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“How to Turn Boring Review Sessions into Dynamic and Motivating Performance Evaluations”

I Succeed™ ” is a unique Retail Performance Evaluation tool kit specifically designed for Retail Managers looking for a high level of success through open, honest and effective business communications with their employees.

“Approximately 50 percent of non-performance problems occur because of a lack of feedback.” (Leigh Branham, “The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave”)

With this system you will be able to:

 Identify employee issues

 Set a truly motivational program in motionMax ROI Store Visits

 Understand how recognition of employees’ strengths can benefit your business

 Confirm that your current organization is still working for you

 Create a platform for new action plan initiatives

 Evaluate your employees’ progress in a consistent and timely manner

 Establish truly meaningful succession and training plans

 Develop a foundation for on-going dialogue with your employees

You’ll be amazed how easily this evaluation system can provide you with all of the above.

I Succeed™is the only tool you will ever need to evaluate your retail employees. 

It’s a comprehensive evaluation tool that walks you through all of the steps necessary to determine how your employees are really doing.  

This methodology is definitely a unique and superior evaluation process and, unlike standard review process, it does not require a large time commitment on the part of the appraiser or the employee yet it produces drastically new understanding and achievement levels.

There are five crucial evaluation periods:

 The Pre-probationary Review SummaryI Succeed Evaluation System

 The Weekly Check Up

 The Monthly Performance Analysis

 The Quarterly Review

 The Annual Appraisal

The Retail Performance Evaluation System – ” I Succeed™” – will lead you through a process that is designed to give you a true picture of your retail employees’ performance. 

It covers all of the skills, traits and behaviors that retail employees require in order to represent successful retailers today. 

Today, more than ever, successful retailers must ensure their employees are held to certain standards of behavior. 

You need employees who will help you attract and retain a loyal customer following.

You need employees who understand and perform beyond sales and margin objectives.

I Succeed™emphasizes those standards and focuses on evaluating the employees’ performance against them.

Our unique approach to evaluating your employees allows you to consider, and accurately document, the assets and special attributes of a particular employee instead of trying to fit each employee into the same ‘assembly line’ format.

Turn Performance Evaluation into a Training and Success Vehicle

In addition to the obvious benefits to you and your business, you can expect your employees to learn from ” I Succeed™ “ evaluations too! 

The Users Guide shows the appraiser how to use each section of the evaluation as a training tool. 

The training fits into the process without any special preparation or presentation required.

In a study of 2,600 employees nationwide at 1,100 organizations, nearly 50 percent of employees said their last performance review did not help them understand what they needed to do to improve. (Mercer)

“Evaluating employee performance has never been this simple, effective and productive.”

Order your copy of “I Succeed Retail Employee Performance Evaluation System” now to elevate your store(s)’ performance to a new level.

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For your convenience, the “I Succeed Retail Performance Evaluation System” is available in two formats:

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