The Retail Management Workshop (Virtual)

The Retail Management Workshop (Virtual)

If you have a desire to make a difference in your business every single day then you should register and attend The Retail Management Workshop (Virtual) because this is the one place you will be guaranteed to increase your own knowledge and understanding of retailing in the 21st Century and learn how you can contribute more to the success of your organization.

“The Ultimate Retail Management Education in 5 Days”

Location: Anywhere with Internet

The Retail Management Workshop Virtual

Dates: May 20-21-22-23-24, 2024

Each Day: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM Eastern (New York)

(5×5 Hours)

LIVE Sessions

Slide deck and the Recording of the Sessions will be sent to All Registrants

to Create a Lifetime Library

The Retail Management Workshop (In Person) is also presented in person in various locations around the world…check here.

Retail Management Workshop



” How to Run a Prosperous Retail Business”

“Sales / Operations Management”

Results That Pay Off Instantly – Practical, Applicable, Actionable Insights & Techniques

Did you know?“Companies that employed training on a regular basis posted shareholder returns 86% above firms that didn’t increase training and 45% higher than the market average.” (American Society of Training and Development)

Did you also know about these dramatic differences between the weakest and the strongest retail leaders? (Research: Zenger-Folkman)

Red Arrow Right 4-6 times higher profits
Red Arrow Right 6 times higher sales revenues
Red Arrow Right 10-20 times higher levels of employee engagement
Red Arrow Right 3-4 times reduction in employees thinking about quitting
Red Arrow Right 50% fewer employees that do leave
Red Arrow Right Double the satisfaction with pay and job security
Red Arrow Right 4-5 times more employees “willing to go the extra mile”
Red Arrow Right 1.5 times higher customer satisfaction ratings

This section of the workshop is filled with proven and powerful methods that, when skillfully put into practice, will put you in control of the destiny of your retail business.

This workshop is geared for certain types of individuals.Importance of Human Capability

In our experience, “The Retail Management Workshop” attendees always turn out to be an energetic, inspired group of people; open to new and different ideas and thirsty for information that will provide them with solutions and helps them drive their business forward.

In fact, usually, the synergy in the room is palpable. No boredom here!

Let’s talk about some of the reasons why our past inspired attendees have told us that they want to take another DMSRetail workshop…they gave us quite a few but we can’t just start listing them one after the other or we won’t get to more of what we really want you to know about “The Retail Management Workshop”.

So, here they are – the 5 most compelling reasons why all of our past attendees want to attend another DMSRetail workshop:

Red Arrow Right Presentations by experts who are passionate about retail, and business in general, and clearly demonstrate that they know how retail businesses really work. Nothing theoretical. This is real.

Red Arrow Right Opportunity to work, and share knowledge, with other inspired retail leaders from varied retail concepts and from countries all over the world; to understand different perspectives; to mingle and share stories.

Red Arrow Right Receive outstanding information on Retail Analytics (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data) and Retail Business Intelligence – explained in their terms so they can easily relate to the technology. Attendees learn what is possible now, and into the future, and how it is achievable. Retailers want to stay abreast of developments in this area and they find this session very enlightening.

Red Arrow Right Learn exactly how to handle Performance Management and Succession Planning in a way that makes the process simple, scalable and easy to align within the organization.

Red Arrow Right Learn many, many ways to effectively manage people; how to make sure their organizations are consistently working on developing and maintaining a performance culture.

External Conditions“It’s the things you learn after you think you know it all”

Now, let us divulge another compelling reason to register for The Retail Management Workshop (Virtual)…

Retail Leadership Traits and Performance Management for Growth…

The old saying “Seek and you shall find” has been around for such a long time for good reason; because it’s true. Seeking knowledge is always a good thing.

You are doing it right now.

And you are looking for a strategy – perhaps, an organizational development strategy – to help you to find that edge; that knowledge that will propel you and your business to greater success.

No doubt you are aware that developing effective strategies for your business is key to your success. And if you aren’t aware – that’s ok too.

“The Retail Management Workshop” delves into critical strategy development in a way that just makes sense regardless of what stage you are at.

The content for this portion of the workshop was developed by the President of a very successful company.

He, and the key players in his organization developed an amazing blueprint for success.

