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Phillip and Brian sit down with Natasha and Deana, Co-Founders of Boys Club and mavens in the web3 and crypto world. They discuss what place legacy brands have in web3, what the challenges are for adoption, who’s helping, and who’s hurting. But what will it take to get there? 

A Well-Governed Potluck

  • {00:20:20} – “A big part of the value set of web3 is this idea of shared and distributed ownership, and governance, but ownership being a big part of that. And I think if you’re a global corporate brand, that’s gonna be at odds with shareholder values.” – Deana
  • {00:41:03} – “As more and more fake news, deep fakes, weird AI content is put into the world, we’re gonna want to know what is human-generated and what isn’t. And decentralized, trustless, open, permissionless blockchain is a great way to do that. I think that we’re quite a far ways off from what that user experience is for that set of tooling and how that comes to life in the apps that we’re all using every day.” – Deana
  • {00:43:48} – “web3 and crypto, we’ve always had the perspective that it is just a mirror to your interests and the things that you care about.” – Natasha
  • {00:47:41} – “It’s only a matter of time until brands like that do see wallets as a new type of acquisition channel for them. Now today, there’s probably not enough data, not enough wallets for it to be worth it to them, but I would invite them to experiment, and I know no better place to do that than Boys Club World.” – Deana
  • {00:52:07} – “We have found that you have to have a really strong vision and a vehicle for people to come in and play in. And that multiplayer mode has to be in the parameter of a game that we all set together or that a few people set and then a lot of people get to join in and have fun with.” – Natasha
  • {00:54:03} – “To do anything in multiplayer mode, you have to be a really good listener and hear the other person and what they’re saying and what their vision is and what they want. Many people aren’t very good at that, so we’ve over indexed to this. “Let’s co-create. Let’s do all these things together,” and we’re all just talking over each other. And it’s really ineffective and inefficient, and nothing ends up happening.” – Natasha

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Retail Online Training

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