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The Retail Loss Prevention & Profit Protection Workshop Online 2021

Reduce Your Losses by up to 68%!

January 26 and January 28, 2021 (3 hours each day)

11:00AM-2:00PM EDT (New York)

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Red Arrow Right Do you know just how much shrinkage is eroding your profits?

Red Arrow Right Do you know that with the right Loss Prevention strategy up to 68% of your shrinkage can be controlled?

Red Arrow Right Do you know that the major share of your shrinkage is caused by people on your payroll – through error, intentional damage and theft?

Red Arrow Right Are you aware that only about 21% of your shrinkage is the result of shoplifting?

Red Arrow Right Reducing shrinkage in retail is an on-going effort requiring commitment from all areas of the organization. It is not sufficient to train floor staff to watch out for thieves – employees or otherwise.

Red Arrow Right Achieving excellence in Loss Prevention requires a thorough understanding of the underlying causes. Because shrinkage is caused by process & systemic failure, opportunity and the human factor, all of these must be addressed and must be synchronized to make the improvements necessary to stop profit erosion.

This program is designed to provide understanding of all causes and to provide the know-how and the tools to reduce shrinkage and, therefore, enhance your profit picture.

Benefits to the Participants are:

Checkmark Strengthen participants’ understanding of what is to be gained by making Loss Prevention a priority.

Checkmark Improve participants’ understanding of the critical elements and distinct advantages of an effective Loss Prevention strategy.

Checkmark Improve participants’ ability to develop an effective Loss Prevention program that works well within a revenue generating environment.

Checkmark Receive practical hand-outs and tools to use when implementing Loss Prevention program in their organization.

Checkmark An opportunity to network with other retailers – all of whom have a desire to reduce shrinkage – to share experiences and best practices.

What you will take away from this program:

After you’ve attended this workshop you’ll know exactly how to…

Red Arrow Right Recognize and take necessary actions to reduce employee theft

Red Arrow Right Identify and reduce customer and vendor related theft and fraud

Red Arrow Right Conduct root cause analyses of your shrinkage problems

Red Arrow Right Analyze the impact of shrinkage on your profit margin

Red Arrow Right Design your store(s) to prevent theft

Red Arrow Right Create attractive but secure displays of goods on the shop floor

Red Arrow Right Develop preventative measures to help you reduce your shrinkage level

Red Arrow Right Develop the appropriate policies and procedures for profit protection

Here’s what the customers say:

“Amazing presentation. Tons of valuable information. If you are in the LP business, you must attend.” J. Stubbs LP Manager

“Found the workshop to be quite an eye opener. Very informative and instructive.” B. Sturrup LP Manager

The Retail Loss Prevention Workshop Online 2021
Program Outline

Understanding Shrinkage

• Shoplifting, Internal Theft, Paperwork Errors

• Perishable and Non-Perishable

• Profit & Loss Statement – Substantial Impact

Setting Policies & Expectations

• Vendors – Avoiding Theft & Fraud

• Receiving Department

• Store Design and In-Store Merchandising

• Communication Between Departments

• Employee Errors

Awareness: Warning SignalsDMSRetail Workshop Registration

• Transaction Analysis

• Voids, Returns, No Sales

• Employee Behaviors

• Customer Behaviors

• Sweetheart Deals

• Short Changing Customers

• Bank Deposits

Profit Enhancing Hiring Practices

• Pre-hire Background Checks

• Written Honesty Test

• Interviewing for Integrity

• Employee Handbooks

Action Plan to Reduce Shrinkage

• Understanding Your Vulnerabilities

• Where to Focus

• Monitoring

• Reliability Testing

• Deterrents that Work

• Performance Evaluations

Developing Your Security Plan

• Defining Manager’s Responsibility

• Role of the Security Officer

• Role of Other Management and Employees

• Role of Head Office Departments

• Security Procedures

Retail Loss Prevention Technology

• Transaction Monitoring


• VST Tags

• Biometric Surveillance

• Video Analysis

Who Should Attend: This workshop is suited to all management and staff, including Head Office personnel for any retail or service business.

Method of Delivery: Interactive lectures, case studies, visual tools, small group work, practical exercises and quizzes.

Duration: Two days, 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.  Two 15 minute breaks.

Workshop Fees: US$ 295 per person. Workshop fees include all workshop materials and all take away materials. Certificate of Achievement Awarded

The Retail Loss Prevention & Profit Protection Workshop Online 2021

January 26 and January 28, 2021 (3 hours each day)

11:00AM – 2:00PM EDT (New York)

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