Prepare for Sales Success

Prepare for Sales Success

We start our selling process with preparation.

All professionals prepare properly and our routine is no exception.

Red Arrow Right Preparation is an in depth endeavor.

One has to be mentally prepared, physically prepared, be well groomed, have the surroundings aesthetically prepared and have a general game plan.

Red Arrow Right Always know your business inside and out. Make it your business to know stock status, available delivery times and advertising schedules and promotions.

Red Arrow Right Create an atmosphere that your store is having the biggest sale of the year. Make sure that your store reflects the event. Look busy and successful.

Make sure to display any awards, mementos of achievement and testimonial letters that allow customers to see the true professional they are dealing with.

Red Arrow Right Remain upbeat and be in a positive state of mind. Let your customers know that you have made many sales already today.

The confident aura with which you carry yourself will go a long way towards creating the right atmosphere.

“This is the place to buy your product” should be written all over your face.

Red Arrow Right Know your competition and all of their strengths and weaknesses. Know your industry and all of the corresponding product information.

When you know more than anyone else, there is really no need for a customer to shop anywhere else.

Red Arrow Right While it is very important for you to know the specifications of your product, it is more important that you fully embrace your product and what it can do to make life better for your customer.

Having confidence in your product line and the place that you work will allow you to make many more and higher end sales.

Red Arrow Right You should know your customer and be able to relate to them. This may vary in different neighborhoods.

Get in touch with your community and know the type of customers that live there.

Red Arrow Right Always be prepared with the proper sales ads, price sheets, costs and product information at hand. Looking and acting organized makes a difference to the customer.

Red Arrow Right Learn and be careful to use urgency words such as “now” and “today” in your presentation.

Red Arrow Right Always use proper and friendly body language. How you look, stand and act are windows to the soul.

Make sure you let your customers know that you are not hiding anything or lying to them.

Red Arrow Right Keep all of these points in mind when preparing to take a customer. A customer picks up on everything.

It is a known fact that a customer makes their decision on whether they are at the place they are going to buy in the first two minutes.

Red Arrow Right This is possible because the brain processes millions of thoughts a minute subconsciously.

When your shoes are not shined, your tie is not properly tied or your store does not look clean and organized, you are starting the sales process with two strikes.

Take the time to be prepared and your sales figures will reflect it.

Practice and preparation make it perfect.


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