DMSRetail can help your company or career in retail management in one or more ways as listed below:

1. Consulting services will diagnose what can and may be improved in your operation to further sales, customer experience and ultimately profits.

2. Through products and services like workshops, courses, success guides and tools, we can help elevate the knowledge level and expertise of your staff.

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Everything You Want to Know About  Success in Retail Management and More…

Everything You Need for Every Position in Retail  

All in One Place Available 24/7 on Any Device!

Retail Business Academy

Retail Business Academy

Here's the long list of everything you can access with your  Platinum Private Membership in the Retail Business Academy.

First, let us tell you that absolutely everything that DMSRetail offers for sale, is included in the Retail Business Academy. Plus, there are many more products included that are not available for sale anywhere.

And, we're growing it every day making your Platinum Private Membership more and more valuable. We're working day and night to get new stuff uploaded for you.

Hard to believe, we know. That's why we're actually going to spell it all out.

You're going to have access to a wealth of different things, such as...

Success Guides


Study Courses

Performance Solutions




World Retail News




PowerPoint Presentations

Pearls of Wisdom






Motivational Quotes

and other seriously good stuff

Now, for the specifics of what you'll have access to when you become a Platinum Private Member.

Success Guides & Tools

Retail Math - Made Simple, 4th Edition

Winning at Store Management

Managing for Higher Retail Success

22 Ways of Highly Successful Retail Managers

Customer Service Fundamentals

Retailer's Guide to Emotional Hot Buttons

'I Succeed' Retail Employee Evaluation System

The DMSRetailer - Store Manager's Organizer/Planner

Self-Study Courses

Retail Selling Skills & Customer Experience Fundamentals

Store Management for Maximum Success

Retail District Management

Retail Operations Management

Retail Category Management


The Starter Bundle

The Super Retail Success Bundle

The Retail Success Accelerator - Store Performance Solution

The Ultimate Retail Success Collection

Reports and Forms

Store Visit Report

Mystery Shopping Questionnaire

Vacation Planner for Stores

Time off and Vacation Rules That Work

'Daily News' Guide for the Cash Desk

Interview Questions

Hiring Tip Sheet

Setting Expectations for New Hires

Store Schedule for Productivity

Store Scheduling Tip Sheet

Balanced Score Cards

Physical Inventory Taking Tip Sheet

Weekly Employee Evaluation

Monthly Employee Evaluation

Quarterly Employee Evaluation

Annual Employee Evaluation

Backroom Communication Board

Cash Desk Management

Supplies Management

Rules of Engagement

Store Manager's Keys to Success

District Manager's Framework for Success

Retail Business Analytics

Retail Mind Maps

Sales & Marketing

Selling Steps

75 Open Ended Questions

Marketing Ideas

Signage no-no's

Cross Promotion Ideas

Social Media Instructions for Retailers - Facebook, Google+, Linked In and more

Rules for Your Window Merchandisers

Rules for Stocking the Sales Floor

Compensation Plans - DMSRetail Proprietary Pay for Performance 

Pay for Performance - General

Pay for Performance - Plan for Apparel Retail

Pay for Performance - Plan for Supermarket/Grocery Retail

Pay for Performance - Plan for Deli and Fast Food Retail

Pay for Performance - Big ticket/Luxury Goods

Non - Monetary Reward Systems

Inspirational Guidance

11 Leadership Principles

Integrity in Management

Management Styles that Work

Management Styles that Don't Work

Managing Up, Down and Sideways

District Manager's Creed

Essential Reading for Retailers

Success Stories

Motivational Quotes

The Summer House


Open To Buy

Success Tips & Strategies

The Store Management Process

Get 25% More out of Store Visits

Retail Math Made Simple

Managing by Numbers

Add-On Selling

**DMSRetail holds Live Webinars (from $47 to $197 registration fee) on a regular basis and we post them to CLUB RetailWise within hours. With your Platinum Private Membership you don't have to sign up and/or pay. You avoid time zone issues and scheduling conflicts because, at your convenience, you just go to the Retail Business Academy and watch/listen to the webinar.

People Development  

Sample Coaching Conversations

Disciplinary Actions

Supporting & Challenging Your Performers

Career Path Development

Ideal Candidate Profile Development

Performance Management 'How To'

Additional Platinum Private Membership Benefits

**Discounts on Workshop Attendance - Here are the workshops currently being offered:

The Retail Operations Management Workshop

Retail Category Management Workshop

Retail District Management Workshop

Retail Math, Metrics & KPI's Workshop

Store Management for Maximum Success Workshop

Retail Design & Visual Merchandising Workshop

Retail Marketing & Brand Management Workshop

Cashier Etiquette & Performance Workshop

**Access to Consultants and Instructors at DMSRetail via email

**Scheduled telephone conversations with DMSRetail Consultants and Instructors

All of this is being brought to you by DMSRetail - a company that has been in business since 1991; on the web since 2003.

You won't regret having your own Platinum Private Membership.

Below are Add to Cart buttons for $97 Monthly, or you can sign up for our Annual Plan at a much discounted rate of $497. Special annual rate is only available on this page.

Monthly Subscription $97

Annual Subscription $970 (2 Months Free)

Lifetime Subscription $1,997 (Save $$$$$)