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For a Full Understanding of What is Going on in Your Retail Business You Need Retail Math Knowledge.

“Retail Math Made Simple 5th Edition”


Retail Math Made Simple 5th Edition

ISBN # 0-9739-1411-4 – 205 pages

Retail math is considered an integral part of a good retail manager’s skill set. It can be found on some companies’ pre-employment screening tests.”

For a lot of people the phrase ‘retail math’ conjures up horrifying memories from their school days. Even so, they realize that retail math is a very important part of operating a retail business.

In every business there is never ending number crunching going on. The analysts have to look at the numbers from every angle to ensure on-going profitability.

A retail store, or group of stores, is no different. There are many numbers that need to be analyzed regularly to help in managing the day to day business; to aid in decision making on just about everything.

You Don’t Need to Be an Accountant or a Mathematician to Make the Calculations.

Retail math is not difficult. All you need to know is which numbers to use and how to interpret the results. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are the only functions required.

Head Office personnel work with retail math regularly. Most of their decisions are based on financial considerations of one type or another.

Retail math is a major component of the background work done before most decisions involving the allocation of resources are made.

Did you ever wonder why certain items in the store are not reduced in price during a markdown? You know, the items you think won’t sell even at a reduced price? You and your staff may be thinking that your Head Office buying department missed this item because they are not in the store and don’t know what’s going on.

Well, while that certainly could be the case, more likely it has to do with the markdown budget they are working with. Retailers know that they will be required to take markdowns. During the budgeting, or planning process they estimate how many dollars they will lose to markdowns. When it is time to do a markdown they need to make their decisions based on that estimate because, otherwise, they will lose too much during a particular time period.

And how about the flow of inventory into your store? Is it consistent or erratic? Retail math is used to determine flow of inventory. Unfortunately sometimes the numbers indicate that new merchandise cannot be sent in at a certain time. Perhaps it wasn’t ordered with enough lead time to get it to your store when you think it should be there. Decisions, good or bad, are usually based on the numbers.

For a Full Understanding of What is Going on in Your Retail Business You Need Retail Math Knowledge.

That is where DMSRetail can help you. We have developed a Retail Math Book for retail management. This book will give you all of the information you need to start using retail math with confidence. You will understand how to make the calculations and what to do with the answers you get.

Here is a summary of what you get:

 CheckMark for Bullet Lists Glossary and Definition of the Terms

 CheckMark for Bullet Lists Retail Metrics

 CheckMark for Bullet Lists Key Performance Indicators

 CheckMark for Bullet Lists Commonly Used Formulas

 CheckMark for Bullet Lists Open to Buy – Definition, Formulas

 CheckMark for Bullet Lists Sell-Thru Scenarios (Impact of price and gross margin on sales)

 CheckMark for Bullet Lists Balanced Score Cards for Retail Managers

 CheckMark for Bullet Lists Typical Profit / Loss Statement (often called P/L or Operating Statement)

 CheckMark for Bullet Lists Retail Math Quiz

 CheckMark for Bullet Lists Vendor Scorecard

 CheckMark for Bullet Lists PowerPoint presentation explaining all of the above in more detail

       CheckMark for Bullet Lists Website Metrics & Measurements

       CheckMark for Bullet Lists Utilization of Big Data & Analytics in Retail

Retail math is considered an integral part of a good retail manager’s skill set. It can be found on some companies’ pre-employment screening tests.

Get Your Copy of “Retail Math-Made Simple” now to talk about your store(s)’ performance with knowledge, intelligence and authority.

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Or You May Choose: “Retail Math” Online Training

This, instructor led (Live, Online), 2-hour online training is packed with information on how to use Retail Math formulas to determine your Key Performance Indicators, your profitability, definition and explanation of terms and examples from actual Retail Operations to give you a full and operational understanding of Retail Math. (More info)



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