Retail Math – Why It Is Important

Retail Analytics

Retail Math – Why It Is Important Sales – Expenses = Profits Retail organizations – in fact, any type of organization – have figured out this equation. Or have they? Plenty of businesses go ‘Out of Business’. Maybe they didn’t have it figured out….

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Retail Sales Metrics

Retail Sales Tips

Retail Sales Metrics In a retail environment, there are 3 key factors that have an immediate impact on sales performance. Sales = Traffic (Footfall) x Conversion Rate x Average Sale Traffic is the number of new prospects and repeat customers coming into the store….

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Conversion Nightmare

How to Interpret KPIs

Test your retail management analytical and problem solving skills. Here’s the case store situation: In a busy regional mall, which has been operating for approximately 30 years, and which has undergone several renovations, there is one very unusually positioned store. The store sells women’s lingerie. It is…

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How Can WOS Report Help?

Weeks of stock and district manager

The WOS report can be a great help for DM’s who want to be on top of their inventory picture, district wide. For a District Manager who regularly travels between different stores (and for Store Managers) the Weeks of Stock report can be a…

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