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  • Tools
  • Study Courses
  • Performance Solution Pacs
  • Information
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  • Advice
  • World Retail News
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Success Guides & Tools

Module 6

Retail Math – Made Simple, 5th Edition

Managing for Higher Retail Success

Winning at Store Management

22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers

Customer Service Fundamentals

Retailer’s Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons

‘I Succeed’ Retail Employee Evaluation System

The DMSRetailer – Store Manager’s Organizer/Planner

Dominate Holiday Sales

Word to the Retailwise


Module 1

Self-Study Courses

  • Retail Selling Skills & Customer Experience Fundamentals
  • Store Management for Maximum Success
  • Max ROI Store Visits
  • Retail District Management
  • Retail Operations Management
  • Retail Category Management
  • Retail Leadership Solution
  • Online Marketing for Retailers
  • Loss Prevention & Profit Protection
Module 2


  • The Best Foot Forward Bundle
  • The Super Retail Success Bundle
  • The Retail Success Accelerator – Store Performance Solution
  • The Ultimate Retail Success Collection
Module 3

Reports and Forms

  • Store Visit Report
  • Mystery Shopping Questionnaire
  • Vacation Planner for Stores
  • Time off and Vacation Rules That Work
  • ‘Daily News’ Guide for the Cash Desk
  • Interview Questions
  • Hiring Tip Sheet
  • Setting Expectations for New Hires
  • Store Schedule for Productivity
  • Store Scheduling Tip Sheet
  • Balanced Score Cards
  • Physical Inventory Taking Tip Sheet
  • Weekly Employee Evaluation
  • Monthly Employee Evaluation
  • Quarterly Employee Evaluation
  • Annual Employee Evaluation
  • Backroom Communication Board
  • Cash Desk Management
  • Supplies Management
  • Rules of Engagement
  • Store Manager’s Keys to Success
  • District Manager’s Framework for Success
  • Retail Business Analytics
  • Retail Mind Maps
Module 4

Sales & Marketing

  • Selling Steps
  • 75 Open Ended Questions
  • Marketing Ideas
  • Signage no-no’s
  • Cross Promotion Ideas
  • Social Media Instructions for Retailers – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In and more
  • Rules for Your Window Merchandisers
  • Rules for Stocking the Sales Floor
Module 5

Compensation Plans

  • DMSRetail Proprietary Pay for Performance
  • Pay for Performance – General
  • Pay for Performance – Plan for Supermarket/Grocery Retail
  • Pay for Performance – Big ticket/Luxury Goods
  • Non – Monetary Reward Systems
  • All of the Above Delivered Live through Zoom Session
Module 6

Inspirational Guidance

  • 11 Leadership Principles
  • Integrity in Management
  • Management Styles that Work
  • Management Styles that Don’t Work
  • Managing Up, Down and Sideways
  • District Manager’s Creed
  • Essential Reading for Retailers
  • Success Stories
  • Motivational Quotes
  • The Summer House
Module 6

Online Training – Webinars**

  • Category Management
  • Open To Buy
  • 33% Increase Formula
  • The Store Management Process
  • Get 25% More out of Store Visits
  • Retail Math Made Simple
  • Managing by Numbers
  • Add-On Selling
  • Loss Prevention
  • Online Marketing
  • Retail Leadership
  • AI, BI and Machine Learning in Retail

**DMSRetail holds Live Webinars (from $47 to $197 registration fee) on a regular basis and we post them to Retail Business Academy within hours. With your Platinum Private Membership you don’t have to sign up and/or pay. You avoid time zone issues and scheduling conflicts because, at your convenience, you just go to the Retail Business Academy and watch/listen to the webinar.

Module 6

People Development

  • Sample Coaching Conversations
  • Disciplinary Actions
  • Supporting & Challenging Your Performers
  • Career Path Development
  • Ideal Candidate Profile Development
  • Performance Management ‘How To’


Retail Business Academy

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Additional Platinum Private Membership Benefits

Special Rates for Workshop Attendance for you and your colleagues – Here are the workshops currently being offered:

  • The Retail Operations Management Workshop
  • Retail Category Management Workshop
  • Retail District Management Workshop
  • Retail Math, Metrics & KPI’s Workshop
  • Store Management for Maximum Success Workshop
  • Retail Design & Visual Merchandising Workshop
  • Retail Marketing & Brand Management Workshop
  • Cashier Etiquette & Performance Workshop
  • Loss Prevention & Profit Protection Workshop
  • KPI Based Store Management & Scheduling
  • Get 25% More From Store Visits

All of this is being brought to you by DMSRetail – Founded in 1991; on the web since 2003.


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Who will benefit from membership in the Retail Business Academy?

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Why Should You Join the Retail Business Academy?

Regardless of where you are in your retail career, everything in the Retail Business Academy will be of benefit to you in one way or another, and here’s how…

For retail business owners...

  • You get everything you need to manage and train your teams.
  • Too busy to train the people coming on board? Get them into the Retail Business Academy and let them run with it. Your time is valuable. You can use it wisely by delegating a significant amount of their training to the Retail Business Academy.

For District and Regional Managers in the field, and higher level management at Head Office such as HR and Training & Development Managers…

  • You’ll develop an arsenal of tactics and strategies to help you work through any and all retail management challenges.
  • This is the resource you’ve been waiting for. There’s help here for just about any issue that comes up.
  • And, if it’s not inside…your membership allows you access to DMSRetail Consultants and Instructors. Ask your questions, and get the help you need.