The Retail Management Workshop

Everyday some companies enjoy the benefits of having an Effective (i.e. Working…) “People Development and Organizational Strategy” in place.

All of the employees in the organization know their part; they understand exactly what is expected of them and they deliver. Wow, just think of what that means.

It does sound a bit too good to be true, we grant you that. So, then, maybe there is more to it – perhaps it is not as simple as it sounds.

Without question, it takes work – something most of us are not afraid of particularly when the rewards for that work are so great.

But what it really takes is know-how. The know-how is delivered at “The Retail Management Workshop”.

When the blueprint is followed the work is being done en route to the final destination where the business flourishes and your key players are at peak performance and both the business and the employees reap the rewards resulting from stellar performance.

If you want to have a first class business, it’s not enough to have a few star players that put on a great show when they’re around – you have to have every player put on a great show every time they’re on stage – or acting on behalf of your company – every time they interact with one of your customers.

Certainly you will have some ‘top guns’ as any organization would. But why not have more ‘top guns’?

Why not have everyone become as close to a ‘top gun’ as they possibly can?

You need to dazzle all of the people all of the time.”

It’s been said that an organization is only as good as its weakest link. That is a fact.

Conduct a study of companies whose reputation was destroyed or, at least, degraded by poor performers – or weak links – and you’ll be surprised at how many you find.

In retail, or any business for that matter, even having one customer subjected to the weak link in your organization, or to your resident under-achiever, should be avoided at all cost.

You simply cannot afford to have bad encounters with customers.

But how do you avoid that? It’s a daunting task, isn’t it?

At “The Retail Management Workshop” we will walk participants through the blueprint for success that is the Personal Development and Organizational Strategy.

Proven techniques that are discussed at “The Retail Management Workshop”, have resulted in 30% increase of revenues in 2 consecutive years putting the annual sales of this one company to over $100M.

Please note: The Retail Management Workshop (Virtual) is also presented in person in various locations around the world…check here.

The Focus on Sales

Did you know that there are people working in sales organizations – chains of retail stores to be exact – that do not truly understand what a sales focus is?

They talk about sales, and report it and forecast it and certainly lament the lack of it – but they most definitely do not understand it.

You will leave with a full and complete understanding of what steps you can take to ensure that everyone working in your organization – those above, those below and everyone in between – clearly understands the equation for mastering the performance mentality and a true sales focus.

Retail Operations Management

Sales Management

The Sales Management portion of The Retail Management Workshop is not for the faint of heart.

It is a hard hitting, call it like it is, real life session that details how Managers and Business Owners in a sales organization must behave and must do if the organization, and all of the people in it, are to be successful.

If you want performance, here’s how to get it.

Retail Business & Artificial Intelligence…

Until you explore new and different things, well you just don’t know what you don’t know.

Retail is an old business model, but…how you manage your retail business in 21st century is new and different and exciting….particularly when you discover things you didn’t know existed.

Which brings us to Retail Business Intelligence and what it can do for your organization.

If you are like many retailers out there, you may see technology as a “necessary evil” or, perhaps, you see technology as something useful for reporting on what has already happened.

Sales were this much, gross margin was this much, expenses were this much and then your bottom line is displayed at the bottom of the report – the report of what has already happened.

It’s already history.

Now, knowing your history is necessary and important but what do you think it would be like to have a prediction of outcomes beforehand?

That would be a lot more powerful, wouldn’t it?

Anytime we can have some control or influence over something it’s preferable to just reading the report, the history, to tell you what already happened, don’t you think?

The use of BI (Business Intelligence) and, specifically, predictive analytics or AI is still in quite limited use in retail organizations.

Business Intelligence is a phrase that may not even resonate with retailers – they’re thinking “what is it anyway?”.

For that reason, many retailers still shy away from it. But those days are gone.

Business Intelligence must be discovered, understood and embraced by retailers. There are many ways that BI can help your business succeed. It’s not rocket science.

Well, actually, to be fair to the people who come up with the algorithms, they probably are rocket scientists or something similar…but the users certainly don’t need to be.

In fact, the concepts behind BI can be understood very easily and the value of it is undeniable.

At the Retail Management Workshop you’ll hear examples that will astound you.

