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Advanced Retail Math Workshop Online

Your Business Compass for Success!

January 26 & January 28, 2021

11:00AM-2:00PM EDT (New York) (3 Hours Each Day)


The Retail Math & Analytics Workshop Online is a 2-Day (2×3 Hours) intensive program designed to inform retail professionals about Key Retail Metrics, their calculations and their importance in daily retail operations. Key Performance Indicators that are essential for measurement of retail operational and merchandising success are covered in detail. In addition, this program contains a section on the very important management tool – Balanced Score Cards as they apply to Retail Management. Profit Multipliers, Retail Analytics (Big Data) as well as use of  Artificial Intelligence in Retail are also discussed in great detail.


Checkmark Introduction to key retail metrics. (Sales, Operations & Inventory Productivity Measures)

Checkmark 6 Pillars of Retail and how to optimize them for maximum sales and profitability.

Checkmark eCommerce and Online Retail Metrics & KPI’s

Checkmark Definition and explanation of terminology used in Retail Math.

Checkmark Key Performance Indicators for Retail Sales, Operations & Merchandising.

Checkmark What to measure, how to measure and how to interpret the results

Checkmark Commonly Used Formulas.

Checkmark Operating Statement (P&L Statement) – Sometimes it’s called the business plan because everything comes together here to give you the full story.

Checkmark Balanced Scorecards and Their Implementation in Retail Management – How can you monitor and control your business through just one number. (Includes the Development of sample Balanced Score Cards for Director of Sales, District Manager and Category Manager/Buyer)

Checkmark Profit Multipliers – A technique to be used when facing huge performance increase demands.

Checkmark Conversion Analytics – There is a lot more behind the scenes of this KPI. We’ll open your eyes to hidden potential of your store(s).

Checkmark Open-to-Buy – Arguably best tool for inventory planning and control. We’ll take the mystery out of solid OTB planning for you.

Checkmark Sell-Thru Scenarios – This is where  a good and better buyer/category manager shines.

Checkmark Retail Analytics (Big Data), Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Applications in Retail  – Customer Profiles, Targeting, Forecasting, Customer Loyalty and more…

Checkmark Q&A

Here’s What the Previous Participants Said

“Very interesting course applied to real life scenarios.”

“Great new ideas to implement.”

“Interesting, refreshing and holistic.”

“After having studied a year of Retail Management at Masters level the course was a fantastic recap of everything in two days.”

“A good amount of operational notes and ideas to drive business.”

“Thank you for the very informative seminar that was held at the Sheraton in NJ this week! The information will be very useful in our company and we plan to share that info with our sales teams as well. The instructor definitely knew the material well, shared his best practices and provided a great deal of insight on “retail math”—exactly what we were looking for.”

What You’ll Learn:

Red Arrow Right Why the success of your retail operation depends on your ability to determine, and accurately measure, your Key Performance Indicators. Measurement of important metrics and determining the key performance indicators is one of the most important activities for a retail manager at store/district/region/company level. Failure to identify your most important metrics and KPI’s can be fatal to your business.

Red Arrow Right Retail Math, Metrics and KPI terminology and definitions.

Red Arrow Right Commonly used formulas.

Red Arrow Right What to measure, how to measure and how to interpret the results.

Red Arrow Right What action to take based on the results.

Red Arrow Right Overview and examples of Open to Buy, Sell-thru and Operating Statements.

Red Arrow Right How to create and implement Balanced Score Cards at any level in your retail operation. Balanced Score Cards are used to summarize your most important KPI’s on one page – right at your fingertips – while considering all angles of your retail operation: Financial, Customer, Processes and Growth & Development.

Red Arrow Right Understanding the mechanics of target setting, utilizing the Profit Multipliers.

Red Arrow Right Full comprehension of Retail Analytics & Artificial Intelligence and their use in retail business intelligence as management decision support.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who has a responsibility to drive sales and profits, including VP Sales, VP Merchandising, District and Regional Managers as well as Buyers, Category Managers and other appropriate Head Office Staff. Supplier/Vendor staff who deal directly with retailers will benefit greatly from this workshop as well.

Why You Should Attend:

Number one Practical, applicable and actionable content delivered by top experts in Retail Sales & Operations Management to drive your sales, productivity and profitability. Proven to increase those metrics by double digits. Check out the testimonials.

Number two Value: Apart from acquiring complete knowledge, participants will enjoy a 30-Day unlimited Q&A through email after the workshop (A $1,000 value by itself)

Number three ROI: Return on investment can be as high as 1,000 times the registration fee based on your company revenues and how many techniques, ideas and methods from the workshop you implemented.

Number four Positions you as an expert .

Number five Creates a “larger picture” mentality.

Number 6 Improves your standing as a Retail Management Leader

Number 7 Two days that will produce a lifetime of results.

Facilitator – Matt Parmaks

With years of retail and related experience, Matt provides his audience with a wealth of real life examples on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of best practices in just about every area of retail.

During his retail management career, both in sales and merchandising executive positions, Matt has generated more than $750 Million revenue and has been responsible for sales organizations as large as 1000 salespeople.

Matt has extensive knowledge about the retail industry, gained through formal education, work experience and a keen interest in business and world affairs.

He is the author of numerous books and articles in Retail Performance and Managerial Productivity. Matt received Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Engineering from the University of Birmingham in the UK.

What is Included:

Checkmark Presentations, practical exercises and case studies

Checkmark All workshop materials and all take away materials including session recordings and slides

Duration: 2 Days (11am-2pm)

Registration Fee: $295 

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