Retail Management Dashboards

Retail Management Dashboards

Retail Management Dashboards by DMSRetailIQ

Cost-effective high value business intelligence capabilities and value-added analysis services that enable retail companies to get the most relevant information to business users as quickly as possible.

DMSRetailIQ’s hosted dashboard, reporting and analytics platform provides a new, cost-effective option for small-medium sized businesses.

DMSRetailIQ  Insights makes understanding your key performance indicator data easy for everyone in your organization.

Instead of trying to decode complicated spreadsheets and daunting tables, your decision makers get all the key metrics they need – customized for your organization — clearly and vividly on a graphic dashboard.

Charts and graphs tell your sales and activity story quickly and clearly so your people are able to make better decisions – faster.

For a more in-depth look at customer, merchandising, marketing and sales activity, DMSRetailIQ Insights™ distills your data and creates reports that reveal key issues like emerging trends and weak spots.

It gives you far more information with far less effort.

Adopting DMSRetailIQ Insights is as easy as using it because there’s no expensive business intelligence software or hardware to purchase, install and learn.

It’s web-hosted so there’s no need to turn your IT systems upside-down.

The DMSRetailIQ Insights is a web-hosted application that takes data from multiple sources, such as your POS, CRM, Accounting and Distribution/Supply Chain software, and turns it into information – accessed through an easy to use dashboard and reports.

Data is integrated into the system through a wizard interface and can be set to refresh as frequently as every 20 minutes.

This means your users can look at near real-time information as it happens.

DMSRetailIQ Insights is 100% web-hosted, which means no software to maintain or hardware to buy. It can be up and running in days.

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Actionable Information…to Make Better Decisions

DMSRetailIQ Insights is a fully-supported web-hosted solution designed to help your executives and operational users stay aligned and informed.

DMSRetailIQ  Insights offers high-priority BI requirements to small and mid-size retail companies, including, customizable dashboards, continuously updated information, and data from multiple sources aggregated in one place…all in one inexpensive solution.

All data in one source:

With transaction, activity, marketing programs, and other data combined in one source, you can truly see how one part of the business is impacting another.

Pre-configured reports:

A library of out-of-the-box reports is available for you to use, all highlighting key metrics, meaning less time spent on configuring and re-configuring daily reports.

Pre-calculated metrics:

No need to run complicated Excel formulas. We’ve done a lot of the calculations for you so you can quickly spot emerging trends.

Completely customizable:

Our easy-to-use graphical interface means all your team members can customize their view to highlight key metrics, drill down to detailed data, and communicate performance to their managers as well as their subordinates.

Get started right away:

Little to no IT involvement. With no software or hardware to buy, you can have an affordable, valuable solution up and running in days.

DMSRetailIQ gives small and medium size retailers the right tool to make mission critical decisions, establish priorities, and maximize growth.


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