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Word to the RetailWise VI

Sukran Parmaksizoglu September 15, 2018

Presenting options to your customer initially and during the add-on or upsell stage. Everyone knows that Presenting Options is one of the

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Leave Head Office to Learn

Sukran Parmaksizoglu April 24, 2018

There’s something about ‘the office’, isn’t there? It’s that place where we get quiet time to get our thoughts together.

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Customer Experience Overhaul

Sukran Parmaksizoglu February 07, 2018

  We all seem to know how important customer service is – if we are going to be successful in

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10 Pointers to Increase Retail Sales

Sukran Parmaksizoglu January 03, 2018

The big holiday season is over for another year. Now that things have slowed down you have an opportunity to

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Prepare for Sales Success

Sukran Parmaksizoglu November 16, 2017

We start our selling process with preparation. All professionals prepare properly and our routine is no exception.  Preparation is an

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Everything Old is New Again

Sukran Parmaksizoglu November 14, 2017

We know this. We’ve heard our parents say it; we’ve heard fashion editors say it. And now it is going

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Retail Sales Tips

Sukran Parmaksizoglu November 07, 2017

 In the world of retail sales, actions count, not words. Results count, not promises.  Make sure you as a salesperson

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Retail Business Promotional Ideas

Vitali Parmaks September 19, 2017

Retail Business Promotional Idea List  Advertise on the internet.  Advertise in the classified advertising section of your community newspaper.  Advertise

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Product Knowledge

Vitali Parmaks April 01, 2017

Product Knowledge: Use it appropriately Good product knowledge will help even the most reserved sales associate. It gives them confidence

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Check Up on Staff Turnover

Vitali Parmaks March 15, 2017

In retail it is no secret that turnover is fairly high. It would certainly be advantageous to record good turnover

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