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Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course

There’s no denying that a Retail Store Manager has a huge impact on the profitability of the store. In fact, the ability of the Store Manager is the single, biggest success factor when it comes to profitable retail store operations.

To reach the top, and to be considered a ‘Highly Successful Retail Manager’, a Store Manager needs real Action Strategies for Retail Store Management Success and they’re all included in our Store Management for Maximum Success Workshop.

You probably already know that DMSRetail Inc. offers the two day Store Management for Maximum Success Workshop in locations around the world. If not, you’ll find the actual workshop program outline here:

But we’ve heard that many of our customers can’t attend due to hectic schedules and/or prohibitive costs and travel related expenses.

Does that sound like you? Can’t attend? Just can’t ever seem to get away? Employees are too busy to get away too?

Please read on for the exciting news.

We’ve solved that problem, for you, with one of our YourTime Self Study Courses!

Store Management for Max Success

DMSRetail Inc. is providing Action Strategies for Store Management Success with the

Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course

Now you and/or your employees can have access to this great learning experience.. anywhere…and at any time you choose. Read on for information about the content and exactly what’s included.

On sale, for a limited time only.

Here’s what you get….

You’ll get these DVD’s and related Study Guides and materials:

1.)  Retail Math, Metrics, KPI’s & Balanced Scorecards

2.)  Leadership for Peak Performance

3.)  Customer Value Management

4.)  The Store Management Process

You get an Action Strategies Study Guide, including practical exercises, and a Maximum Performance Goal Planner to record your goals and progress!

You’ll also receive these two bonuses, electronically, for you to use over and over in the months and years ahead…

Retail Employee Evaluation System ‘I Succeed’ – a quick and easy method of evaluating and communicating the really important things. There’s no huge time investment for you or the associate. But you still get the important job done. With this system, your employees will have no doubt, whatsoever, about what’s important, and what’s expected.

DMSRetailer – the Organizer/Planner designed specifically for the busy Store Manager. A regular Organizer/Planner simply won’t do for a Store Manager. Life is different in the store! We understand and we make this planner work for you, every hour of every day.

Now for some details of the topics that are covered in the 4 DVD set:

First of all, there’s…

  • The Store Manager’s Keys to Success…get these right…sky is  the limit!Advice on Retail Management Courses
  • Hiring Right – Interviewing Sales Associates
  • Effective Retail Sales Management
  • Productive Staff Meetings
  • Non-Monetary Rewards
  • Performance Management and Coaching for Results
  • Building and leading a High Performance Team
  • Top 5 Factors that Determine the Success of Retail Operations

 And, no Store Management program would be complete without…

Customer Focus at the Front Lines…beyond the current discussion about customer service!

  • Attributes of the truly ‘Customer Friendly’ Front Line Employee
  • Lifetime Value of your Customer
  • The Service – Profit Chain at Store Level
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service for Maximum Loyalty and Profit

And, of course, a successful Store Manager’s skill set absolutely must include…Retail Math, Metrics & KPI’s…

Managing by the numbers – you’ll learn how to stay fully informed about the financial aspect of your business and what you can do to have a positive impact on the numbers…

  • 6 Pillars of Retail – how the pillars came to be, and the brand new and very important pillar.
  • Definition and explanation of terminology used in Retail Math – all of the terms and what they mean.
  • Key Performance Indicators- what to measure to stay on top of the performance in your store, how to make the calculations and how to interpret the results so you can take action; what actions you can take based on the results. Be informed and speak intelligently about the business.
  • Commonly Used Formulas – formulas that are used in retail math and in business in general.
  • Open-to-Buy & Sell-Thru Scenarios – a basic understanding of OTB/Sell-Thru.
  • Store Operating Statement (P&L Statement)- what this statement is all about; how to read it and make sense of it so you can begin to take actions to improve it.
  • Balanced Scorecards and Their Implementation in Retail Management – the importance of this very powerful and easy to use management tool; how to create Balanced Scorecards for any position. Summarize the most important KPI’s on one page – right at your fingertips – while considering all angles of your retail operation: Financial, Customer, Processes and Growth & Development

As you listen to your DVD’s and watch the PowerPoint presentation you’ll receive the same learning as you would if you were attending in person. You’ll hear from some of the same Senior Consultants who lead the actual workshops.

If you have questions about anything being presented, you just send us an email, to the address we’ll provide with your purchase. We have resources dedicated and committed to you and we’ll get an answer back to you promptly.

It’s the next best thing to attending in person…without the scheduling difficulties and without the travel related expenses!

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Store Management for Maximum Success YourTime Study Course


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Store Management for Max Success

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