Firmly Rooted: Retail’s Plant-based Boom is Just Getting Started

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No longer relegated to crunchy natural foods stores, plant-based products have become table stakes for any company taking its grocery business seriously. As plant-based products emerge as a major growth driver for leading brands and retailers, best practices and next-stage opportunities are crystalizing. Carol’s guest Julie Emmett serves as the senior director of marketplace development for the Plant Based Foods Association (PBFA). In this role, Julie supports over 350 leading plant-based food companies with merchandising, education, research, data analysis, and marketing. She founded PBFA’s Retail Advisory Council and is a passionate advocate and thought leader for plant-based business opportunities. 

In this episode, Carol and Julie discuss PBFA’s latest data on the explosive growth of plant-based products, shifting consumer and retailer mindsets, and the latest insights on how retailers and brands can take full advantage of the opportunity. Julie reveals findings from PBFA’s groundbreaking study with Kroger and next-level research that will impact future retail strategy.

Highlights from the interview:

·       How plant-based foods’ “triple bottom line” hedges against inflation

·       Why merchandising gains make all the difference

·       How plant-based foods tackle consumers’ top concerns

·       Why plant-based products support sustainability’s second act


Guest Information and resources:

PBFA website

PBFA blog

2022 US Retail Sales Data

Plant-Based Certification

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