Category: Management

Leave Head Office to Learn

parmaks1 April 02, 2020

There’s something about ‘the office’, isn’t there? It’s that place where we get quiet time to get our thoughts together.

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Insane Retailing

parmaks1 March 08, 2020

It has been said by many authors that an appropriate definition of insanity be ‘repeating the same actions time and

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Retail Communications

parmaks1 January 19, 2020

Everyone in retail, particularly those in retail management, knows that communication between Head Offices, Regional Offices, Stores and, even, within

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Missed Opportunities: Quantified

parmaks1 December 22, 2019

Retailers need to take a closer look at their missed opportunities; they need to quantify lost sales. I am going

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The Store Manager is a Lighthouse

parmaks1 December 05, 2019

Throughout history the lighthouse has played an important role in navigation and pilotage at sea; its purpose is to guide,

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