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Results That Pay Off Instantly – Practical, Applicable, Actionable Insights & Techniques

March 2-3-4-5, 2021

11 AM – 2 PM EST (New York) (4X3 Hours Each Day)

Live & Interactive

Slide deck and the Recording of the Sessions will be sent to All Registrants

The content of this interactive program is geared towards the study of ten Category Management Tools, each in great detail.

The learning objective of the Advanced Category Management Workshop is for participants to advance from Execution Level Knowledge to Expert Level Knowledge of Category Management by expanding and elaborating on every aspect of the use of the ten important tools that were introduced to participants previously.Store Visits and Discussion

This learning objective is achieved through delivery of detail level, leading edge information supported by extensive examples and practice sessions as well as the use of mind maps, and specially designed subject specific working documents and checklists.

Category Management Tools Covered (in no specific order):

1. Category Business Planning Tool – This tool provides the methodology to develop the marketing and execution plans for the category.

2. Category Workload – Using this tool, Directors of Category Management assign the categories between various Category Managers fairly.

3. Product Evaluation Matrix – Utilizing this tool Category Managers determine the suitability of the product for certain categories and/or subcategories.

4. Target Customer Definition Tool – Discovering the demographics and the psychographics of target customers is vital in making sure that the category is successful.

5. Category Assessment Tool – Periodically, the performance of the category has to be assessed.

6. Category Balanced Scorecard – All the important metrics and measures are included to develop the objectives and targets for the category.

7. Supplier Balanced Scorecard – Same considerations, this time for the performance of the vendors/suppliers.

8. Premium Brand Strategy – This is a market evaluation tool to make sure certain categories are positioned properly as far as pricing is concerned.

9. Category Tactogram – Action plans and tactics that will be used to ensure the success of the category is enabled through the use of this tool.

10. Implementation Scheduling Tool – Accurate Store level implementation is critical for the success of the category. Necessary support is supplied through this tool.Max ROI Store Visits

Duration: 12 Hours (4 days x 3 hours)

Methods: Online Presentations and Delivery of Advanced Information supported by Extensive Examples, Do-it-Yourself Practice Sessions with Instructor Follow-up and Homework Assignments.

Who Should Attend: This workshop is suited to Directors of Category Management and Category Managers, Buyers, Brand Managers, Marketing Managers, Product Managers, Product Development Managers, Marketing Research Managers. Entire marketing and product team participation is encouraged.

Prerequisite: DMSRetail’s Retail Category Management Webinar (Online) is a prerequisite for the Advanced Category Management Workshop as it builds on the execution level knowledge already established.

Workshop Fee: $895 per person; Group rates are available.

Contact: For further information and/or to register for this program, please contact Josephine Hill, Events & Client Service Manager at

Advanced Category Management Workshop Online 2021

March 2-3-4-5, 2021

11 AM – 2 PM EST (New York) (4X3 Hours Each Day)


Slide deck and the Recording of the Sessions will be sent to All Registrants

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