Max ROI Store Visits

Max ROI Store Visits

The MAX ROI Store Visits process should be followed for every… single… visit.

Although the topics, details, specifics, time allotments and action plans will vary depending on what you need to accomplish, you still need to follow the MAX ROI Store Visits process to ensure continuity and that no details are overlooked.

If you’ve had enough of these…

  • ‘Firefighter’ store visits
  • ‘No Tolerance’ visits
  • ‘Giddy Up’ visits
  • ‘Temper Tantrum’ visits
  • ‘Dreaded’ visits
  • ‘Amateur Psych’ Visits
  • ‘OJ Simpson Trial’ visits
  • ‘Mickey Mouse’ visits

or any other non productive Store Visits!!

Conducting Informal and Formal Store Visits that Produce Winning Results Takes Know How!

With the benefit of this online workshop, your approach to this critical business function will change for the better.

When you engage in this process properly, the difference is like going from night to day…from rags to riches…from losses to profits!!

Chances are you’re not experiencing losses but if you’re not following this method for Store Visits, then you are not profiting as much as you could be.

This is no joke…no gimmick.

MAX ROI Store Visits are the only way to go. The method is easy to replicate, store after store…time after time.

A full day’s work can produce results far and beyond the day!!

Remember, The Store Visit is a critical business function and should be regarded as such.

Properly executed store visits following this method are going to give you positive results. They are going to advance the business.

That’s worth some extra time and effort, isn’t it?

Let’s look at some of the things that need to be done as part of a comprehensive, well executed one day store visit by a retail business owner or their designate – the DM or RM:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Schedule Productivity Check
  • Inventory (Spot) Count
  • Succession Planning Exercise
  • Store Maintenance and Renovation Requirements Analysis
  • P & L Review
  • Merchandise Review
  • Safety Inspection and Facilities Review
  • Loss Prevention Audit
  • Staff Performance Review
  • Management Development Session
  • Mall Management Updates
  • Marketing and Signage Package Review
  • Online Business Review (if applicable)
  • Obstacle Removal
  • Action Planning

You may wonder how all these things can be covered in a one-day store visit!!

In fact, many retailers cannot do it and do not do it.

They don’t know how to do it and, therefore, they fail to get the results – the quantifiable positive results – that they want and need.

Well, there is a method.

All you need to do is figure out how to do it.

That’s where this workshop comes in. We explain it all.

Join us for the online workshop ‘MAX ROI Store Visits’ and take a new look at how store visits can provide a 25% higher ROI every time.

Renew the focus on the importance of this critical business function:

MAX ROI STORE VISITS will be the only kind you’ll ever have when you start using this Technique, Method, Approach, Process Mode, Plan of Action

Whatever you want to call it…it works.

Once you start doing this, you’ll never get mediocre results again.

Drive Productivity to new heights in your retail organisation. Join us for this special presentation…

Remember…You get the presentation sent to your email whether you attend or not.

This affordable, time and travel saving 6 hour program (3 hours on Tuesday, and 3 hours on Thursday) is jam-packed with everything needed to get the MAX ROI on every store visit and ensure that all store visits produce a positive result …because time is money!

Every single store visit should be expected to yield quantifiable results; to move the business forward to some degree, otherwise it is strictly a social visit.

In this workshop, we demonstrate how properly executed Store Visits will produce positive and quantifiable results every time.


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