The Value of Professional Training

Training Retail Staff

The concept of training is everywhere; it has applications and monetary implications in every facet of life and business. 

One only has to look at the vast ocean of community college programs, university courses, night school accreditations, professional development seminars, trade skill upgrading programs, etc…that are advertised through mass media to entice the public. 

These forms of training have been proven to enhance an individual’s marketability within their chosen field. 

An ambitious employee might seek further training for the purposes of career advancement and, in all likelihood, would succeed. 

For instance, a retail store manager who has specific training from a particularly sought after professional development seminar series (i.e. DMSRetail) will be more appealing to a potential employer, or for promotion within their current company, than another candidate without that training. 

In fact, let us examine a few more illustrations of the importance, necessity and intelligence of appropriate training.

Quickly answer the following questions with yes or no

  • Would you allow a dentist to perform an operation on your brain?
  • Would it be wise to fly on a plane that is being piloted by a professional race car driver?
  • Should you call an exterminator to your house to deal with a leaky faucet?

The pattern emerging here is not subtle; appropriate training for the intended area of application is absolutely vital.

To draw on another analogy, let us look at the area of sport.

Olympic and professional caliber coaches know that the body reacts to specific training. 

A process called ‘muscle memory’ exists for athletes; this means basically that when training occurs, the muscles in a players’ body will begin to learn and respond more quickly to a particular situation. 

Football players don’t spend hours everyday practicing ice skating to become better at their sport – they play football. 

They train their bodies specifically for that game and all of the demands that are put on their bodies/minds for that sport. 

After enough training, the movements and thoughts that are needed to compete in the NFL will become automatic to those players. 

The same is true of business training.

Industry specific training provides a myriad of advantages to an individual within that field. 

They will gain confidence in dealing with day to day challenges. 

Having the knowledge that professional development training provides can enable the individual to approach, assess, evaluate and resolve problems with less stress and expedite an appropriate solution much more quickly.   

Another primary advantage of business instruction is the potential for advancement. 

Looking past the immediate benefits of industry specific training, one can easily predict the career opportunities that will become more available as a result of this new knowledge. 

Superiors will take notice of your initiative and thorough interest in bettering yourself as well as the profitability of the company. 

These factors, along with the advanced skill set you now possess, will inevitably put you at the top of the list for promotion. 

DMSRetail has knowledgeable instructors that have a combined experience of more than 135 years in the retail business. 

Every aspect of retail operations is touched upon during the training seminars, however, different seminars can and do have more streamlined foci. 

Certain training courses offered by DMSRetail are most applicable to the operations managers. 

These are outfitted with highly useful insights that include information about, but not limited to, customer care, motivational strategies for staff, operational tactics that increase sales and minimize loss. 

Certain other seminars cater more to the regional/national head office and executive players of the retail game. 

These events encompass more long term strategic management possibilities and corporate intelligence efforts that will boost revenue.

Specific training for specific needs; acknowledging the benefit of extraneous training is the number one indicator that you should consider a seminar in your area to upgrade your skills. 



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