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“Discover the Secrets of Getting Top Performance from Your Store Managers”

Retail District Management YourTime Study Course


Did you know about these dramatic differences between the weakest and the strongest retail leaders? (Research: Zenger-Folkman)

  • Checkmark 4-6 times higher profits
  • Checkmark 6 times higher sales revenuesRetail Management Courses
  • Checkmark 10-20 times higher levels of employee engagement
  • Checkmark 3-4 times reduction in employees thinking about quitting
  • Checkmark 50% fewer employees that do leave
  • Checkmark Double the satisfaction with pay and job security
  • Checkmark 4-5 times more employees “willing to go the extra mile”
  • Checkmark 1.5 times higher customer satisfaction ratings

Did you also know?:

“According to operating data from various retail organizations, District/Area/Region Manager can influence performance by up to +/- 20%” – (DMSRetail Research)

That’s a lot of influence! To reach the top level of this sphere of influence you need real Action Strategies for Retail District Management Success and they’re all included in our Retail District Management Workshop. Can’t attend? Please read on for the exciting news.

You probably already know that DMSRetail Inc. offers the two day Retail District Management Workshop in locations around the world. (In case you haven’t, you can check it out here: District Management Workshop) But we’ve heard that many of our customers can’t attend due to hectic schedules and/or prohibitive costs and travel related expenses.

So we worked to solve that problem for you! DMSRetail Inc. is providing Action Strategies for Retail Management Success by introducing the Retail District Management YourTime Study Course on DVD. Now everyone can have access to this great learning experience. And, if you order now, we are offering significant savings exclusively for you.

Retail DM Training

Here are the topics covered in the 6 DVD set:

  • Leadership – How to Become a Great Leader of People in Retail Environment
  • Retail Math, Metrics, KPI’s and Balanced Scorecards
  • Execution, Communication and Managing Up – 6 Step Process for Flawless Execution; Productive Communication; How to Manage Up
  • Multiple Intelligences and Learning Strengths – How to Speak to Your Employees with Maximum Effectiveness
  • People Development – Hiring, Interviewing, A Strategic Staffing Model; Coaching; Succession Planning
  • Performance Management – Tools, Store Visits and Action Planning

When you play your DVD’s you’ll see the same PowerPoint Presentation that you would see if you were attending in person. And you’ll hear the same content you would hear from the Senior Consultants who lead the actual workshops. If you have questions about anything being presented, you just send us an email, to the address we’ll provide with your purchase, and we’ll get an answer back to you promptly.

You also get these materials to work with…

  • Checkmark Action Strategies Guide & Workbook
  • Checkmark Maximum Performance Goal Planner

And, still more for you, a Special Bonus…

  • Checkmark The Store Management Process – a blueprint developed by DMSRetail Inc.


There are major benefits to you that go beyond the enormous cost savings. With the Retail District Management YourTime Study Course on DVD, you get the convenience of ‘attending’ whenever, and wherever, it’s convenient for you; and you can study at your own pace. You also have the DVD’s to review at any point in the future. That makes it a breeze to absorb Retail DM Training.

One last, and very important, thing about the offer…you get to try it for one full year completely risk free. Yes, we will refund your money if you don’t think you’ve benefited from this course.

At this point you might be wondering what some of our past attendees have to say about the Retail District Management Workshop (Same content as the YourTime Study Course), so here you go:

“Illuminating, challenging and entertaining” Amanda R., Retail Business Owner

“Very good information, gave many tools to be a very successful DM.” Leland W., District Manager

“It was informative on key pieces of the DM role.” Alissa B., Corporate Trainer

“Great! Felt, after an hour on the first day, that it was well worth my time away from the store.” Kim H., Sr. Store Manager

“I think this class has made me a better DM. I can put a lot of the systems I saw into play in my stores.” Calvin D., District Manager

If you want to gain all of the information, knowledge and insights from Senior Consultants of DMSRetail, who have been there and done it with great success, without spending the time and money to attend the two day workshop, then this exclusive offer is for you. But don’t wait, particularly if you want to take advantage of this special offer. Order your copy of Retail DM Course today!

