With all the technology out there, there is still nothing more effective than the face-to-face (F2F) training. They say body language is 70% of communication, maybe that's why.

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Retail Operations Management Workshop

" How to Run a Prosperous Retail Business" Results That Pay Off Instantly - Practical,

Retail Brand, Category Management & Inventory Control Workshop

"How to Increase Profits 30% by Effectively Managing Your Brand, Categories & Inventory based on

Advanced Retail Math & Analytics Workshop

Your Business Compass for 30% Increase in Sales and Profitability! Upcoming Dates & Location: March

Max ROI Store Visits

Join us for the one-day workshop 'Get at least 25% Higher ROI From Every Store Visit' Upcoming Dates & Location: March 25-26, 2024 - Sheraton Miami Airport, Miami, FL, US


Various types of store visits and expectations for each type.


How to get all the important stuff covered in one day.

Know How

How to get a Max ROI for your time during each type of store visit.

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