With all the technology out there, there is still nothing more effective than the face-to-face (F2F) training. They say body language is 70% of communication, maybe that's why.

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Retail Operations Management Workshop 2022

" How to Run a Prosperous Retail Business" Results That Pay Off Instantly - Practical,

Retail Brand, Category Management & Inventory Control Workshop 2022

"How to Increase Profits 30% by Effectively Managing Your Brand, Categories & Inventory based on

Advanced Retail Math & Analytics Workshop 2022

Your Business Compass for 30% Increase in Sales and Profitability! Upcoming Dates & Location: November

Max ROI Store Visits 2022

Join us for the one-day workshop 'Get at least 25% Higher ROI From Every Store Visit' Upcoming Date & Location: November 10, 2022 - Marriott Kensington - London, UK [tu_countdown


Various types of store visits and expectations for each type.


How to get all the important stuff covered in one day.

Know How

How to get a Max ROI for your time during each type of store visit.

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