You’ll hear about millions of dollars in savings being realized on one marketing campaign and much, much more.

Definitely some AHA!! moments in this portion of the program!

The problem, until now, is that BI companies often fail in their attempts to deliver the information to the retailer.

The outcome is that retailers continue to shun this technology.

This is truly a mistake. BI has a huge role to play in any retail business – the extent to which each retailer must decide. But, first, education is in order.

As with any other tool we seek to help us develop our business, we have to know where to find credible information in order to become educated on the use, features and benefits of that tool; we must make it our business to understand what, if anything, it can do for us – this may mean countless hours of study and fact finding – and then determine whether or not we want to put that tool to work for us.

There is no better place for a retail manager to receive this education and understanding quickly and completely than “The Retail Management Workshop”.

Please note: The Retail Management Workshop (Virtual) is also presented in person in various locations around the world…check here.

Retail DashboardsThe Business/Artificial Intelligence presentation is geared to the workshop attendees – Retail professionals. It is naturally assumed that the attendees are not mathematicians with several PH.D.s.

Part of that statement warrants repeating because it’s so important, so…

The BI presentation is geared to the workshop attendees.

No one can impart this knowledge, to retail professionals, the way DMSRetail can.

So, rest assured that you will take away an excellent understanding of Business Intelligence and how you can take advantage of it to lift your retail business to new heights, if you so desire.

You should know that the Presenters for Business Intelligence are also extremely well qualified and have many years of experience and top knowledge in the following areas (Which means they can ANSWER your questions):

Red Arrow Right Retail Management at the Senior Level for prominent retailers
Red Arrow Right Effective Retail Operations for Maximum Profit
Red Arrow Right Retail Metrics and Analytics
Red Arrow Right Retail Sales Management and Business Development

What You’ll Also Discover:


Red Arrow Right Success Factors

Red Arrow Right Operational Impact

Red Arrow Right Integrating the Shopping Experience

Red Arrow Right Blueprint for a Successful Omni Channel Implementation


Red Arrow Right Relationship and Solution Selling Applied to Retail

Red Arrow Right Sales Forecasting, Budgets and Quota Establishment

Red Arrow Right Competitive Strategies – Positioning

Red Arrow Right Incentives, Rewards and Motivation that Work!

Red Arrow Right Compensation Strategies for Top Performance

Red Arrow Right Non Monetary Rewards and How to Apply them for Maximum Productivity


Red Arrow Right The Service-Profit Chain

Red Arrow Right The Last Mile

Red Arrow Right Customer Acquisition and Retention Techniques in the Off-Line and On-Line World

RETAIL LEADERSHIP – DMSRetail’s Proprietary Framework:

Red Arrow Right Understanding the Performance Framework

Red Arrow Right Inspirational Journey

Red Arrow Right Managing Interactions

Red Arrow Right Planning for Success – Setting the Direction – Purpose, Vision, Mission, Strategy

Red Arrow Right Strategic Staffing Model for Top Performance


Red Arrow Right Road Map to Top Performance in Sales and Profitability

Red Arrow Right Sample Strategy Maps

Red Arrow Right How to Increase any metric by 20% in Six Months (Some Conditions Apply)

Red Arrow Right How to Sustain the Success Achieved and Build on It

Retail Performance Metrics, KPI’s and Balanced Scorecards for Retail Management – Identification and Selection of the critical KPI’s for correct balanced scorecard implementation and much more.

How to effectively utilize Business Intelligence in all areas of retail operations to boost sales and profit – Retailers are increasingly focusing on how they can improve customer intelligence and remove wasteful spending.

A survey of Aberdeen’s retail community revealed that Business Intelligence (BI) is the top technology that retailers will be focusing on. (Aberdeen Group)

Leading concepts and best practices in Retail Executive Leadership for Performance Management – Strategic enablement, Strategic staffing models, how to create high performance culture, how to develop strategic imperatives, and much more

Retail Sales and Operations Success Blueprint to maximize sales and profits – 16 step formula to improve any metric by 20% in 180 days.

Workshop leaders have a combined experience of more than 135 years in various Retail Executive positions.

This workshop is designed for Retail Business Owners and high level Retail Managers interested in discovering leading edge information, knowledge and insights.

