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Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course


The fact that you are reading this, we feel pretty certain that you are the type of retail leader who has a desire to make a difference in your business every single day.

We often recommend that you should register and attend The Retail Operations Management Workshop because it’s the one place you’ll be guaranteed to increase your own knowledge and understanding of retailing in the 21st Century and learn how you can contribute more to the success of your organization.

Exciting news…

But, because so many people have inquired about what I’m about to tell you, we’re going to recommend something a little different, and very special.

Please read on for the exciting news!

What the American Society of Training and Development says…

Just so you know…

Companies that employed training on a regular basis posted shareholder returns 86% above firms that didn’t increase training and 45% above the market average.” (American Society of Training and Development)

Did you also know about these dramatic differences between the weakest and the strongest retail leaders? (Research: Zenger-Folkman)

  • Checkmark 4-6 times higher profits
  • Checkmark 6 times higher sales revenues
  • Checkmark 10-20 times higher levels of employee engagement
  • Checkmark 3-4 times reduction in employees thinking about quitting
  • Checkmark 50% fewer employees that do leave
  • Checkmark Double the satisfaction with pay and job security
  • Checkmark 4-5 times more employees “willing to go the extra mile”
  • Checkmark 1.5 times higher customer satisfaction ratings

Now, because we talk about it regularly, and unless you’ve been completely out of touch with your BlackBerry, iPhone or other communication device, you already know that DMSRetail Inc. offers the three day Retail Operations Management Workshop in various locations around the world each year. (Just in case you didn’t know, you can check it out here for full details:

Can’t attend? Too busy? Not in the budget?

We’ve heard, from many of our customers and subscribers, that they simply can’t attend due to hectic schedules, time spent away from the stores or office and/or budget restrictions, prohibitive costs and travel related expenses, etc.

Problem solved…

So, we’ve solved that problem for you! DMSRetail is providing Action Strategies for Retail Operations Management Success by introducing…

Retail Sales/Operations Management

With this YourTime Study Course, everyone can have access to this great learning experience.

So, what’s the big deal?

The Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course is value priced at $597 with free shipping (Physical) and $397 (Digital)! That’s a lot less than the cost of $1,995 to attend the workshop in person. A fraction of the price!!

What, exactly, is in it for me?

Here’s some information about what you’ll get.

Managing by Numbers

  • Quickly and Easily Identify which Numbers to Measure and Manage
  • Pick Your Key Performance Indicators and Watch Them Improve
  • The Power of One Number – Learn How to Make and Use Your Own Retail Balanced Scorecards
  • Analysis of Performance – Benchmarks
  • Break-Even Point Analysis
  • Learn Where to Focus Your Attention with P/L Statement Diagnostics

Utilization of Business Intelligence in Retail Operations

  • Why A Whole New World Awaits you with Customer and Market Potential Estimates,   Profiles and Market Segmentation
  • How to Figure out Your Product/Service Potential
  • Trade Area Analysis
  • No Darts Required: Store Network Optimization
  • Advertising Mix Analysis

Retail Sales Management

  • 5 Great Advantages to Relationship and Solution Selling Applied to Retail
  • Follow this Plan to Turn Meetings into Effective Sales Training Tools
  • Why you Must Take the Guesswork out of Sales Forecasting, Budgets and Quota Establishment
  • Competitive Strategies – Positioning
  • Avoid these Common Mistakes – Incentives, Rewards and Motivation that Work
  • Real Compensation Strategies for Top Performance: Why Most Don’t Work
  • Non Monetary Rewards and How to Apply them for Maximum Productivity

Customer Value Management Excellence

  • The Simple Links in the Service/Profit Chain
  • Winning Customer Service Strategies that Work
  • Determinants of Customer Service Quality – Find Out How you Measure Up
  • Customer Service Action Plans for Long Term Loyalty
  • Learn About the Loyalty – Profitability Connection
  • Who’s Paying for Your Advertising and Marketing
  • Why you need to do more to Create and Retain Loyal Customers

Retail Leadership for Effective Performance Management

  • The Truth about Planning for Success – Setting the Direction – Purpose, Vision, Mission, Strategy
  • Build Your Framework for Growth
  • How to Establish Strategic Imperatives & Eliminate Non Performers
  • Performance Management: People – Performance – Strategic Imperative Link
  • The Key Ingredients for Establishing a Performance Culture
  • Strategic Enablement: Integrated & Automated Processes
  • Navigating your Strategic Staffing Model for Top Performance

Synergy of Top Sales Performance, Great Customer Service and Performance Leadership Know-How

  • Follow this Road Map to Top Performance in Sales and Profitability
  • Sample SWOT Analysis and Strategy Maps
  • 16 Step Plan to Increase any Metric by 20% in Six Months
  • What you Must do to Sustain the Success Achieved and Build on it

Multiple Intelligences & Learning Strengths

  • Arm Yourself with the 7 Distinct Intelligences and Hit the Mark Every Time you Speak
  • Integrate Learning Strengths and Delivery Methods to Create Excitement in Your Teams
  • Bring New Meaning and Life to Your Sales Meetings
  • Use these Techniques to Make Even Mandatory Meetings Desirable

Time Management in Retail

  • Stay on Track – and on the Money – with these 3 Time Management Tricks 
  • How to Confidently Deal with Distracters Without Offending Anyone
  • Get 25% More out of Every Store Visit using these 5 Simple Techniques

Retail Operations

When you play your DVD’s you’ll see the same PowerPoint presentations that you would see if you were attending in person. And you’ll hear the same content you would hear from the Senior Consultants who lead the actual workshops. If you have questions about anything being presented, you just send us an email to the address we’ll provide with your purchase, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

You also get these materials to work with…

  • Checkmark Action Strategies Guide & Workbook Model & Worksheets
  • Checkmark Multiple Intelligences Questionnaire & Worksheets
  • Checkmark Staffing Model & Worksheets

And there’s a bonus for you…included in the DVD’s…

  • Checkmark The Store Management Process: A Blueprint Developed by DMSRetail Inc.

