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Re-Opening Post Covid-19

parmaks April 23, 2020

Kroger did a great job in compiling procedures to follow when the time comes to re-open your retail stores. You

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What’s Your Organization’s HC Type? (Human Capability)

parmaks April 23, 2020

Most people would agree there are reasons why some businesses are…  hugely successful others are just keeping their heads above

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Retail Business Promotional Ideas

parmaks March 08, 2020

Retail Business Promotional Idea List Advertise on the internet. Advertise in the classified advertising section of your community newspaper. Advertise

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Retail Staff Trained to Think

parmaks February 14, 2020

Retail Staff Trained to Think When faced with a customer who has a problem, do you expect your employees to

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75 Ways to Performance Culture

parmaks February 06, 2020

75 Ways to Build a Retail Performance Culture Worth Millions Did you ever wonder how some retailers manage to build

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Is Conversion King of the KPI’s?

parmaks January 30, 2020

Sometimes the easiest way to solve a problem is not the most obvious. When sales are down from a previous

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Word to the Retailwise I

parmaks January 24, 2020

Upgrade and simplify systems to avoid losses due to POS errors. The majority of retail employees can tell you at

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Customer Service Fanatics

parmaks January 19, 2020

Be a Customer Service Fanatic and be proud of it! If more retail managers were Customer Service Fanatics we would

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Back to Basics

parmaks December 25, 2019

A brand new season is upon us and, naturally, most retailers want to lift their performance up a notch compared

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Downside of Self Scheduling

parmaks November 11, 2019

Self scheduling creates headaches for Store Managers! Calendar girls…or calendar guys…absolutely love the sight of a calendar with an invitation

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