Retail Owners and Managers Develop Insomnia and Ulcers

Retail Owners and Managers Develop Insomnia and Ulcers

If you manage, or own, even one retail store, you probably know that it’s true.

And if you happen to be a perfectionist, well, there’s no telling what condition you might be in.

Don’t worry, we’re not just ‘naming the problem’ because you already know it.

Further on we’ll talk solutions – ways to enrich your lifestyle – but we have to look at some of the causes first.

There are thousands of good people, probably much like yourself, who put their all into running their retail business.

They do everything they can to gain loyal customers; they offer great merchandise for sale; they make sure their store is pristine and ready for the customer.

And when they are working in the store, they see to it that everything is done just as it should be. T’s crossed, I’s dotted. All good.

The sleeplessness occurs and the stomach ulcers are developed during the hours, or days, they are not at the store.

You know that feeling… the one that makes you wish upon a million stars that you had a hidden surveillance camera in the store even though you desperately want to believe in your people and you wouldn’t really..ever..dream of doing such a thing. (Or would you?)

The sad truth is you just know – it’s a feeling in your gut that almost always seems to be proven with the results – that when you’re not there, things are just not the same!

No, your people are almost chasing your customers away, they’re not selling them anything, they’re not dressed properly and they’re probably leaning on the cash desk.

Oh, and they’re vacuuming 30 minutes before closing time or standing at the ¾ drawn doors chatting with their friends waiting for the moment that they can just get the heck out of your store and get on with their lives – go to the movies or just hang out; be anywhere but in your store.

Is this fiction? Just a crazy movie running in your head? Or is it closer to reality? The answer, in most cases, is yes…it’s closer to reality.

Don’t take my word for it, just go shopping and take a notepad with you.

But, confirming your worst fears is really not what I set out to do here.

I’m here to tell you that there is a way to stop this craziness; a way to leave your store and feel reasonably comfortable about the way things are being handled – even really comfortable and, possibly, even ecstatic!

You deserve to have a decent, satisfying, enriched life.

Nowhere is it written that the life of a retail manager or business owner must suffer every minute of every day wondering what is going on in the store when they’re away!

You deserve a life where even though your work is very important, it doesn’t have to completely consume you.

You need to be able to leave it behind sometimes and know that the store won’t fall apart, customers won’t be mistreated, good results will be achieved, and you’ll arrive for your next shift to find a perfectly tuned retail machine just humming along.

Everything good, or bad, will be the result of the choices you make. If you made a bad hire – you will pay for it. If you made a great hire – you’ll reap the rewards.

If you let inappropriate behavior go unchecked – you’ll pay for it many times over, with huge doses of frustration.

If you jump all over inappropriate behavior you’ll be doing everyone involved a favor and, if you do it right, you won’t see that type of behavior again.

If you let poor sales results continue – you’ll pay for it with endless action plans, coming up with excuses, sleepless nights and, yes, even ulcers!

If you take action and apply simple performance management techniques you will see results improve. It’s guaranteed!

We are definitely seeing a pattern here, aren’t we?

Hiring, setting standards and expectations, communicating in a crystal clear manner, following up, coaching, managing poor performance, holding people accountable…these are just a few of the things that you must be doing properly if you ever hope to have one of those perfectly tuned retail machines…just humming along.

And when you do, your life will be so much better, easier, more comfortable, more rewarding…and the list of benefits goes on. You’ve simply got to try it to believe it.

None of this is difficult.

It does, however, take an unwavering commitment to learn the techniques and methods required, apply them faithfully and take any and all action necessary based on results.

So there you have it. Your new life awaits you. Don’t change your career, change your approach.

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