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Generally Accepted Management Styles and their description:

AUTOCRATIC: Manager makes the decisions, usually results in well organized and functioning environment, there may be some dissention due to lack of input from the employees. Creativity is hindered.

CONSULTATIVE: Feedback is encouraged, degree of participation by the employees in decision making. Final call still with the manager.

PERSUASIVE: Works with the employees to convince them that the course of action is the right one, still holding on to full decision making power.

DEMOCRATIC: Consensus seeking management style where employees freely participate in decision making. Leads to very slow process to taking action for obvious reasons.

CHAOTIC: Puts more emphasis on speed and agility of action, decision making can be largely shared between the manager and the employees in a highly disorganized structure.

LAISSEZ-FAIRE: Casual unstructured environment where most of the decisions are made by the employees, high level of creativity.

As you see, there are 6 styles mentioned above. On a closer look, we should be able to narrow these choices down to 3 styles, because of the proximity of certain styles.

We Narrowed Our final selection of different styles down to 3:

Autocratic, Paternalistic and Democratic. The quiz will evaluate your style based on the percentage you score in each one of these style dimensions. 




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