Through methodical intellectual property transfer from retail experts to participants, through the use of case studies and industry best practices that showcase required skills and strategies, this workshop examines what works and what doesn’t.

Retail Management Training from a totally pragmatic perspective, it provides leading edge information, discusses critical factors that impact success and profitability directly.

The program contains actual and complex retail management challenges in various retail operational fields.

It also covers the latest concepts and best practices in Performance Management and Leadership, Sales Management, Retail Marketing and Analytics, Retail Key Performance Indicators, Balanced Scorecards and related Retail Math in great depth.

Innovative customer service strategies, total service quality and customer service action plans are also covered.

The result is an effective retail manager equipped with the necessary knowledge, tools and insights ready to positively and dramatically impact the performance of his/her company.

Throughout the 5 sessions, attendees will participate in exercises in Leadership and People Skills, Customer Service Strategies, Balanced Score Cards, Sales Management, Communications and Learning Intelligences.

And the Networking Opportunity is Outstanding…

Using proven techniques that are discussed at “The Retail Management Workshop”, one of our consultants took the poorest performing district, out of 9, to the #1 spot in less than one year.

“The price of education is paid just once. The price of ignorance is paid forever!”Anonymous


“How to Increase Profits by Effectively Managing Categories based on Your Customer and Market”

“Brand & Category Management & Inventory Control”
Results That Pay Off Instantly – Practical, Applicable, Actionable

“Category Management is a process that involves managing product categories as business units and customizing them (on a store by store basis) to satisfy customer needs.” Nielsen

Category management does more than contribute to the success of a retail organization. It is an essential component. In fact, it is difficult to imagine a retailer winning in the marketplace without relying on the direction that this valuable process provides. Expertise in Category Management is certainly a competitive advantage.

Some Category Management Benefits: (Source: AMR Research)
Red Arrow Right Better In-Stock Rates: 2 – 8%
Red Arrow Right Lower Inventory Levels: 10 – 40%
Red Arrow Right Higher Sales: 5 – 20%
Red Arrow RightLower Logistics Costs: 3 – 4%

Retail Trends Driving Category Management Practice:
Red Arrow Right Changes in Customer Behavior
Red Arrow Right Economic Environment
Red Arrow Right Higher Efficiency Requirements
Red Arrow Right Strong Competition
Red Arrow Right Advances in Information Technology, specifically, Artificial Intelligence

Retail Merchandising

Program Outline

Brand Management in Retail:

Red Arrow Right Strategic brand management process

Red Arrow Right Lessons from the world’s strongest brands

Red Arrow Right Eight keys to branding excellence

Red Arrow Right Brand Planning Models: Positioning-Resonance-Value Chain

Red Arrow Right Brand Hierarchies and How to Profit from them

Red Arrow Right 3 Key Drivers of Brand Equity

Red Arrow Right How to Design and Implement a Brand Equity Measurement System

Red Arrow Right Effective Brand Extension Strategies

Red Arrow Right Using the marketing mix to effectively deliver the brand to the marketplace

Category Management Fundamentals:

Red Arrow Right 8 Stages of Category Management Process

Red Arrow Right Developing a Business Case with High ROI

Red Arrow Right Category Growth & Efficiency Drivers

Red Arrow Right Utilization of Consumer Decision Trees in Category Development

Red Arrow Right Cross Category Analysis

Red Arrow Right Integration of Customer Relationship Management with Category Management  

Category Analytics:

Red Arrow Right Validation of Hypotheses: Retail-Brand/Consumer-Shopper-Supply Perspectives

Red Arrow Right Data Sources

Red Arrow Right Construction of Balanced Score Card for the Category

Red Arrow Right How to Develop Category Insights in Limited Data Environments

Red Arrow Right A Review of Leading Category Management Technologies

DMSRetail Workshop Registration

Category Strategies & Tactics:

Red Arrow Right Maximizing Frequency of Purchase

Red Arrow Right Shopper and Consumer Education-Awareness-Persuasion

Red Arrow Right Price Optimization to Deliver Maximum Gross Margins

Red Arrow Right Assortment Planning for Top Profit

Red Arrow Right Effective Space Planning, Shelf Presentation and Use of Planograms

