“Content Isn’t Community” (Feat. Kendall Dickieson)

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Today, Philip and Brian welcome back Kendall Dickieson to chat about the creator economy, how TikTok is changing the way for brands, digital pruning, and how creation affects community. Tune in now! 

Balancing the Why 

  • The Creator economy has begun to shift the DTC space and change the landscape, but there is still proof in the pudding. 
  • “Platforms like TikTok have exposed the true analytics for the most part, but there’s still things on the back end that we don’t really know unless we ask the creator.” -Kendall
  • Digital pruning- where we should be watering and filtering our social channels, and tending to our gardens (accounts.)
  • There can be an over-pruning of social accounts and your community. Brands and creators should be watchful of these thresholds
  • “There’s so much that brands need to do to exist on social from the content creation side to now, contracting out creators, to building out teams.” -Kendall
  • Phillip poses the question: Does the creation of a community become undermined by most people going to a social platform and getting them to move out of the entertainment box to the getting value box?
  • Great marketing and a great product equals amazing success 

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