you would.

And don’t forget our guarantee. If you purchase the Best Foot Forward bundle, and you do not think it is worth every penny, just ask us for a refund.

We want retailers everywhere to be successful and we strive to prove that every day.

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