Red Arrow Right Winning Promotions to Maximize Sales and Inventory Turns

Red Arrow Right Drivers of Store Execution Excellence

Red Arrow Right How to Re-build/Adjust Tactics at Store Level after Implementation of the Category Plan

Red Arrow Right Category Management Best Practices:

Red Arrow Right Case Studies from World’s Leading Retailers

Red Arrow Right Customizing Categories according to Customer Segmentation

Red Arrow Right A Success Framework for Integration of Customer, Product and Functional Strategies

Red Arrow Right Improving category performance by clustering

Red Arrow Right Next generation category management review process

Closing Remarks

Program Features:

  • Slide Presentations
  • Video Presentations
  • Participant Exercises
  • DMSRetail Success Guides
  • Big Glossary of Terms
  • Reading Suggestions


“How to Make Your Stores Run Like a Well – Oiled Machine”

“Retail Standards, Benchmarks & Execution”

Results That Pay Off Instantly – Practical, Applicable, Actionable

Program Outline

Red Arrow Right Introducing the Case Study Store and Setting the Scene

Red Arrow Right Development of Standards and Expectations

Red Arrow Right Why Adherence to Standards is a Critical Success Factor

Red Arrow Right The Effect of Compliance on the Operating Statement

Red Arrow Right Why Some Employees Don’t Meet Standards

Red Arrow Right How to Capitalize on Every Type of Store Visit & Resulting Action Plans

Red Arrow Right Reviewing the SVR from a Productivity Point of View

Red Arrow Right Building the Action Plan

Red Arrow Right 7 Proven Follow up Techniques

Red Arrow Right Creating a Road Map to Excellence in Compliance & ExecutionDMSRetail Workshop Certificate

Red Arrow Right Communication

Red Arrow Right Removing Obstacles

Red Arrow Right Scheduling for Wage Cost Compliance and Productivity

Red Arrow Right Effective Scheduling

Red Arrow Right Creating a ‘Happy’ Zero Tolerance Environment

Red Arrow Right Costing Schedule Adjustments

Red Arrow Right Spotting the Red Flags

Red Arrow Right Q & A

This seminar is interactive.

Participants will have the opportunity to spend time working individually and in groups, to discuss their ideas and to come up with solutions to various issues presented by the Case Study Store.


“Everything You Need to Know to Make Loss Prevention WORK in Your Organization.”

“Retail Loss Prevention & Profit Protection”

Results That Pay Off Instantly – Practical, Applicable, Actionable

Retail Loss Prevention Workshop Venue

Red Arrow Right Do you know just how much shrinkage is eroding your profits?

Red Arrow Right Do you know that with the right Loss Prevention strategy up to 68% of your shrinkage can be controlled?

Red Arrow Right Do you know that the major share of your shrinkage is caused by people on your payroll – through error, intentional damage and theft?

Red Arrow Right Are you aware that only about 21% of your shrinkage is the result of shoplifting?

Red Arrow Right Reducing shrinkage in retail is an on-going effort requiring commitment from all areas of the organization. It is not sufficient to train floor staff to watch out for thieves – employees or otherwise.

Red Arrow Right Achieving excellence in Loss Prevention requires a thorough understanding of the underlying causes.

Because shrinkage is caused by process & systemic failure, opportunity and the human factor, all of these must be addressed and must be synchronized to make the improvements necessary to stop profit erosion.

This program is designed to provide understanding of all three causes and to provide the know-how and the tools to reduce shrinkage and, therefore, enhance your profit picture.

Benefits to the Participants are:

Checkmark Strengthen participants’ understanding of what is to be gained by making Loss Prevention a priority.

Checkmark Improve participants’ understanding of the critical elements and distinct advantages of an effective Loss Prevention strategy.

Checkmark Improve participants’ ability to develop an effective Loss Prevention program that works well within a revenue generating environment.

Checkmark Receive practical hand-outs and tools to use when implementing Loss Prevention program in their organization.

Checkmark An opportunity to network with other retailers – all of whom have a desire to reduce shrinkage – to share experiences and best practices.

