Retail Holiday Spirit

Retail Holiday Spirit

Some people have a lot of holiday spirit and they want to demonstrate that to everyone.

They’re happy before, during and after the holiday season.

Others are not so crazy about the holidays. Maybe they’re just not the festive type or they don’t celebrate the particular holiday.

Or, maybe, there is some other reason why they’re not so happy.Merry Christmas

Some may have recently lost loved ones or maybe the holiday season brings back some sad memories of days gone by.

This message isn’t intended to make you sad! No one wants that!

We just want to remind everyone that you will encounter all different types of people in the stores during this busy season.

If you get resistance when trying to do your job of selling and servicing, you’ll need to remember that not everyone will be sharing your excitement and enthusiasm for the season.

You’ll have to be understanding while still getting the job done because, even if your customer isn’t brimming over with happiness and enthusiasm, s/he may still need to buy some gifts for friends, family and other loved ones. 

Or, they may need a new outfit or accessories to attend events that they need to attend.

Hint: Always let your customer take the lead when it comes to discussions about the ‘fun’ times, or the ‘holiday spirit’. If they’re on board, you’ll have a great time, but, if they’re not, you’ll be able to govern yourself accordingly, showing sensitivity, which will surely be appreciated.

4 Holiday Spirit Killers

Leaving Scheduling Until the Last Minute.

It’s always a good rule of thumb to have schedules done a minimum of two weeks in advance and that goes for any time of year.

However, during special events and busy seasons it’s best to get them done as far in advance as possible.

That way, staff can do their best to plan their own holiday and seasonal festivities around their schedule.

Of course, schedules are subject to change and everyone must understand that the needs of the business must be met, first and foremost.

If your staff know that you are trying to accommodate them while making sure the needs of the business are being met, they will usually be as flexible as you need them to be.

In the final analysis, the Store Manager must have the final say in who works when.Dominate Holiday Sales

Again, the key is to be reasonable while still having high expectations of everyone during these times.

Advertising the Amount of Time Off Granted to Head Office People

Do not tell the store staff about Head Office staff getting tons of time off over the holidays.

They get it.

Office people who work 9-5 get lots of time off over the holidays and they don’t.

It’s a fact of life but it doesn’t need to be rubbed in.

Just put out a memo telling Store Managers who the holiday contacts are and the information they’ll need to get in touch with the various people.

Refusing to Grant Time Off Just…Because

Store staff know that they are needed more than ever during the holidays…or any super busy time of year.

That doesn’t mean that their own life doesn’t carry on.

It doesn’t mean they shouldn’t even dream of taking part in the festivities.

The key here is reasonableness.

If stores are properly staffed, the Manager should be able to find a way to accommodate reasonable requests for certain days/evenings off.

Obviously, some days/evenings are, in fact, off limits but some sort of compromise can be reached about other dates if everyone works together to figure it out.

Surprise Visits

Surprise visits are only motivational if the reason for the visit is to help with the work that has to be done or to help serve customers, to cheer everyone on, to congratulate, etc.

If a Head Office person drops in and starts making notes and telling everyone to do this and do that and, generally creates havoc and bad feelings, you are going to have demotivated employees.

Be aware so you can do your best to limit any damage.

This was an excerpt from DMSRetail Success Guide: “Dominate Holiday Sales”