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Retail H. O. Darlings

April 28, 2019

You know who they are. Their names may have already popped into your head. Every company has them.  Some retail

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Word to the RetailWise XV

November 05, 2018

Should you gently nudge your customers to give you a high score on their Customer Service Survey?  Recently, I was

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Word to the RetailWise XIV

October 28, 2018

Educate store personnel regarding Head Office functions….and vice versa! At DMSRetail Inc. we’re strong believers in educating others by sharing

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Word to the RetailWise XII

October 19, 2018

Manage the checkout lines to avoid aggravating your paying customers! Business must have picked up a bit lately because, over the past

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Word to the RetailWise XI

October 10, 2018

To manage your time effectively, you have to understand why Retail Managers need a unique approach to time management.   There are

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Word to the RetailWise VII

September 19, 2018

Set individual targets for store associates. There is no denying that working in a team can inspire each team member to do his

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Customer Service as a Loss Prevention Technique

January 25, 2018

Loss prevention means ‘to prevent losses of company assets’. Shoplifting creates losses of one of the company’s most significant assets

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