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Dominate Holiday Sales

the 75 page book full of tips, advice and support for the holidays, for you and your field teams.

Here’s what you’ll find in ‘Dominate Holiday Sales’:

CheckmarkBlue Top Ten Checklist for Holiday Performance
CheckmarkBlue Holiday Spirit
CheckmarkBlue 4 Holiday Spirit Killers
CheckmarkBlue Holiday Survival Kit
CheckmarkBlue Sanity for the Holidays
CheckmarkBlue Sell What’s Available Today
CheckmarkBlue Conversion
CheckmarkBlue Directing Traffic on the Sales Floor
CheckmarkBlue Guidelines for Sales Floor Directors
CheckmarkBlue Music to Your Customers’ Ears
CheckmarkBlue Motivation Tips for You
CheckmarkBlue Expectations: Setting People Up to Win
CheckmarkBlue Managing Performance – A Story
CheckmarkBlue How NOT to Use Your Policy Manual
CheckmarkBlue After the Rush: Scheduling for January
CheckmarkBlue Post Mortem: Post Season/Event Analysis
CheckmarkBlue Bonus: The Store Management Process
CheckmarkBlue Dramatic Differences in Leadership
CheckmarkBlue Miscellaneous Tips for Performance

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This book is particularly helpful for field personnel such as…

Regional/District Managers and Store Managers


Who do we want to help and support and remove obstacles for over the holidays?

That’s right…you got it! Regional/District and Store Managers!

So they, in turn, can help and support and remove obstacles for the Sales and Service Associates who face the customer everyday.

Of course, the whole company will reap the rewards but the people who need the help on the ground…in the field…will find it makes their life so much easier.

Set everyone up to win!!Holiday Sales

Regional and District Managers can use ‘Dominate Holiday Sales’ for quick coaching sessions, for follow-up calls, for motivation, for meetings – whether one on one or regular group meetings.

There’s a lot of material to help everyone glide through the holidays with less stress and better results!

Store Managers will use ‘Dominate Holiday Sales’ for tips and advice on how to handle everyday situations, to help them coach, guide, monitor, measure and follow up on just about everything.

Store Managers will pick up tips about the most productive ways to use their communication centre at this time of year; about how to manage the sales floor; about handling inventory shortages and so much more.

There is lots of help for the holidays…

We’ve got you covered. You and your people can Dominate Holiday Sales!

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Dominate Holiday Sales

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