Program Outline

Understanding Shrinkage

• Shoplifting, Internal Theft, Paperwork Errors

• Perishable and Non-Perishable

• Profit & Loss Statement – Substantial Impact

Setting Policies & Expectations

• Vendors – Avoiding Theft & Fraud

• Receiving Department

• Store Design and In-Store Merchandising

• Communication Between Departments

• Employee Errors

Awareness: Warning Signals

• Transaction Analysis

• Voids, Returns, No Sales

• Employee Behaviors

• Customer Behaviors

• Sweetheart Deals

• Short Changing Customers

• Bank Deposits

Profit Enhancing Hiring Practices

• Pre-hire Background Checks

• Written Honesty Test

• Interviewing for Integrity

• Employee Handbooks

Action Plan to Reduce Shrinkage

• Understanding Your Vulnerabilities

• Where to Focus

• Monitoring

• Reliability Testing

• Deterrents that Work

• Performance Evaluations

Developing Your Security Plan

• Defining Manager’s Responsibility

• Role of the Security Officer

• Role of Other Management and Employees

• Role of Head Office Departments

• Security Procedures

Retail Loss Prevention Technology

• Transaction Monitoring


• VST Tags

• Biometric Surveillance

• Video Analysis

What you will take away from this section:

Red Arrow Right Recognize and take necessary actions to reduce employee theft

Red Arrow Right Identify and reduce customer and vendor related theft and fraud

Red Arrow Right Conduct root cause analyses of your shrinkage problems

Red Arrow Right Analyze the impact of shrinkage on your profit margin

Red Arrow Right Design your store(s) to prevent theft

Red Arrow Right Create attractive but secure displays of goods on the shop floor

Red Arrow Right Develop preventative measures to help you reduce your shrinkage level

Red Arrow Right Develop the appropriate policies and procedures for profit protection

Red Arrow Right Loss Prevention through Customer Experience Best Practices

Red Arrow Right Shrinkage: External, Internal and Paperwork Errors

Red Arrow Right Awareness of Surroundings – Importance of Positioning

Red Arrow Right 10 Sure Fire Clues to Identify Shoplifters and Internal Theft

Red Arrow Right Safe Actions to Thwart the Thief




“Managing by Numbers for Maximum Results”

“Advanced Retail Math & Analytics”

Results That Pay Off Instantly –Practical, Applicable, Actionable

The Retail Math & Analytics is an intensive program designed to inform retail professionals about Key Retail Metrics, their calculations and their importance in daily retail operations.

Key Performance Indicators that are essential for measurement of retail operational and merchandising success are covered in detail. In addition, this program contains a section on the very important management tool – Balanced Score Cards as they apply to Retail Management.

Profit Multipliers and Retail Analytics (Big Data) are also discussed in great detail.

What You’ll Learn:

Why the success of your retail operation depends on your ability to determine, and accurately measure, your Key Performance Indicators.

Measurement of important metrics and determining the key performance indicators is one of the most important activities for a retail manager at store/district/region/company level.

Failure to identify your most important metrics and KPI’s can be fatal to your business.


  • Customer and Market Potential Estimates
  • Customer and Market Profiles
  • Customer and Market Segmentation
  • Product / Service Potential
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • Store Network Optimization
  • Advertising Mix Analysis


  • Identification and Calculation of Retail Metrics – Retail Math
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Applications of ‘One Number’ Management
  • Retail Management Balanced Scorecards
  • Analysis of Performance – Benchmarks
  • Break-Even Point Analysis
  • P/L Statement Diagnostics

Program Outline

  • Retail Math, Metrics and KPI terminology and definitions.
  • Commonly used formulas.
  • What to measure, how to measure and how to interpret the results.
  • What action to take based on the results.
  • Overview and examples of Open to Buy, Sell-thru and Operating Statements.
  • How to create and implement Balanced Score Cards at any level in your retail operation. Balanced Score Cards are used to summarize your most important KPI’s on one page – right at your fingertips – while considering all angles of your retail operation: Financial, Customer, Processes and Growth & Development.
  • Understanding the mechanics of target setting, utilizing the Profit Multipliers.
  • Full comprehension of Retail Analytics and their use in retail business intelligence as management decision support.
  • Introduction to key retail metrics. (Sales, Operations & Inventory Productivity Measures)
  • 6 Pillars of Retail and how to optimize them for maximum sales and profitability.
  • eCommerce and Online Marketing metrics & KPI’s
  • Key Performance Indicators for Retail Sales, Operations & Merchandising.
  • Operating Statement (P&L Statement) – Sometimes it’s called the business plan because everything comes together here to give you the full story.
  • Balanced Scorecards and Their Implementation in Retail Management – How can you monitor and control your business through just one number. (Includes the Development of sample Balanced Score Cards for Director of Sales, District Manager and Category Manager/Buyer)
  • Conversion Analytics – There is a lot more behind the scenes of this KPI. We’ll open your eyes to hidden potential of your store(s).
  • Open-to-Buy – Arguably, still one of the best tools for inventory planning and control. We’ll take the mystery out of solid OTB planning for you.
  • Sell-Thru Scenarios – This is where  a good and better buyer/category manager shines.
  • Retail Analytics (Big Data) – Customer Profiles, Targeting, Forecasting, Customer Loyalty and more…
  • Q&A