Other major benefits, too.

There are major benefits to you that go beyond the enormous cost savings.


With the Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course, you get the convenience of ‘attending’ whenever, and wherever, it’s convenient for you; and you can study at your own pace…on YourTime!

Build your retail management library:

You have the DVD’s to review at any point in the future.

No Risk to you:

One last, and very important point regarding benefits…you get to try it for one full year completely risk free. Yes, we will refund your money if you don’t think you’ve benefited from this course.


What participants said about the Retail Operations Workshop…

At this point you might be wondering what some of our past attendees had to say about The Retail Operations Management Workshop, so here you go:

“The Retail Operations Management Workshop provided by DMSRetail has exceeded expectations. The Program has provided me with new ideas and methods to getting the job done effectively. The delivery of the content and the use of examples and and scenarios was exceptional. I would definitely recommend this session to others within my company. You can consider me a “delighted customer”.

R.S. – Head of Retail, Digicell

“Once again, thank you for the training, I appreciate the learning I got from this workshop and look forward in pursuing other training sessions you might offer.”

Aida A. B. – Retail Strategy Consultant, Value Retail

“The Retail Operations Management Workshop has provided me with many very helpful ideas on how to run a successful retail operation. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be successful in retail.”

Mike Toursal – Owner & CEO, Eagle Leather

I recommend ‘The Retail Operations Management Workshop’ very highly to others; as long as they are not the competition.”

A. Hashim – Sales Manager, Harvey Nichols

“The DMSRetail Operations Management Workshop is a complete tool which would assist a retailer achieve the critical success factor essential to position your company above the competitive clutter and serve your customers better.”

R.V. – Brand Manager, Sun & Sand Sports

“Again I would like to thank DMSRetail team for the precious time we had, it was really one of the best fruitful workshops I have ever attended.”

Julien A. – Retail Operations Manager, Bestseller

“Thanks for a wonderful Workshop, it has been time well invested. The work experience that instructors shared with us throughout the workshop was enriching and endorsed the quality of the teachings as well as its credibility.”

Christina Dominguez – Operations Manager, Farmacias Los Hidalgos

“I rated this workshop as ‘Excellent (5 out of 5)’ because it helped me implement performance management in my retail operation with excellent results.”

Berna Ramey – Managing Partner, Avenue Trading

“Very illuminating…Thought Provoking…Very Challenging.

A. L. B. – CEO – Above & Beyond

“I really enjoyed the workshop. Found it very interesting and learned a lot. I would come again. Met some great people. Dianne and Matt are wonderful.”

Y. – Retail Operations Manager

“Thank you! Thank you! You have given me so much useful information to take back. I feel energized and excited to put a plan in place to get my numbers where I want them to be. I’ll suggest that my other co-workers get the training/do the workshop”

H. – Retail Operations Manager – Unicomer Group

Extremely informative workshop and I can’t wait to implement ideas when I return. Excellent facilitation and I would highly recommend this course/workshop to “anyone” in any “position” in the retail world.”

A.McA. – Retail Operations Manager – NWTel

One of the best training I ever attended”

A.A. – Vice President, Operations – Nahdi Medical Company

“I think it was very enlightening and practical, the speed was good too. I was listening and constantly thinking how to use the tools in my company. Definitely worth it, thanks a lot.”

A.R. – CEO – Just Kidding LLC.

“Thanks a lot for this amazing workshop. The amount of useful information is really unbelievable. Also the amount of real life examples and videos are incredible.

N.S.H. – Head of Retail – Heineken

“Great workshop packed with relevant information to learn from and implement throughout all areas of our business. Would highly recommend this to any retail operations / retail management professional.”

B.C. – Head of Operations – AdventureHQ

“In these 3 days my mind about retail management has increased ten fold. I took the most out of the KPI’s, metrics, store and staff development programmes…which I will be implementing. Great Workshop !”

G.-L.S. – Regional Manager – AdventureHQ

“A very informative and relevant workshop. Excellent material. All subject matters easy to understand and can be easily applied to current operation. Informative and inspiring tutor. Overall Excellent Course !

M.S. – Head of Retail – Ferrari World

Information, knowledge and insights and more…

If you want to gain all of the information, knowledge and insights from Senior Consultants of DMSRetail – all of whom have been there and done it with great success, without spending the time and money to attend the three day workshop, then this exclusive money-saving offer is for you.

Order today.Advice on Retail Management Courses

This is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn from the comfort of your home or office at your convenience, and build your retail management training library, while saving a lot of money!

Order Now and Get:

Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course:

  • Checkmark 8 DVD Set

Working Materials:

  • Checkmark Action Strategies Guide & Workbook
  • Checkmark Maximum Performance Goal Planners
  • Checkmark Multiple Intelligences Questionnaire & Worksheets
  • Checkmark Staffing Model & Worksheets

Special Bonus:

Checkmark The Store Management Process and it’s application on DVD – a blueprint developed by DMSRetail Inc

Risk Free: You have one full year to try the Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course. If you don’t think this course has paid for itself several times over, just ask for a refund.

Order Now!

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Retail Operations Management YourTime Study Course

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Only $697

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Retail Sales/Operations Management

The price of education is paid just once. The price of ignorance is paid forever!Anonymous

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