Retail Planograms

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Retail Planograms

Planograms are diagrams that show where products or merchandise should be placed on a shelf or other sort of display.

The idea is to maximize the amount of merchandise on the shelf and the amount of sales by arranging in such a way that makes it appealing to the consumer while minimizing wasted space.

Planograms differ significantly by retail sector.

Fast-moving consumer goods organizations and supermarkets largely use text and box based planograms that optimize shelf space, inventory turns, and profit margins.

Apparel brands and retailers are more focused on presentation and use pictorial planograms that illustrate “the look” and also identify each product.

DMSRetail Space Planner Planogram Software handles all requirements effectively.

Often retailers use planograms to decide how best to get as much on their shelves as possible or increase sales.

Even more often, however, the suppliers will send a planogram before sending their product as a suggestion to help in displaying their goods so they can be easily seen and will be placed alongside like objects.

Clothing Planogram


Key business benefits:

Red Arrow Right Consumer driven store-specific planograms increases value leading to lifetime customer loyalty.

Red Arrow Right Targeted store-specific planograms lead to maximum in-store compliance resulting in an accurate understanding of product distribution.

Red Arrow Right Accurate store-specific planograms ensure optimum supply chain efficiency that results in higher availability to consumers, maximum stock turn and the most efficient use of space.

Red Arrow Right Introducing focused store-specific planograms leads to increased sales and profitability, reduction in stock and operational costs and an overall improvement in bottom line contribution.

Red Arrow Right Tailors assortments including product launches and group-specific go-to-market strategies, so that you can improve cluster results and meet true local demand

Red Arrow Right Increases movement at full retail value while lowering carrying costs and decreasing out-of-stocks and excess inventory, so that you can enhance your overall profitability

Red Arrow Right Streamlines space and floor planning, so that you can increase your space productivity and optimize your capital investment

Red Arrow Right Translates merchandising strategy into tactics, so that you can drive consistent store execution of your corporate strategic and assortment decisions

Grocery Planogram

Why DMSRetail Space Planner(TM)

Red Arrow Right Simple to Use. Our software does not need any extensive training. It is intuitive to the point that you can create your first planogram in 10 minutes.

For the most part it is drag and drop.

Red Arrow Right Set the scene. Begin by drawing the backdrop, the display case or shelf that the items are to go on. It is drawn accurately to the size you give it.

Red Arrow Right Organize the items. Decide where you want the products or items to go using shapes that share the actual items dimensions and form.

Experiment with different ways of arranging the objects so that they fit as best as possible and will be easily seen.

Red Arrow Right Add visuals. Although optional, using pictorial representations of the objects will give you the complete feel of what you’ve arranged.

It will also allow anyone you share it with to imagine the display.

Red Arrow Right Use it. Now that you’ve completed your planogram, use the diagram to create the life size display.

Since all of your dimensions are accurate, you should not have to worry about whether or not everything will fit as you envisioned it; you know it will all fit together perfectly.

Red Arrow Right Analyze the Outcome: DMSRetail Space Planner has a powerful analysis engine which gives you what worked and what did not.

Making this Planogram Software an outstanding tool to maximize your sales and profits.

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