The Retail Management Workshop (Virtual) is also presented in person in various locations around the world…check here.

The Retail Management Workshop (VIRTUAL)

“Ultimate Retail Management Education in 5 Days”

Who Should Attend:

The Retail Management Workshop is most useful for retail managers with implementation power and authority in their respective areas; since it delivers numerous powerful techniques that will result in significant improvement in sales and profits when implemented.

The Retail Management Workshop will be of tremendous value to middle to upper management; providing the tools and techniques as well as the understanding to drive business at store, district, region and national levels.

Content is very useful for fast comprehension of important Retail Performance issues for C-Level Managers with non-retail backgrounds as well.

Why You Should Attend:

Practical, applicable and actionable content delivered by top experts in Retail Management and in driving Sales, Productivity and Profitability.

Value: Apart from acquiring complete knowledge, participants will enjoy a 30-Day unlimited Q&A through email after the workshop (A $1,000 value by itself)

ROI: Return on investment can be as high as 1,000 times the registration fee based on your company revenues.

Guarantee: If you feel that for whatever reason this workshop is not suitable to your needs by the end of the first morning, we will refund your registration fee right on the spot.

Full Year Membership in Retail Business Academy. (Value: $1,164)


The Retail Management Workshop is led by senior members of DMSRetail as well as members of Senior Management from leading companies in the industry, with extensive know-how in Retail Management and with 135 years of combined experience.

Please note: Class size is strictly limited to 25 people. First come, first served. 

Please also note: Non Disclosure agreement with the participant will be required; agreeing to the use of the information obtained in this workshop for their own or their company’s purposes only.

Outside dissemination of the Workshop content is strictly prohibited.

What is Included:

  • Presentations, practical exercises and case studies
  • All workshop materials and all take away materials including Retail Success Strategies (DVD+USB)(Retail Value: $197), Recent Retail Technologies (DVD+USB)(Retail Value: $197) and
  • Full Year of Retail Business Academy Membership (Retail Value: $1,164)

Payment Details & How to Pay:

1. Registration fees for the Workshop: US$5,000.

2. Company Checks or Bank (Wire) transfers are accepted. Call +1 (312) 239-0919 or email: to get the transfer details.

3. You can order by phone with credit card, please call +1 (312) 239-0919

4. You can pay by company or personal credit card by clicking the appropriate “Register Now” button below:


The Retail Management Workshop (VIRTUAL)

“Ultimate Retail Management Education in 5 Days”


Dates: May 20-21-22-23-24, 2024

Each Day: 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM Eastern (New York)

Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator

(5X5 Hours)

LIVE Sessions

Slide deck and the Recording of the Sessions will be sent to All Registrants


Dates & Location Registration Fee – US$5,000

May 20-21-22-23-24, 2024

 Anywhere with Internet

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST Each Day


Any Questions or Inquiries? Contact Josephine Hill at or at

+1 (813) 556-6437 or (800) 953-4501


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The price of education is paid just once. The price of ignorance is paid forever! Anonymous


DMSRetail reserves the right to change dates and/or locations, and to cancel any workshop at any time. If a registered and paid participant cannot attend a workshop they may send a substitute or they may attend a future workshop in the location they choose. The credit does not expire. If DMSRetail cancels a workshop, registered paid participants are entitled to a refund of their workshop fee paid. DMSRetail is not responsible for any other costs.