DMSRetail can help your company or career in retail management in one or more ways as listed below:

1. Consulting services will diagnose what can and may be improved in your operation to further sales, customer experience and ultimately profits.

2. Through products and services like workshops, courses, success guides and tools, we can help elevate the knowledge level and expertise of your staff.

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Generally Accepted Management Styles and their description:

AUTOCRATIC: Manager makes the decisions, usually results in well organized and functioning environment, there may be some dissension due to lack of input from the employees. Creativity is hindered.

CONSULTATIVE: Feedback is encouraged, degree of participation by the employees in decision making. Final call still with the manager.

PERSUASIVE: Works with the employees to convince them that the course of action is the right one, still holding on to full decision making power.

DEMOCRATIC: Consensus seeking management style where employees freely participate in decision making. Leads to very slow process to taking action for obvious reasons.

CHAOTIC: Puts more emphasis on speed and agility of action, decision making can be largely shared between the manager and the employees in a highly disorganized structure.

LAISSEZ-FAIRE: Casual unstructured environment where most of the decisions are made by the employees, high level of creativity.

As you are going to see in the Retail Leadership Solution, effective retail leader needs a lot more, in terms of skills and traits to make a significant impact.

You need to utilize all of the styles above based on specific circumstances and conditions. Ability to figure out what to use when is the decisive difference between good and bad leaders.


The Retail Leadership Solution  

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The Retail Leadership Solution  

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What Do the Customers Say?

Great Help, Great Seminar!

E.G - Vice President Sales

Thanks for opening my mind up to so many tools to help me manage better.  Good course, looking forward  to others.

R.J - Director of Sales

Thank you! Thank you! You have given me so much useful information to take back. I feel energized and excited to put a plan in place to get my numbers where I want them to be. I'll suggest that my other co-workers get the training.

C.H - Retail Operations Manager

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