Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course


The fastest & most effective way to get your Sales & Service Staff up-to-speed is to build a rock solid foundation with the Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course




Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course

People working in most industries receive training because it’s an absolute must.

Take for instance, Information Technology professionals – they wouldn’t be able to run software, look into hardware issues or help those of us who are technologically challenged if they weren’t properly trained on just how to do it.

Automobile mechanics wouldn’t be able to fix vehicles and airline pilots wouldn’t be able to get an aircraft off the ground without proper training.

Training is Essential in any field.

Naturally, there are essential training requirements for Retail Sales & Service Associates too!

They need to receive information on 17 topics right from the start and we’ve listed those topics below.

Of course, retailers can ask their Sales Associates, Cashiers and Floor Associates to do the job without the appropriate training.

Incredibly, many of them do just that. We’re pretty sure you’ve witnessed the results of that in a retail store at some point.

Just because they can, doesn’t mean they should; just because it’s possible for an Associate to try and do the job without proper training, doesn’t mean it’s reasonable to expect them to, especially when you’re asking them to deliver results. 

And it’s never the prudent thing to do because the results will never be as good as they could be.

Employers, employees and customers alike all pay the price when Associates are sent out, onto the sales floor, and expected to perform their duties without the benefit of retail selling and customer service skills.

DMSRetail is removing all of the barriers to cost effective, results oriented training for new recruits with the Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course….

Retailers often have difficulty getting all of their people trained due to varied work schedules, hours of operation, turnover, time constraints and wage cost budget constraints as well.

High turnover rates cause some retailers to be reluctant to invest in their people.

Some have concerns that externally sourced training might not be relevant in their organization. We assure you, in DMSRetail’s case, it is.

Read on to find out how we can be so sure of that.

Whatever the case may be, with this YourTime Study Course, those difficulties and considerations are a thing of the past.

Training can take place anytime, anywhere… and it’s very affordable.

You don’t have to send your Associates anywhere, or pay for things normally associated with training such as transportation, accommodation, meal expenses and extra wages to cover them while they’re away.

All the trainee needs is a computer to watch and hear the presentation, on Video, and the Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals Guide & Workbook.

The training and studying can progress at a convenient pace.


Let’s look at exactly what you get with DMSRetail’s…

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course:

A 3 Video Set to watch and listen to wherever you choose and whenever it’s convenient.

Video #1: Retail Customer Service Fundamentals

Video #2: Retail Selling Skills

Video #3: Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons

Right Arrow A Study Guide and Workbook to make notes and answer questions put forward during the presentation.

Right Arrow The Sales and Customer Service Associate’s Framework for Success – A blueprint for your success. 

Right Arrow Retail Customer Service Fundamentals – 2nd Edition Success Guide

And there’s a Special bonus included in it…Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons on Video – one of our best selling guides to help Associates understand how and why people “buy with emotion and justify with logic”.

You will increase sales, with this alone, just by getting this information into the hands of your employees!


Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service


Here are the 17 topics covered in this YourTime Study Course…

Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty – Understanding the Service-Profit Chain and the importance of having loyal customers and how to keep them that way.

Commonly Used Key Performance Indicators – Not just the numbers, but what they mean & why retailers care about them!

Get this information to your Sales Associates and watch them grow and excel!

Associates are often unaware of the importance of KPI’s and sometimes see them as “just paperwork; just stuff Head Office wants to know” instead of the exceptional and crucial business drivers they are.

The Sales Process – Includes all of the Selling Steps – this is information your Sales Associates are going to be excited about.

The steps are explained in a way that everyone will understand… they’ll see the reasoning behind every one of them.

The importance of, and difference between, Features & Benefits – with examples to help anyone easily learn the difference and understand how to use each to their best advantage while treating the customer to the best associate/customer interactions ever.

Why it Pays to Have Top Notch Product Knowledge – you don’t want your Sales Associates to be apprehensive about learning about your products; seeing it as just another boring task.

No! You want them to soak up the information like a sponge, and be able to convert that knowledge into sales!

How to Handle Multiple Customers Effortlessly – Too many customers? (Never!) – this is where a lot of new and/or junior Sales Associates get into trouble.

They either keep their head down and try to ignore what’s going on, so they don’t get overwhelmed, (result: ignored customers, low conversion) or they just pay attention to one customer leaving the others to wait (result: ignored customers) or they deal with everyone  – but the interaction is so quick that nobody buys anything anyway.

Or, they buy one thing when they might have purchased many things (result: low average sale, low units per transaction). Improve results with these tips.

How to Treat Customers & Sell Add-ons at the Check Out – Increase every sale and leave a great last impression. 

Cashiers and other Check Out Associates are often undervalued as far as sales ability goes, and poorly trained in selling skills.

