Motivate Your Staff

Motivate Your Staff

By putting the quick tips below into action at your store(s), the motivation you need to achieve your performance levels will be easier to get:

Clarity of Objectives

Vague goals kill motivation.

Without a clear and concise target to reach for, your staff can’t possibly trigger their internal drive simply because it has nothing to head toward.

Only when the objective is vivid in their mind can you tap into a powerful inner drive.

If you haven’t already created a set of clear goals for them, it’s time to deliver a little more direction.

Meet with them and let them know clearly what the objectives and expectations are.

Continue narrowing down the goals until they clearly see the point of detail you need.

What’s Next?

While you’re talking with them about their current goals, spend time talking about the path of advancement within your organization as it may apply to them.

Motivation needs growth to maintain its power. If they aren’t sure what opportunity lies ahead, they’ll find that their drive to keep pushing forward begins to diminish.

No matter what it takes, articulate a path of advancement that is open to them.

By telling them which opportunities are in their future and exactly what they need to do today to experience them down the road you will fuel their ambition.

Educate Them

The better skilled they are at a particular task or activity, the more motivated they’ll be to get involved with it.

This principle lends itself perfectly to the world of motivation in the workplace – the more they know about their position and what it takes to excel, the more driven they’ll be to produce results.

Give Them New Challenges

People around the world have an intense need for growth and variety; too much of the same old thing and soon there will be no sign of motivation.

To avoid this experience, put them out there for new work challenges to keep things fresh and new on the job.

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The 5 Killers of Motivation You Must Avoid at All Costs

Does your motivation seem to vanish without notice? Here one day, gone the next?

It happens to everyone, and most often the cause comes down to one of the five threats below.

Running into one of these traps can instantly wipe out the energy and drive you need to get moving, but with a few steps in place, you can avoid these common threats and enjoy a motivation that never quits.

1. A Desire for More

Wanting to live a better life is a great beginning, but if that’s where it ends, the motivation can never begin.

You must have a crystal clear outcome to move toward, a super- specific target that is vivid in your mind, a goal or dream so clear that you can see, touch, and taste it.

If you’ve been thinking about getting in shape, narrow that desire down into a specific figure.

If you want to find a new job, spend as much time as you need to mold that idea into a tangible vision for the future.

Whatever it is, make it as clear as humanly possible.

2. Reasons & Rationalizations

Moving from where you are to where you want to be involves change, risk, and discomfort.

While these are certainly worth the trouble they pose, most people develop excuses to avoid confronting them.

I’d eat better if I only had the time to learn all those guidelines…I really do want to meet new people, but I’ve been swamped at work…I’d love a new career, but I have to wait until I know things are stable enough for a change.

The instant an excuse hits your mind, the motivation to move forward with your plans is wiped out.

To avoid this trap in the future, shine the light on your most common excuses and force yourself to prove them false with facts.

3. A Bump in the Road

This is among the most common and most important traps to be aware of.

The smallest stumble or setback can often be enough to bring a complete end to any plans for change.

You must train your mind into not only knowing but also believing that any bump in the road is simply a learning experience, a tool you can use to readjust your heading and proceed with greater insight and intelligence.

4. Where Are the Results?

People do what they do for a reason. It might not always make sense to you and me, but at the core of everything we do is a cause.

When the reason to keep acting vanishes, so too does our motivation. Nowhere does this breakdown occur as often as with strategy.

If you’re following the wrong steps, eventually you’ll see that you’re not getting the results you desire.

Soon after, your mind will turn the motivation off – why keep moving forward with the goal if nothing is working?

Here’s the problem: The goal is right, the path is wrong.

By allowing your drive to disappear because you’ve chosen the wrong plan would be to abandon something that could bring you more happiness than ever before.

Before it gets to this point, examine your plan to see if it is getting you the results you want.

Even better, copy the strategy of someone who has already done the very thing you hope to achieve and guarantee your success.

5. But They’re My Friends!

The final motivation killer could be standing right next to you. (Hopefully not close enough to read these words.)

The people in your life, from family and friends to co-workers and colleagues, have the power to make or break your plans for a better life.

Your goals of improvement may be seen by some as a way to not only move up but also away.

By changing who you are or what you do, those who care about you will be afraid that you’ll leave them behind.

As a result of this fear, they may try to hold you back, not because they want you to fail but because they don’t want you to succeed – two very different things.

To avoid this trap, reassure those in your life that you’ve not going to leave them behind. Perhaps you can even inspire them to come along.

If you want something more in life, from small changes or tweaks to major improvements, getting and staying motivated is vital to your success.

By avoiding the motivation killers above, you’ll quickly and confidently burst toward your goals and dreams without worry of a suddenly vanishing drive.

Motivation Myth: Great Change Requires Great Action

Much has been said about the trouble of a negative attitude and the power of a positive outlook.

It has always been one against the other, with optimism always winning out in the end.

But there is a third way, and in our opinion, it is the most powerful and beneficial of all outlooks. What is it?


Whether we like it or not, the world is neither good or bad, positive or negative. The world simply is.

It favors no side, and throws bad luck toward no predetermined party. It is a mirror, giving back to us what we give to it.

To understand this single idea is to gain the most empowering mind set possible. The world is yours for the taking.

Baby Steps

Do you believe in the myth that keeps most people from the things they want? This misconception is so common chances are good that you do.

What is it and, more important, how do you break free from it? Those questions are answered below.

The myth is simply this: Great change requires great action.

It’s the belief that improving anything about your life takes one massive leap forward, changing everything all at once.

Examples include quitting smoking in a single moment, changing your diet in one day, or becoming a new and improved human being overnight.

The danger of this myth is its ability to postpone action.

Instead of doing something about what they want, people will wait until they feel ready to take that giant step forward, a step that never comes.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It happens in stages, each and every day. But, as with most advice, you’ve heard about taking baby steps before.

This time, however, the reason is different. So much so that it will finally drive you to act on the advice of taking small steps.

Picture in your mind a set of scales, each side holding equal weight. In essence, this is the makeup of your goals. If one side tips, you’re motivated to take action.

If the other carries more weight, you procrastinate or simply give up. The balance is oftentimes very delicate, with the smallest of weights shifting the balance.

With this scenario in mind, it should be easy to recognize the value of a one small step.

At the moment, you may feel hesitant about doing whatever it takes to get what you want, but with just a single action in the right direction, you can tip the scales and experience a tidal wave of internal drive.

While baby steps do indeed compound to create great changes, the real value is in their ability to tip the scales and trigger your motivation.

With one act, carried out today, you can begin to develop the drive necessary to get exactly what you want.

What small step can you take today? When you think of it, follow through without hesitation and begin to enjoy the results of shifting the balance.

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