The Retail Design & Visual Merchandising Workshop

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March 21-22, 2024 – Sheraton Miami Airport, Miami, FL, US

Workshop Venue - Sheraton Miami Airport

Retail sales are a function of making an emotional connection with the customer on a level that makes them want to take a piece of your store – your brand – home with them. 

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company, or the Shop Around the Corner, your customers need to know and understand you. 

They want to engage with you and experience your brand through the shopping experience. 

What do your stores say about you?  Do they engage the customer?  Do they excite the customer? 

Do they assist the customer in finding what they’re looking for quickly and easily?  Is your store environment your best salesperson?  It should be. 

In this workshop you’ll discover:

Red Arrow Right How to define your Brand, and design a store environment that becomes a Brand Experience;

Red Arrow Right How to space plan a store that is efficient, engaging, and easy to shop;Shopping Mall

Red Arrow Right How to create Merchandising stories that encourages up-selling and interest in groups of products;

Red Arrow Right How to find and select display fixtures that validate the quality and value of the merchandise and assist in a graceful customer/salesperson interaction;

Red Arrow Right How to create a Signage and Graphics program that supports your brand, communicates offerings and policies, and assists the customer in the shopping process;

Red Arrow Right How to create Window Displays that are dramatic, powerful, and engaging;

Red Arrow Right How to design an efficient lighting program that makes product pop;

Red Arrow Right How to make Color and Materials selections that support your brand image, are durable and maintainable, and support the presentation of your products; 

Red Arrow Right How to design a logo, mark, and tagline that are memorable, concise, and that reinforce the brand.



DMSRetail’s perspective on Visual Merchandising

Are you a retail expert? You are when you shop… Everyone is subconsciously evaluating a store design as they shop and measuring it against a predetermined list of values, needs, and wants.

What is Retail really all about, and how does that affect your design? A personal connection between retailer and customer. 

An emotional response that leads to sales – customers buy on emotion, justify by logic

BrandingJewellery Display

What is a brand, and why should I define that before designing anything? A brand is to a company as a personality is to a person

Brands vs. Commodities: Brands create loyalty, commodities compete on price and product

Describing your brand: Core Brand Characteristics – Brand DNA is largely the same – it’s the few rungs of the DNA ladder that are different from your competitors that define you within the marketplace

The Value Equation / Brand Benefit

Customer Demographics & Psychographics

Emotional Connections / Desired Emotional Response

What are you really selling?  (Hint:  It’s not the “stuff”)

Corporate Identity

Naming – Types of Names – How to choose / evaluate a name
(1)  Is it memorable?
(2)  Is it easy to say and spell?
(3)  Does it speak to what you do, or at least conjure up a feeling?
(4)  Do you, or can you own it?

Logos – Evaluating by the same criteria as the store design – Updating old logos – when and why to update (or not) – Do’s and Don’ts in application

Marks – When to use one and why – Composition with the Logo

Taglines – When to use one and why – How long/short they should be – Composition with the Logo

The importance of consistency – Confusing the customer by sending mixed messages

Design Basics

Pottery Display

design interior with wooden shelf

Intro/Overview of Space Planning, Merchandising, Fixtures and Casework, Signs and Graphics, Lighting, Colors and Materials, and Corporate Identity

    List of Stories to be Told
    Message Hierarchy
    Product/Service Mix
    Form: This Space Should Feel…
    Screens/Design Criteria
    Image Boards

  Break into groups of 5 to 6 people each; provide stacks of photos for groups to combine into a collage image board for a store design

Space Planning
    Plotting the Story
    Defining the “Givens”
    Bubble Diagrams
    Sight Lines
    Access/Traffic Flow
    Placing walls, changes in levels, fixtures, signage, and POS

Visual Merchandising
    Telling a Story  — creating a “stage set” of props wherein a story is told about the products and their place in your life
    Display vs. Stock – levels of presentation and their effective use
    Negative Space – creating a sense of separation and relief between merchandising stories
    Cross-Merchandising – upselling customers to groups of products as opposed to individual products

