Retail Remix | Digging into Thanksgiving Weekend Results: Trends & Predictions from Adobe Digital Insights

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Retail Remix | Digging into Thanksgiving Weekend Results: Trends & Predictions from Adobe Digital Insights

Despite rumblings of a wary consumer, shopping results from Thanksgiving weekend reveal that consumers were eager to shop. For example, data from Adobe Digital Insights reveals that results from the weekend, especially Cyber Monday, beat initial projections. 

In this special episode of Retail Remix, host Alicia Esposito sits down with Vivek Pandya from Adobe Digital Insights to discuss how consumers shopped from the Thanksgiving table and their couches during the long weekend. Drawing on Adobe’s extensive data collection and analysis, Vivek pulled the curtain back on the findings and revealed what consumer behaviors could tell us about the remainder of the holiday season – and what retailers should do about it.

Check out this episode to learn: 

  • Whether retailers’ pricing and discounting strategies inspired consumers to cross off their holiday shopping lists; 
  • How the ease of mobile shopping influenced overall traffic and spending results;
  • Which categories saw the biggest sales boost and why; 
  • If major shopping days (like Black Friday and Cyber Monday) still heavily influence consumer action; and
  • Which trends and takeaways should guide retailers’ efforts going through the remainder of the holiday season.


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