33% Increase Formula


Although we are bombarded with new technologies almost every day to improve the performance of our retail businesses, one thing remains unchanged. Fundamentals. The 33% Increase Formula is all about fundamentals!

But, apart from just getting the fundamentals right, there are ways to tweak the fundamentals to get you the whopping improvements that we discuss in 33% Increase Formula.

33% Increase Formula

Apart from getting the fundamentals right, there are ways to tweak the fundamentals to get you the fast and whopping improvements that we discuss in 33% Increase Formula.


High Performance – Automated

Learn How We Increased Our 20 Million/Year

Retail Business by 33% 2 Years in a Row!


Techniques discussed here are proven.

During their retail management careers, our own people employed the 33% Increase Formula techniques with amazing results that propelled them to higher positions because their achievements were extraordinary.

When you obtain this Video program, you will be given a formula – or – a blueprint so that you can duplicate the similar successes in your own business.

Contents of the formula are below. Don’t let the familiar headings fool you.

The techniques we will be giving are anything but familiar – they are pure gold in disguise.




Arrow-Right Champ Profile
Arrow-Right Company Profile
Arrow-Right DMSRetailProfileTech ™
Arrow-Right 2 Interviews
Arrow-Right Interview Training


Internal EnvironmentKNOWLEDGE & SKILLS:
Arrow-Right Sales Skills (Including People Skills and Listening Skills)
Arrow-Right Product Knowledge
Arrow-Right Customer Service (Meaning of Customer is #1)
Arrow-Right Policy, Procedure, Communications
Arrow-Right Company Culture, Core Values, Guiding Principles


Targets and ExpectationsTARGETS & EXPECTATIONS:
Arrow-Right How to Set the Right Targets Even in a Self-Serve Environment (Written Agreement)
Arrow-Right Why Targets are Critical?
Arrow-Right Key KPI’s that are not to be Missed
Arrow-Right Constant & Continuous Feedback


Arrow-Right Whose Job is to Drive the Business?
Arrow-Right Daily Check-Up
Arrow-Right One Minute Evaluation – One Minute Training
Arrow-Right Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Reviews
Arrow-Right Reality Check


Arrow-Right Pay More, Expect More, Get More
Arrow-Right Pay for Performance (Straight or Incentive Versions)
Arrow-Right Sales Associate Compensation Example
Arrow-Right Store Manager Compensation Example
Arrow-Right Cascading Compensation Plans for all Layers of Management


Arrow-Right Scheduling
Arrow-Right Tasks
Arrow-Right Time-Off

Arrow-Right DMSRetail Ladder System ™


Arrow-Right Situational
Arrow-Right Performance Culture
Arrow-Right Standards (Retail 101)
Arrow-Right Access & Availability
Arrow-Right Support

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33% Increase Formula

33% Increase Formula 

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