You need to make the most of that last encounter with your customers. Who is going to do it for you?

Your Cashiers and Check Out Associates, of course.

Give them the information and training they need and you can expect your sales to go up…no doubt.

Dealing Effectively with Customer Complaints – This is one area where so many Sales Associates are left to their own devices.

Avoid the problems associated with incorrect handling of customer complaints.

Did you know that a customer whose complaint is handled quickly and effectively, will likely become a long term loyal customer?

That’s right, anyone can provide good service when a sale is being made but it’s when something goes wrong that you really get a golden opportunity to show a customer just how good you are and how much you care about their business. 

Teach your people: what to do, what to say, how to handle complaints.

Telephone Etiquette – there is absolutely no doubt that telephone etiquette is at an all time low.

It’s frightening to see and hear what’s going on with telephones in stores these days. Don’t let it happen in your stores.

A few simple rules of etiquette – quickly learned – can save you from embarrassment.

Understanding the Lifetime Value of a Customer – Have you worked out the lifetime value of your customer yet? If not, you should.

It’s a simple exercise providing great insight.

Store Maintenance and Cleanliness Standards – Not every employee grew up with the same maintenance and cleanliness standards as you probably have for your stores.

And that explains why consumers continue to see dust balls in store windows; why gum is stuck to the floor; why fitting rooms look like they’ve seen a few too many customers between cleanings.

Make sure your employees know the basics.

Customer Service used as a Loss Prevention Technique – Store Associates are the first line of defense against criminals.

But, they need to know what part they are expected to play. They have to be smart.

Otherwise, you might have employees running out into parking lots and pulling thieves out of their cars! No kidding – it’s been done.

Proper Code of Conduct for Retail Employees – Some Associates may not know!

Punctuality, Reliability and Flexibility – let your employees know what distinct advantages they will have if they are punctual, reliable and flexible. Let them know and reap huge rewards.

Expectations of the Employer – What every employer has the right to expect.

Appearance – Dress Code and Grooming Standards – Work clothes don’t belong in the bottom of a backpack, do they?

Deadly Sins of Customer Service – What you absolutely cannot do.

Absolutely everything your Associates need to know to get them fully engaged as enthusiastic partners – and just the right amount of information – to ensure their success in the organization – is included in this YourTime Study Course.

We provide the solid foundation on which to build more and more skills to benefit both the employee and the employer and, ultimately, your customer.

You know your people need to know all of this stuff and now you have the perfect way to get them what they need without any time investment on your part…

Just hand over this YourTime Study Course and let DMSRetail take care of the rest.

There’s something very important you need to know at this point.

Remember, above, we assured you that the training in this study course would be relevant in your organization?

That’s because we completely understand that you have your own unique way of doing things.

That’s why the workbook that comes with this study course includes a “Questions for your Manager” section on every topic.

Throughout the course, we ensure that the student knows that they need to check with their Manager for guidance on issues.

And that’s how this course becomes uniquely yours!

The course was developed by several strong and successful retailers so it definitely provides great information and direction and an employee would do very well with what they learn from the course alone.

But the employees work for you…so we coach them, throughout the course, to come to you with their questions on how certain things work in your stores, and their ideas.

If you don’t have time to deal with any questions that arise…you can delegate one of your well-seasoned, top performing employees to handle them.

That’s a win/win for sure!

We let them know that you may, and probably do, have more to say on issues and that it’s their responsibility to get all of the information and learning that they can in order to do a better job for you and the company and to add to their own skill set.

The benefit here, is that we are planting the seeds for growth and success within your organization.

We provide the rock solid foundation with the Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course and you build on that when and where it suits you.

It’s a very effective way of managing your business.

DMSRetail will get your people moving in the right direction…fast.

Order your copy of the Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course today.

Our guarantee to you…. we know you’re going to be super satisfied with the difference this YourTime Study Course will make in your business, but, if not, you can ask for a refund.

Yes, we’ll give you your money back if you’re not convinced of the value of this product.

Let’s recap what you get:

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course

3 Video Set

       Right Arrow Video #1: Retail Customer Service Fundamentals

       Right Arrow Video #2: Retail Selling Skills

       Right Arrow Video #3: Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons

Working Materials:

Right Arrow A Study Guide and Workbook to make notes and answer questions put forward during the presentation.

Right Arrow The Sales and Customer Service Associate’s Framework for Success – a blueprint for success.

Right Arrow Retail Customer Service Fundamentals – 2nd Edition – (Success Guide)

Includes a Special Bonus:

Right Arrow Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons (Success Guide)

Risk Free: You get to try the Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course.

If you don’t think this course has paid for itself several times over, just ask for a refund.

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Service Fundamentals YourTime Study Course

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