Please Note: This is an outstanding opportunity for you to learn from the comfort of your home or office, at your convenience, while saving a lot of money!

What You Get:

Retail District Management YourTime Study Course:Retail Management Courses

  • Checkmark 6 DVD Set

Working Materials:

  • Checkmark Action Strategies Guide & Workbook
  • Checkmark Maximum Performance Goal Planner

Special Bonus:

  • Checkmark The Store Management Process on DVD – a blueprint developed by DMSRetail Inc

Retail District Manager’s Success Framework

Retail District Manager Success Framework

Course Outline


  • Personal Management Styles – Understanding strengths and opportunities in ones’ own management style and ability
  • Traits and Characteristics of Great Leaders – Relevant to the retail business
  • Removing Obstacles – The role of the District/Area/Region Manager
  • Earning Respect through Integrity and Credibility

People Development & Succession Planning:

  • Recruiting, Hiring, Training – Where it all starts and where to go from there
  • Setting the Example – Learn how you are being perceived by your teams and what you can do to become the best example for them
  • Coaching – When and how to do it for maximum benefit. How to have the difficult conversations when necessary
  • Motivating & Getting their Best – Identifying the different approaches to developing your people
  • Business Continuity – How to be prepared for any personnel issues that affect your stores
  • Charting the Course – You’ll build a succession planning chart and easily learn to predict or anticipate future management requirements for your district/region

Managing Up:

  • Diplomacy Skills – What you need to know to manage up successfully and productively
  • The Value of Your Opinion – How to become a valued and respected source of information to aid in corporate decision making
  • The Importance of the District/Area/Region Manager Position – A field/Head Office Liaison

Retail Math, Metrics & KPI’s:

  • Understanding Retail Math, Metrics & KPI’s – Understand what all those numbers mean, what to measure, how to interpret results and take action based on those results
  • Knowing Your Numbers – How to speak intelligently about your business from a numbers perspective and how to ensure your Store Managers know their numbers too
  • Positively Affecting the Profit & Loss Statement – Learn how you and your teams can easily & positively impact the P&L


  • It’s All in the Execution – Learn how to avoid the pitfalls that lead to poor execution of company directives and standards.
  • Communication – Learn how to lay the foundations for excellent communication in managing multiple business units
  • Managing remotely – Learn how to keep your finger on the pulse of each store…when you’re not there
  • Follow up triggers and mechanisms

Performance Management:

  • Sales Management & Customer Service – Set high expectations and then be available to do what it takes to help everyone achieve them
  • Setting the Example – How to inspire your people through role modeling
  • Knowing Where to Focus your Efforts – Learn where to get the biggest payback for your time and effort without neglecting anything
  • Keys to your district/regions’ success – We show you how to find your ‘Keys’
  • Pulling it All Together & Putting it All to Work – Q&A
  • How it all works together
  • Where to Start
  • Roadmap to Success

Here are some more comments from the participants of in-person course (Same Content):Advice on Retail Management Courses

“The course is one of the most enjoyable ones I have attended. The information was refreshing and very informative.”

“The course was very good, organized and focused. Time management was good.”

“Thank you. It was a very good course.”

“It was great to attend this course. It adds to me a lot and I’m waiting for more and more, see you soon.”

“I believe that I can make a difference by using the ideas that I got from this course.”

“I learned how to lead my people and how to implement correct action plans.”

“The tools and the modules are very good, very informative and effective.”

“It was very good in translating strategies into action. I found a lot of things to implement in my area.”

Here’s What You Get:

Retail District Management YourTime Study Course:

  • Checkmark 6 DVD Set

Working Materials:

  • Checkmark Action Strategies Guide & Workbook
  • Checkmark Maximum Performance Goal Planner

Special Bonus:

  • Checkmark The Store Management Process on DVD – a blueprint developed by DMSRetail Inc.

Retail District Manager Course Pak

Risk Free: You have one full year to try the Retail District Management YourTime Study Course. If you don’t think this course has paid for itself several times over, just ask for a refund.

Order Now – Risk Free!

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Retail DM Training

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