Category: Customer Experience

Retail Staff Bullies Customer

July 12, 2019

At Costco, no one expects or needs much assistance while shopping. Everyone knows how it works. They sign, ticket and

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Word to the RetailWise XV

November 05, 2018

Should you gently nudge your customers to give you a high score on their Customer Service Survey?  Recently, I was

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Word to the RetailWise X

October 05, 2018

Make sure your efforts, to attract new business, don’t offend your loyal customers. Sometimes, we go all out for new business. Sometimes, that

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Word to the RetailWise VIII

September 27, 2018

Never implement policies or procedures without asking the critical questions first.  And the questions are… “How will this policy or

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How Important are Retail Associates to Your Business

October 22, 2017

A study recently published by Wharton, University of Pennsylvania and Verde Group discusses the findings of a survey of 1000

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Trained to Think

May 02, 2017

  When faced with a customer who has a problem, do you expect your employees to consider options and come

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Customer Service Fanatics

February 10, 2017

Be a Customer Service Fanatic and be proud of it! If more retail managers were Customer Service Fanatics we would

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Communicating for Profits and Customer Satisfaction

March 19, 2015

The President of a 200+ store division of a major retailer learned of a serious communication problem and commented that

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