For Sales and Service Associates, Shift Leaders and Key Holders…

  • Learn everything you’ll need to know to be successful in retail, from the sales floor on up.
  • Find out about the industry you’re planning to move up in.
  • Learn what you should and should not do in your quest to get to the next level.
  • Impress your peers and superiors with your advanced knowledge of everything retail.
  • Set yourself up for maximum success.

For Vendors serving the retail industry...

  • The Retail Business Academy opens the retail world to your people.
  • Give them the benefit of retail knowledge so they can approach customers with confidence. They’ll learn what’s important to retail buyers…what KPI’s mean the most.
  • Your people will learn how to score high marks on your customers ‘Vendor Balanced Scorecard’.


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Some of DMSRetail Consultants and Management

Josephine Hill, Events & Client Service Manager

Apart from an early career working with two prominent retailers, Josephine has several years experience in workshop production and event management. She studied retail at the College level in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Josephine is DMSRetail’s go-to person for everything to do with workshops and Retail Business Academy memberships. She has handled events all over the USA and Canada, as well as in the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
Josephine’s passion is in customer service and she has been looking after DMSRetail’s customers and subscribers since 2009. She knows this business inside out and can always be counted on to find a solution for whatever problem you have!

Matt Parmaks

Matt joined Sony as a sales representative and played an important role in the development of Sony’s retail division at increasingly more responsible managerial positions.
  As the National Sales Manager for Sony’s retail division, he was instrumental in expanding the company stores from a handful to over 100 units, while posting sales increases of 30% in 2 consecutive years.
  After leaving Sony, he worked in Information Technology System Integration companies such as The Praxium Group, Bell and Generation5, specializing in retail infrastructure systems as Regional Manager and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.
  After a considerable stint in the Retail Business Intelligence area, he joined DMSRetail Inc. as Senior Consultant and EVP.
  During his sales and sales management career, Matt has generated more than $750 Million revenue and has been responsible for sales organizations as large as 1000 salespeople.
Matt is a great story teller and, with years of retail and related experience, he provides his audience with a wealth of real life examples on the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of best practices in just about every area of retail. Matt has extensive knowledge about the retail industry, gained through formal education, work experience and a keen interest in business and world affairs. He is the author of numerous books and articles in Retail Performance and Managerial Productivity. Matt received Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Engineering from the University of Birmingham in the UK.

Scott Michelsen

Scott has 22 years of experience in retail sales, sales management and store operations at various positions from regional management to National management. After attending Eastern Illinois University, he joined Bedding Experts Inc. where he spent the next 13 years honing his retail management and sales skills.
  Throughout his career, Scott has generated more than $250 Million in revenue. He has worked with various product lines and his focus, in recent years, has been primarily in the home furnishings area where Scott was a CEO of a 90+ store chain of specialty stores, covering 6 states, in the U.S.A. Scott is an interesting and exciting instructor who knows how to make sales happen and how to impart that knowledge to others. He has received many performance awards for elevating his teams above the rest and he shares his methods and insights in an engaging manner.
  Since joining DMSRetail as a Senior Consultant, Scott has shared his knowledge and experience in selling skills with groups of various sizes in cities all over the world. The enthusiasm in the audience is proof of his exceptional ability to transfer knowledge to workshop participants in a skillful and exciting fashion.

Dianne Miethner

Dianne is our Customer Service and Store Operations Specialist with 20 years of experience in retail operations at various positions from store and regional management to operations management at the National level.
  She has worked with various prominent North American retail chains within the apparel, electronics, and food specialties and now holds the position of Senior Consultant & VP Operations for DMSRetail Inc.
  Although her focus is on customer service and store operations management, during the early years of her career, Dianne managed various retail Head Office support departments which gave her invaluable exposure to the workings of the all important communication links between the field and Head Office Operations.
  During her retail career she has produced $350 Million in revenue and, with an exceptional ability to develop her people, she has received numerous performance awards - from sales and other KPI’s to Loss Prevention and effective store operations - for elevating her teams to the forefront of the other districts/regions in those companies.
  Dianne has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the influence and effect of company culture on the field organization and the customer. She is an avid customer service fanatic and has contributed to the field through a number of articles and books.
  She is certified by Babson College retail department – Strategic Planning & Management in Retailing.

Eric Richards

Eric joined DMSRetail Inc. to spearhead our efforts to ensure that participants are able to take what they have learned back to the people they need to share with.
  He is an enthusiastic, charismatic and engaging speaker and the knowledge he imparts is always welcomed by the audience.
  Through physical and mental exercises and spirited discussions, participants are taught about learning styles and how to best transfer knowledge to others, following the workshop(s).
  Eric holds a BPHE from Laurentian University and a Masters degree in Teaching, from Griffith University, Australia.


$ 97
$ 970
2 Months Free
$ 1997
Save $$$$$$



The Retail Business Academy is powered by DMSRetail, making it unique and exceptional.

There are other retail management consulting and training companies but none with Consultants and Instructors who offer the breadth of successful retail experience, coupled with general management expertise, training and education, gained through both formal and informal methods.

In other words, we aren't trainers who found or put together materials to share with retailers. We are dedicated Retail Professionals and Practitioners approaching everything we do, and every product we develop, with the clear objective of helping you drive your business through an enhanced set of capabilities; providing your retail enterprise with the workable plans and actionable strategies needed to improve every KPI and move the business forward with increased sales and profits.