Casework & FixturesHanging Shirts
    Purchasing vs. Custom
   Custom options to your brand image
   Unique circumstances
   Balancing consistency with not being the “brand x fixture store”
   The quality of the fixtures needs to match the quality of the merchandise

Signs and Graphics
    Creating a Comprehensive Sign Program
    The 200’-20’-2’ Rule
    Way Finding
    Lifestyle Graphics
    Informational Signage
    Types of Sign Media
     Internally Illuminated

   Break into groups of 5 to 6 people each; provide each group with a product to be featured (Apple iPod), and a list of details about that product that need to be communicated to the customer.  Have each group sketch up a planogram for a visual merchandising display that achieves everything on the list in some way.  Have each group present their solution to the class.

Window Displays
    When to do them, how, and how deep
    When graphics are better than product display

LightingShoe Display
    Creating a Lighting Program
  Ambient / General Illumination
  Feature lighting
  Thematic / Theatrical Lighting
    Types of Fixtures and Lamps – Overview:
  Line Voltage
  Low Voltage
  Ceramic Metal Halide
  Fiber Optic

Colors and Materials Selections
    Basics: color, texture (visual or physical), quality, durability, customer touch-points, affect on customer pace
    Using complementary colors to make things pop
    Where to put your money



Whether you plan to design your stores yourself, or you just want to better understand how to evaluate the effectiveness of your shopping environment and experience, this workshop will give you the foundation you need to achieve the fundamental goal of any store design or visual merchandising effort – to increase sales.

Who Should Attend:

Store Design and Construction Managers, Visual merchandisers, Store Owners, Merchandising Managers and Anyone who has interest and/or responsibility in design, branding and visual merchandising.

Why You Should Attend:

Number one Practical, applicable and actionable content delivered by top experts in Retail Sales & Operations Management to drive your sales, productivity and profitability. Proven to increase those metrics by double digits. Check out the testimonials.

Number two Value: Apart from acquiring complete knowledge, participants will enjoy a 30-Day unlimited Q&A through email after the workshop (A $1,000 value by itself)

Number three ROI: Return on investment can be as high as 1,000 times the registration fee based on your company revenues and how many techniques, ideas and methods from the workshop you implemented.

Number four Positions you as an expert .

Number five Creates a “larger picture” mentality.

Number 6 Improves your standing as a Retail Management Leader

Number 7 Two days that will produce a lifetime of results.

Number 8 Guarantee: If you feel that for whatever reason this workshop is not suitable to your needs by the end of the first morning, we will refund your registration fee right on the spot.

Number 9 Full Year Membership in Retail Business Academy. (Value: $1,164)

Duration: 2-Days (typically, 9am-5pm)

Registration Fees:
Individual Rate: US$1,495.00, Group: US$1,295 – Min 3 participants from the same company ($1,995 if you pay at the door – subject to availability)
Groups of 6 or more, please inquire at ( ) or call +1 (312) 239-0919

What is Included:Workshop Certificate

Checkmark Continental breakfast

Checkmark Full lunch

Checkmark All-day refreshments (5 Star Quality)

Checkmark Presentations, practical exercises and case studies

Checkmark All workshop materials and all take away materials including Retail Success Strategies (DVD)(Retail Value: $197), Store Management Process (DVD)(Retail Value: $197) and

Checkmark Full Year of Retail Business Academy Membership (Retail Value: $1,164)

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The Retail Design & Visual Merchandising Workshop

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Dates & Location Individual: Only $1,495 Group*: Only $1,295

 March 21-22, 2024

 Sheraton Miami Airport

 Miami, FL, US

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Dates & Location Individual: Only $1,495 Group*: Only $1,295

 April 17-18, 2024

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 August 6-7, 2024

 Sheraton Dubai Creek

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Dates & Location Individual: Only $1,495 Group*: Only $1,295

 September 5-6, 2024

 The Westin

 Las Vegas, NV, US

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*Min 3 participants from the same company

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