Retail Management Webinars

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Retail Management Webinars

DMSRetail holds regular webinars (OnLine Training Sessions) each about 2 hour in length, addressing crucial issues and challenges in Retail Management.

Below is the list of current webinars and you can go to individual pages to get more information and to register.

We also have special pricing for those who want to attend multiple webinars, we call them webinar passes. These passes never expire and all registrants get the webinar recording and the slides after the session.

Current Webinars:

Retail Category Management

Retail Math

Removing Obstacles to Peak Performance

OnLine Marketing for Retailers

33% Increase Formula

Purchase Webinar Pass and Save:

2 Webinars (of Your Choice) $127 each total: $254

3 Webinars (of Your Choice) $97 each total: $291

4 Webinars (of Your Choice) $77 each total: $308

5 Webinars (of Your Choice) $67 each total: $335


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